Sunday, August 9, 2009

Biggest Loser Season 8, new game, life & more

Hi All,
So sorry I haven't blogged here in a while, course I haven't blogged over at the new My Biggest Loser Blog in a while either cuz life has been knocking us for a bit of a loop.
But, I just wanted to pop in and update you a little- if you want all of the newest updates then you will need to pop over to My Biggest Loser Blog and check it out.
There's been a LOT going on in our life and not too much has been good this year. But we are getting by and keep hoping that things will get better.
I just blogged about Biggest Loser and when season 8 starts as well as the new Biggest Loser game and more about what all has been going on here that has been keeping us so caught up in life that we got behind on blogging.
Hope you all are well and that life is treating you good?
Well, it is late and I am tired so this is it for now but like I said, if you want to read all about Biggest Loser season 8, find out about the new Biggest Loser game that has me addicted, etc. then check out My Biggest Loser Blog
Take care! :0)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Biggest Loser- Pigout, In Asia, Lose Weight & Get Healthy Tips

Wow! If you haven't checked out our new blog you are missing out on a LOT!
We have blogged about Biggest Loser Pig out and about the Biggest Loser tv show coming to Asia as well as some ways to lose weight and get healthy. We have told you 2 types of movements that do not feel like exercise and yet you can use them to firm up and get healthy while actually having FUN!
If you don't want to miss out you really should come over to our new My Biggest Loser Blog and subscribe. Just because the Biggest Loser tv show isn't on right now doesn't mean that we are done blogging for the Summer. We are still bringing you updates about the show, the trainers, the contestants, as well as ways to lose weight and get healthy.
Hope to see you over there soon :0)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Biggest Loser Contestant Gets Married

Yes, one of the Biggest Loser contestants just got married and I blogged all about it on our new My Biggest Loser Blog

Find out who it was and check out our other recent posts.

We have also started a My Biggest Loser Blog community so check that out. It's brand new so come over and share your feelings about the Biggest Loser tv show, it's contestants, how much weight you want to lose, how you lose weight and great diet recipes.

You might also want to check out our other new blogs at Oaks Blogs. We have a multitude of blogs about numerous subjects such as tv shows, health, family concerns, pets, etc. and will be adding more soon.

If you are interested in becoming self-sufficient, saving money and improving your families health, you will want to check out our new self-sufficiency blog.

We hope to see you there :0)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Biggest Loser drug Scandal?

Find out all about who was accused, who did the accusing and how it all worked out.
Also, someone called Jillian 'Fat' - are they CRAZY!!!?
Get both of these stories on our new My Biggest Loser Blog
You can also join our My Biggest Loser Blog community and tell us all about yourself, how much weight you want to lose, how you are trying to lose weight and any good recipes that you have that are low fat or low calorie.
Come over and join our community to be with other people that love Biggest Loser too and who are trying to lose weight. Hey, even if you don't need to lose weight we would still love to have you as a member of our community- hope to see you there :0)

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Lot's of new posts on My Biggest Loser Blog & List of Fat Burning Foods

Come over and check out our new My Biggest Loser Blog and see all of our new posts. Find out what has been going on with Biggest Loser, us-Josh & I, as well as find out 7 fat burning foods that can help you to lose weight.
I still am not sure where to find the polls that I set up at our new blog site so if anyone is familiar with wordpress and could help me out it would be appreciated.
Our new My Biggest Loser Blog site is growing fast and we have other blogs on Oaks Blogs as well. Come over and check them out and bookmark us as we are adding more posts and more blogs all the time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New posts at my new- My Biggest Loser Blog....

Great finale huh? I LOVED it and am so happy for Helen and everyone else. They all lost so much weight. Many of Biggest Loser's contestants this season lost a whole person! And 1 lost nearly 2 Whole People!!!
I have blogged at length about the Biggest Loser finale at my new site. Please go and check it out and find out about the contest I am planning....
My Biggest Loser Blog

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My New- My Biggest Loser Blog....

Blogger has been a great way for me to get started with blogging and I will try to still post here on occasion but I have a new website:
Oaks Blogs
and the first blog that I started on my new website was
My Biggest Loser Blog
The reason? Well I was reading that when you blog here that Blogger owns your content. True or not? I don't know but I hate the idea of building my blog and working all of the hours that I have here just to have someone else own it.
I also have read that with a wordpress blog and my own domain that I will have doors open to me that I never could here as far as apps and advertising to build my subscribers.
Whether that is true or not I cannot say at this point but I will say that at Oaks Blogs I can go in to My Biggest Loser Blog and see how much traffic and where it is coming from. Just in the last 2 days I have had a LOT of traffic and it is nice to be able to see where it is coming from.
So, if you like this blog about Biggest Loser and you prefer to keep coming here to check it out then that is fine- I will try to post bits and pieces here and there- at least for now. BUT, if you want the newest and ALL of my posts as well as being able to vote my newest polls and more then you need to come over and check out my new My Biggest Loser Blog
It is still pretty new to me and I am learning about wordpress and how to use all of the apps that I have installed so please bear with me but as much traffic as I have had in 2 days it would have taken about 5 days here. And it is a brand new site, brand new domain. If this rate of growth continues then I can see my new My Biggest Loser Blog being HUGE within a very short time.
Now, if you want to see what I have posted about what Ron told Helen and about WHY some Biggest Loser contestants gain the weight back then run on over to my new My Biggest Loser Blog and check out my new posts there.
Also, can't wait to see the Biggest Loser finale tonight! Plan on blogging over at my new My Biggest Loser Blog after the show so you might want to check that out.
I want to thank you all for your support since I started this blog and I want you to know that this is not the end of our visits- we are just moving them to my new home over at Oaks Blogs
It might look a bit different but we can still sit down and chat about Biggest Loser, the contestants and losing weight the same as we have here
See you later! :0))

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Okay, so I wasn't going to post but I HAD to post This...

I HAD to pop back online so that I could vote and I wanted to let you know that you need to vote too. The voting ends at 9:50 ET (I believe) tomorrow the 6th.
Best to pop over there right away and cast your votes. Yes, voteS as you can vote up to 10 times online AND 3 more by phone.
I hate to see either one of these guys 'go home' but I honored Ron's wishes - for the most part.
Ron thought only of his son and for that I had to vote for Ron 3 times but the other 7 were for Mike.
Hey guys- we love you both and you are ALL WINNERS to us!!!
I'll blog more tomorrow but for now I need my sleep to be able to deal with my cranky boss.

One hour to go....

Yes, there is but 1 hour to go until tonight's Biggest Loser tv show is on and boy do I need my Biggest Loser fix today! :0)
Every week I watch Biggest Loser. That is MY time for me. It is the only time that I really take for myself all week but when Biggest Loser comes on I am all about watching the show and don't even think about talking unless it is life or death.
Watching Biggest Loser makes me happy and relaxes me- well, other than all of the screaming and jumping up and down I tend to do during the weigh ins :0)lol But then at least I AM getting exercise in while I watch the show.
Anyway, there is only an hour left until tonight's Biggest Loser show and I cannot wait! I had an extremely bad day at work today and have been so stressed out because of my boss. I am trying to let go of all of that stress and I am surer that when Biggest Loser comes on I will forget all about my boss screaming and swearing at me today for not answering the phone when answering the phone isn't even part of my job and it only rang a couple of rings (one time) while I was in the middle of doing what IS part of my job.
I have only worked for this man for about 6 weeks and it feels like at least 6 YEARS!
Anyway, back to tonight's Biggest Loser show - tonight we will find out who will be in the final three.....
or WILL we?
I am wondering if they will make us wait until the finale? Or have America vote again?
It is hard to tell when you are talking about Biggest Loser but then again that is all part of the wonder of it. The joy, the tears, the struggle, the drama, the suspence...
Biggest Loser has it all and, like a junkie craving their drug when life becomes difficult, I REALLY need my Biggest Loser fix tonight.
Two hours of thinking of nothing but Mike, Ron, Tara and Helen and wondering WHO will be in the finale? Who will be sent home?
What will be tonight's challenge?
Everyone went home at the end of last week's Biggest Loser episode. How well did they all do at home? Did they all lose weight? How much?
I a, also starting to think ahead to the Biggest Loser finale. Most of the contestants that were sent home seemed to have been doing well but I am wondering if they have all stuck with it? Who will win the $250,000? and who will win the Biggest Loser home prize of the $100,000.
They all seemed to have lost HUGE amounts of weight this season- over 1500 POUNDS! WOW!!! And no matter who wins the money I think that it is great that they have lost so much weight and learned all about getting healthy.
I have loved Biggest Loser through thick and through thin (small joke :0)lol) but to see how much they have helped these people this season that were heavier than any other contestants is fantastic. To see that so many of these people have now gone on and are passing on their new found knowledge to others to give others the opportunity to lose the weight just like they have is wonderful.
To see Ron, who has been overweight his whole life and has tried EVERYTHING (including surgery) finally lose weight and weigh now what he weighed back when he was a teenager is AMAZING! This show and people like this give hope to so many that may otherwise just give up.
To people that are overweight food is like a drug. It is unfair that so many people are mistreated simply because they are overweight. I feel that the Biggest Loser tv show is not only helping people to be able to lose weight but maybe it is also helping to teach people that aren't overweight that they should be more understanding. It could just as easily be them in the size 26.
When I was a child I was a bit overweight. Not a lot but it was called 'baby fat' back then. As a teen I lost my 'baby fat' and was very thin-at one point I was nearly anorexic. I was eating 2 slices of bread, 1 slice of lunchmeat and lots of dill pickles every day and that was ALL that I ate for the entire day. I had found out that dill pickles had only 5 calories each so I filled up on them. Now I can barely look at a dill pickle :0)
Then, I went through domestic violence, a divorce, losing my Mom. My weight has gone from one extreme to the other.
Right now I am in a 14/16 after having used the methods I tell about in my free report which you can get by looking through my archives. Last year I was a size 26 or 28.
My weight has been a life long roller coaster for me. I love food. I have had a lot of very HARD times in my life. Times that some people would have just given up. I used food to comfort me through those hard times and to celebrate the joys.
I am doing pretty well at keeping my weight down and I may try to lose more weight at some point but right now I am still testing my weight loss yo see if it stays off without working at it. So far so good and it has been 6 months
I have also tried to switch my habit from being addicted to food to being addicted to Biggest Loser. So far I am REALLY addicted to the Biggest Loser tv show and have done well at keeping my food addiction under control.
Listen, my report is free so if you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off? Grab my free report and give this a try. It has worked for me- no diet, no exercise and I haven't even used my 'method' for around 6 months and have done well about not gaining the weight back.
Well, 10 minutes and Biggest Loser will be on.
I need to finish up here so that I won't miss a single solitary second of it ;0)lol
I won't be able to blog after the show about tonight's Biggest Loser show as I have to get up extra early for work tomorrow. But, I will try to post tomorrow after I get home.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another week of Biggest Loser??? YES!!!

Ok, so I misunderstood. I thought that we had just tonight and then the Biggest Loser finale. So, I am happy to hear that there is actually another week of Biggest Loser before we get to the finale.
Anytime there is more Biggest Loser I cannot and will not complain :0)
Now, tonight's Biggest Loser show..
OMG, where to start?
Ok, the video at the beginning? All I can say is "WOW!!!" It is amazing to see how far everyone has come. They have lost so much weight that they don't even look like the same people. To see the changes in them should be inspiration to everyone out there that wants to lose weight.
Heck, I have lost an amazing amount of weight and yet they still inspire me.
That is what the Biggest Loser show is so great for. You meet these people and get to know their hopes and dreams and then you see these same people (that think that these hopes and dreams are beyond their reach) make them a reality.
When everyone went to see the Dr and get their progress reports it was haw dropping moment after jaw dropping moment to see the pictures of just how large their stomachs were and to see the 'now' pictures.
To hear that Ron was too large to fit in the MRI machine when he first came to the Biggest Loser and now he had no trouble fitting in it. What a moment that must have been for Ron :0)
To see that Helen has taken 10 whole years off of her 'real age' and how skinny she was in her goal outfit and I laughed at how amazed she was at the size :0)
Tara and Mike both looked great in their goal items too.
The challenge? OMG! I remember the first week and how they all struggled to get over that 1 hill. To see them re-gain the weight that they had lost and have to carry all of that weight over 17 hills? I am absolutely speechless.
Filipe took off and Mike was right behind him. They both stayed out front for a time and then Tara found her groove and she started catching up and passing them. Was anyone really surprised?
Tara has one so many challenges. I think that she has won more challenges than anyone else that has been on Biggest Loser and she never once fell below the yellow line. That is quite an accomplishment
When Tara won the challenge both Josh and I figured that she would take the 1 pound weight loss rather than the $10,000. She just won $10,000 and with this being so close to the end we figured that the smart move would be to take the one pound weight loss advantage.
Now for the weigh in?
We were pleasantly surprised to see the big numbers that were showing up on the scale tonight.
I mean, think about it... here we are at the last of this season's Biggest Loser. These people have all lost over 100 pounds while being on the Biggest Loser ranch.
They all are in amazing shape.
Who would think that they could pull the large numbers that we just saw?
Ron lost 9 pounds? Yeh Ron! :0)
Filipe lost 10 pounds? This late in the game to lose double digits? Great job Filipe!
And with all of the weight that those two lost THEY are the ones that end up below the yellow line?

Mike seemed so certain that there was no way that he would have lost enough weight to stay above the yellow line. Josh and I both talked about how so many, when they think that there is no way, have actually lost enough weight to surprise themselves.

I think that for Mike to see that he CAN do this- he CAN lose the weight even when he thinks that he just doesn't have it in him was a life changing moment for him.

I am happy for Mike not only losing the weight but to win the $10,000 which he said will pay for another year of college for him. The Biggest Loser has been a life changing opportunity for everyone that has ever been on it and that is certainly true for Mike.

Helen has come a long way ( as they all have). I got a kick out of her fussing about how her hair was in the video at the beginning of the show was hilarious. Even funnier though was when Jillian messed Helen's hair up during the last chance workout.
Jillian brought up a good point. Helen IS in pink. Pink team members have won both of the last 2 season's of Biggest Loser.
Will pink win again this season?
After the weigh in and we knew that both Ron and Filipe were below the yellow line we knew that Mike would never put Ron's name on for him to go home. Yet, who knew how Helen or Tara would vote?
Helen mentioned about how Ron and Filipe had both put her name down to send her home at some point. I seem to remember that Helen had actually put Ron's name down before Ron ever put down Helen's name.
Now Tara? I wasn't sure how she would vote and I guess at this point we will never know.
So, Filipe was sent home. But, he has lost so much weight and he went home to teach his friends and relatives how to lose weight and get healthy too. And what better time to do so?
How awful that his Dad had a stroke but at least Filipe was there to be with him and that his Dad is going to be ok.
What a wake-up call to Filipe and all of the Tonga people.
It is wonderful to see how so many people have gone on, after learning how to lose weight and get healthy on the Biggest Loser, are passing on what they have learned. They are helping others to lose weight and get healthy too.
I am truly speechless when trying to find the words to explain how that makes me feel.

45 Minutes and counting....

Yes, it is only 45 minutes now until the last Biggest Loser show until the finale.
I am looking forward to tonight's show and am trying to think who it might be that goes home- well, actually EVERYONE on Biggest Loser will be going home tonight but I am wondering who will be below the yellow line? Who will be the final four that go to the Biggest Loser finale?
I know who I WANT to go to the finale but it is hard to predict who will actually be in the final four. As a fellow Biggest Loser fan you all know that there is one thing about Biggest Loser that keeps things interesting- you never know what is going to happen :0)
Everyone that is still there on the Biggest Loser ranch has done so well and so many of them have really found their way into our heart.
What a refreshing change from last season, huh? There have been a few moments that have made us shake our head but for the most part the people that were chosen have realy been so much better than some of the ones we had to put up with last season.
And yet, I pause here to wonder if that is really the case or is part of it just the twist that is put on everything during the editing? Was Vicky and Heba as bad as we thought last season?
Personally I have to lean towards saying "Yes" after the things that I read about all over the net and even on Vicky's own MySpace page.
Are some of the people this season worse than what we may be being led to believe? I wonder....
Jillian Michaels is considering leaving the Biggest Loser show.
Her reason's, which she doesn't go into a lot of detail about, are that so many of the contestants came into this for fame, fortune and publicity such as wanting recording deals.
Jillian became so fed up that she is considering leaving the Biggest Loser tv show- so, just how bad was it?
Everyone seems to be there for the right reason's, losing weight and getting healthy, but is that true? Or is it just editing?
I myself feel that maybe when they were auditioning to be on the Biggest Loser these people were there just to be able to lose weight. Maybe after getting their chance to be on the show they got to thinking about fame, fortune and recording deals. Which could be when Jillian got so fed up and started thinking and talking about quitting the show.
But, and this is just my opinion here, I think that there has come to be a closeness between Jillian and her team more recently. Trying to pinpoint it I would have to say that it happened after her team chose her during the last changing of the teams.
Maybe knowing that these people specifically chose HER helped to bring about the change. Maybe at this point everyone finally GOT it and was just there to lose weight and get healthy and the heck with fame and fortune- at least until the finale is done ;0)lol
Or, maybe the worst of the ones bothering Jillian were no longer on her team at this point. Hmmmm.... could attention be behind a certain someone's temper tantrum that he had recently?
Now I am not saying that he is the one that pushed Jillian into thinking of quitting the Biggest Loser but the thought has crossed my mind and keeps popping back up like a bad weed that you can't get rid of :0)lol
I know that I have been in contact with several of the contestants and I have not had the feeling that any of them have been there just to get famous. They have all be very nice.
In fact, Carla (when she found out about my huge weight loss and how my clothes are being held on by safety pins) was kind enough to offer me some suggestions as she didn't want me to have to wear clothes like that
Well, now Biggest Loser is only 15 minutes away....
15 Minutes? I am torn bewteen wanting it to go fast and knowing that when the Biggest Loser show is done tonight we will only have 1 more show (the finale) and then it will be L-O-N-G Months before Biggest Loser season 8 will start.
Gee, am I the only one that is starting to get worried, nervous and feel like I am facing Biggest Loser withdrawals?
I have had other favorite tv shows but known have ever caused me to feel withdrawals like a junkie. Well, I have never been through that so maybe I shouldn't put it like that, but I can imagine that this is how they feel. Good thing Biggest Loser is good for me and non-fattening too :0)lol
I think I will add a new poll to see if anyone else goes through this. Hmmm, what to call it? What to ask? I will have to think in this. Any suggestions?
Ok, I am outta here. I have to get ready to watch Biggest Loser and I don't want to miss anything. I will blog later after the show...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tuesday's Biggest Loser episode should be interesting....

Yes, Tuesday's Biggest Loser episode should be interesting- course I think that they ALL are! :0) lol But I am an admitted Biggest Loser addict ;0)
This week the contestants get to train their trainers which should be fun. I bet the contestants will make them work just as hard as the trainers have made them work.
Then the contestants will have to run up and down a hill while carrying bags that weigh the amount of weight that they have lost. Sound familiar?
I think that, if nothing else, this is one real eye opener for the contestants to really realize how much weight that they have lost.
Then, the contestants will be seeing the doctor one more time so that they can find out their progress and what their "REAL" age is now as compared with when they first started on the Biggest Loser ranch.
Then, after the weigh in they will eliminate one more contestant and then they all will be heading home until the finale.
Now is the time that I absolutely dread. I LOVE Biggest Loser so much and when we get to this time of year I can't wait to see the finale and who will win it and yet I dread it because we will then have to wait MONTHS before Biggest Loser will be back on.
I used to dread every finale but after season 6 I found that I was so glad to be done with having to see Vicky, Brady, Heba and Ed that the finale was actually a relief.
Then too, I knew that the new season was starting in a couple of weeks or so and so it was bearable.
But, when faced with actual MONTHS of no Biggest Loser shows I am like a junkie facing withdrawals- EEEEKKK! The HORROR of it!
Good thing that I have been taping and have LOTS of episodes to watch to help to get me through.
Trying to look at the bright side, I might actually watch some of the episodes from season 5 and see Paul & Kelly, Ali, Brittany and the rest of the gang.
Sadly I didn't start taping until part way through Biggest Loser's season 5. I wish that I had started taping the show sooner but that should be enough to help me to get through until Fall.
Meanwhile I am busy praying that Jillian Michael's will stay on at Biggest Loser as because I will be so sad if she isn't on the show anymore. I love her and Bob both :0)
Btw, did you see Bob on the car commercial during Biggest Loser last week?
Speaking of cars- I finally managed to find the part for my car and was able to get it fixed. I lucked out. I found the part online and they wanted $495 for just the part and it was located in another state.
I kept calling around locally and found the part just 4 miles ( down around the corner) from me and the guy installed the part. The cost? Just $50! YESSSS!!!!! I am so HAPPY! :0)
Ok, well, that's all for now. Keep checking back as I will be posting more soon.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Biggest Loser Polls...

Hi Everyone :0)

I am so glad to see you voting the polls I have here about the Biggest Loser. It is very interesting to see some of the results.

I noticed that Tara is in the lead for those that you think will make it to the Biggest Loser Finale. NO surprise there :0)

Mike is coming up behind her and Filipe is 3rd.

Until yesterday there were no votes for Helen.

I see that No one feels that Ron will make it to the finale. Weeks ago I would have thought the same thing but at this point he has endured, despite his bad knees, and I see a good chance of Ron making it to the finale at this point.
It also seems that most of us really want Jillian Michaels to stay on as a trainer on the Biggest Loser Ranch. A few don't seem to like her or they just don't care if she stays or not. But the majority are voting that they want Jillian to stay as the show would not be the same without her.
As for the poll about 'Who do you want to see go home?' I am a bit shocked at the results.75% of you want Ron to go home. Now, I may be a bit prejudiced since Ron and Mike are from Michigan, but I would like to see both Mike and Ron go to the finales.

Course after Tuesday's episode I have been rethinking that. I wasn't thrilled with Ron that he told Kristen that he wouldn't vote for her. Yeh, TECHNICALLY he DIDN'T vote for her but he ran right over and worked out with Mike that he could keep his word (?) to Kristen's mom Kathy and yet they could get Kristen off of the Biggest Loser ranch as she was the biggest threat to them.

I understand game play. I also heard Kristen talking at the beginning of Tuesday's episode about if she had a chance she would be sending Ron or Mike home because their 'team' was too strong with both of them there yet.

And yet, as soon as she was below the yellow line she conveniently forgets that she was ready to send one of them under the bus and plays the 'you promised my mom you would keep me here' card.

Then too, I understand that she needs to be there- after all, she HAS gained weight on occasions and this week was one of them. And yet, of all of the contestants still there on the Biggest Loser ranch, she IS the biggest threat

Don't get me wrong, I DO understand that game play does become a factor- especially this late in the game- BUT when it does come into play you tend to see sides of these people that you might not like.

I adore Mike. I think it is great that he has come so far. It would be so hard to be so big at his age. From personal experience I know that some people can be cruel towards the overweight among us.

But, a part of me didn't like the whole Ron/Mike scene that played out before elimination.We like to see the people lose weight and we glory in their weight loss and yet, sometimes, with this weight loss can come out a cockiness that just rubs you the wrong way.

To some extent I suppose that we should be happy for them that they are gaining their confidence back. And I AM happy about that. I just don't like when people get really cocky and full of themselves.

Which brings me to Filipe. I really did like him for a while there. But, when he went off on Jillian when he should have spoken up earlier instead of letting his anger simmer- well I just didn't like that.

I don't like to see a 26 year old man, a FATHER, acting like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum. I understand his being upset but at his age he should have been mature enough to have talked it over with Jillian rationally instead of the yelling, stomping his feet and walking out.

Is this how he is teaching his child to behave?

Since it seems that no one but my son and I want to see Filipe go home I have to wonder why?

Do you not care that he acted childish?

Do you only see a 'pretty face'?

Yes, Filipe is good looking. But, we all need to be able to look beyond the surface and see the person for who they REALLY are.

A friend of mine was with a guy who treated her awful. He drank and abused her verbally and physically. I tried to get her to leave him before he killed her. He finally found someone new to abuse and is on new girlfriend number 5 (or somewhere around there) since my friend.

Luckily for my friend, a new girl caught his eye before she became yet another statistic. And yet, to this day, whenever we talk about how badly he treated her she still says....

"But he WAS good looking wasn't he?"

GAWD, I hate to think that people out there are being taken in by a pretty face and damn the consequences. Is it better to be abused or killed by someone good looking than someone ugly?

Sorry, but it just hits too close to home here. My ex-husband was good looking and seemed so nice. Until he got involved in drinking and drugs and became abusive.

I just want people to be aware that a pretty face isn't everything. Look below the surface and see the truth.

Would it not be better to be loved totally and treated like royalty by someone that is average looking ( or even below average) than to be subjected to childish tantrums or abuse by someone good looking?

I am NOT saying that Filipe is abusive to his wife. I am just using this opportunity to hopefully reach some of you that might be sticking with someone abusive ( like my friend was) just because they are good looking.

You are worth so much more than that! ;0)

Ok, I am done with my rant. Go ahead and leave some comments about Biggest Loser, the polls and what I just talked about here. We would love to hear your comments.

It is starting to storm here so I will be getting off the computer as getting zapped would put quite a damper on my day :0)

Take care


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Biggest Loser's Kristen Goes Home...

Wow! Where does the time go?
It is hard to believe that Biggest Loser will only be on 2 more weeks and then we are done for another season and will have to wait until Fall to see Biggest Loser again. Add to that the fact that we might well not be seeing Jillian when Biggest Loser comes back on:0(
I sincerely hope that that is not the case and that Jillian will be right there with Bob pushing the newest contestants to lose weight.

Ok, I'm BAAACCCKKK! :0)lol

Now let's talk about what has been going on on the Biggest Loser.
Sorry I didn't post last week. My car broke down and I have been looking all over for a shift stabilizer bar for it. It seems like no one has one. Well, I have had 2 places that said that they did but after going to pick up the part I found out that they only had automatics and thus did NOT have the part I needed. One place was an hour and a half drive one way :0(
Anyway, last week's Biggest Loser was hard. Laura was not one of my favorites when this season started. But when Jillian asked who the weakest link was and everyone said "Laura" it was like something finally clicked and Laura changed. She started really working out and losing the weight and she changed the way that we felt about her.
Knowing that sending her home was the right thing to do didn't make it any easier. And then to see how upset Tara was at the begining of this week's Biggest Loser show brought back the pain of seeing Laura having to be carried up to be weighed and of her team-mates making the hard choice to do the right thing in order for her to heal.
Jillian was right though in saying that everything happens for a reason- I myself have had to remind myself of that fact numerous times lately. By Laura going home Tara was forced to concentrate on Tara. It was difficult for her but this was probably for the best for both of them.
Now, how about that challenge?
I was surprised that Mike fell so quickly but with his fear of heights I guess he just didn't want to stay up there and lost it on purpose.
I really thought that Ron would have a chance to win this one. With his bad knees he has worked on his upper body strength a lot and that is what this challenge needed.
He was doing so well and then, in the blink of an eye, there he went :0(
Now Filipe wasn't one of my favorite contestants on Biggest Loser at first. Then he won a spot in my heart but when he had his temper tantrum and went off on Jillian I was completely turned off. SInce then I have seen a lot of attitude and cockiness from Filipe and I just don't like it.
Tonightm seeing him purposely scaring the girls by making that contraption move when they were so far up in the air and then laughing about it I was REALLY not happy with his childish antics.
So, when he fell off without knocking Tara, Helen or Kristen off my son and I got a good laugh. What goes around, comes around :0)
Kristen seemed so determined. She really seemed focused and I thought for sure that she would either win the $10,000 (or 1 pound weight loss advantage) or she would be one of the remaining 2 up there.
You could tell how upset she was when she fell.
Helen gave Tara a 'good run for her money' so to speak :0)lol. I felt bad for her when she tried so hard and really wanted that 1 pound weight loss advantage to help to keep her on the Biggest Loser ranch.
Then Tara won- AGAIN!- but I was happy for her. She did a great job and really when you think about it, how hard was this challenge compared with pulling a car with all that extra weight she had???
This was probably MUCH easier.

Wow! What a weigh-in.
I must confess that after all the childish behaviour and temper tantrums I was really hoping to see Filipe go home tonight. I hate to say it but I would really hate to see someone that acts like that win and be a role model for so many.
If Filipe had been below the yellow line I would have had no problem shoosing who to send home from the Biggest Loser ranch.
I couldn't believe that Helen had such a small weight loss number and that Kristen had actually GAINED weight. She seemed so stunned. Even Bob seemed at a loss for how that had happened.
I have to wonder if it came down to stress and how they ate while video taping their meals for Bob. To see Ron, Kristen and Filipe divide what should have fed one of them so that it fed all three was NOT enough protein for them with all of the exercising and muscle building that they are doing.
Sometimes stress or the wrong food choices can throw off their weight loss so much.
Anyway, to have the weigh in come down between Helen and Kristen was a really hard choice for me. For the most part, I like them both.

Well, sorry about this but I have to cut this short so I can get ready for work. I will try to add more later when I get back. In the meantime don't forget to vote the polls and leave some comments. Let me know what you think about what is going on on the Biggest Loser. I haven't heard any more about if Jillian will stay or go- been too busy tofind out. Do any of you know if she has decided to stay? Hope so :0)
Later :0)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Biggest Loser welcomes back some old favorites :0)

Wow, tonight Biggest Loser had both Ali and Michelle ( from season 5 & 6) back on while Alison was on maternity leave. For those that don't know- this actually happened back in January.
It was nice seeing both Ali and Michelle back on the Biggest Loser ranch and to see how well they are both doing. Though it would have been nice to have them talk a bit about what is going on in their life and how much things have changed for them since they won Biggest Loser.
It was also nice to see Nicole, Estella and David back so that we could see how well they have been doing at home.
Estella lost an amzing 45 pounds at home and looked fantastic! :0)
David had lost 46 pounds and talked a good line but after the way that he threw his chance at being on the show when Dan had worked so hard to bring him back on, well- I just didn't believe it.
Maybe he HAD realized that he needed to be on the Biggest Loser ranch in order to learn how to lose weight and get better eating havits but it seemed too little too late after how he stabbed Dan in the back.
Anyway, the Nicole got up on the scale and I was FLOORED! She lost a whopping 87 POUNDS!!!
The challenge this week seemed like it would be very difficult. Like Mike, balance is not my strong suit :0)
I don't know how you all feel but I must be honest and say that when this season started there was something about Filipe and Sione that didn't sit right with me. But, after they had been on the Biggest Loser ranch for a while I did get to like them...
that is up until Filipe had his childish hissyfit.
It just seems like since then that the blue team has been having an attitude and getting cocky.
Are we the only ones that see this and feel this way?
So when Filipe got cocky (again) and wanted extra ropes removed I thought it funny that he was one of the next to fall in the pool.
Who could believe that weigh in??? WOW! Look at all the weight gained instead of lost. Mike did a GREAT job though didn't he? and Tara finally hit her 100 pound weight loss goal :0))

I was glad that Ron is ok and will be fine but I felt bad for him in that he was pumped full of saline solution and gained 3 pounds. I didn't feel that his weight should have even counted because of that and I think that Mike said it best when he defended his dad.
I felt very bad for Nicole to have her hopes dashed by going home right away but I think that she was right that her short time back on the Biggest Loser ranch was what she needed to really SEE how much she has changed.
Now, for a bit of bad news:
I don't know if any of you have heard? But Jillian Michaels is considering leaving the Biggest Loser show. She has been very unhappy with certain contestants of the Biggest Loser and their attitudes and I think too that switching trainers was hard not only on the contestants but for the trainers themselves back a few weeks ago. Part of what led up to Filipe going off on Jillian and then walking off before she could defend herself.
Jillian is in talks with NBC and we are hoping that she will decide to stay on the Biggest Loser. This could be her last season on Biggest Loser but we sincerely hope that it won't be.
We like the way that Jillian pushes her people and yet you know that she does it because she cares. She might seem overboard to some but she DOES get results!
Well, we'll be adding new polls to the right. Please vote them, leave some comments and let us know what you thought about Biggest Loser tonight and if you would like to see Jillian stay?
So sorry about not keeping up with My Biggest Loser Blog lately but since the death of my cousin our life has been chaos. Another relative had to have surgery and we have been helping him. His son was coming home one night recently and someone shot him in the face. He has been in the hospital unable to even talk.
It seems that when it rains it pours and it has been pouring here.
Hopefully things will start to look up soon

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey, Mike pulled it off!

Wow! Mike Did It!!! He saved the day. We are so proud of him!
That was such a great moment to see Mike lose enough weight to save everyone.
Biggest Loser was really good tonight. I thought that Tara did a good job of picking competitors. She had it to where you figured that it was pretty much a shoe in for the black team.....
Until they won the 24 hour luxury :0(
We could not believe the eating, drinking and smoking. Remember Mark in season 5 smoked while they were in Las Vegas and it threw his body off to where he did not do well at the weigh in.
The calories that they consumed was absolutely sickening!
So, when it all came down to the weigh in we were absolutely AMAZED that the blue team lost
I really thought that Aubrey would be the one going home and was surprised when Ron spoke up in her defense so quickly.
Then, just when you thought that you knew what the outcome was going to be Mandi went and threw it to save her sister.
Kudos to her for her thinking of her sister instead of herself. She is an amazing woman and I am proud of her!
I must say though that I will miss her. She reminded me so much of Brittney from season 5.
Anyway, how about the blow up and the two black team members going over to train with Bob?
I must say that if he was upset about Jillian not training him then he should have spoken up and not let it boil over like that. Then to scream at Jillian but not even give her a chance to defend herself or explain and he just walked out? I am a bit disappointed in him.
Anyway, next week should be interesting huh? Going home to see their families will be nice for them but how many will fall back to their bad habits? Especially since we just saw how the black team totally blew their diet when faced with temptation.
Who do you think will do ok? Who do you think will gain weight? :eave your comments and let us all know what you think will happen on Biggest Loser next week.

BTW- would you like to adopt a cat? Let me know as we still need to find homes for the rest of my cousin's cats. Her brother wants them out of the house asap or they will be put down. If you are in the thumb of MI area then please adopt one of these cats and give them a good home.Thank you

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My thoughts on the Biggest Loser episode tonight....

First of all I apologize for not having blogged about last weeks Biggest Loser episode at all. I find myself still struggling to deal with our loss and besides trying very hard to find homes for Judy's cats I am also trying to find a new source of income in this troubling economy.
I find myself very depressed and watching the Biggest Loser helps me to forget my troubles and to try to stay on track for keeping my weight off that I lost while trying to not gain any more weight. It takes my mind off of everything bad that has been going on and for a little while life feels normal again.
But, as soon as Biggest Loser is done I am right back in the 'trying to find a new source of income' mode and get caught up in that.
Tonight though I am trying to get back in the swing of things and actually blog about tonight's Biggest Loser show.
It seems that this season we have some really wonderful people on the Biggest Loser. I don't know if they would shine this much anyway or if coming on the heels of Biggest Loser's last season with all of the nastiness that we saw, they just shine that much more brightly?
I do know that I am enjoying watching the Biggest Loser show so much more than last season.
I liked the cooking challenge and thought it was funny that Mike and Ron were competing against each other with a dish that they probably have made at home together hundreds of times.
To find out that the calorie difference between the two burgers hinged on the ketchup and mustard? AMAZING! How many times do we put ketchup and mustard on our food and not realize? We looked at the calories on the bottle of ketchup that we have and it was only 20 calories per serving. many servings did they have for that burger?
I laughed when Ron sprayed the water at everyone when they wanted some water. Good nayured playing around like that is so refreshing after last season's Biggest Loser where we saw so much backstabbing and mean mouthing.
I thought that having the contestants bag up the food to help people in need was a wonderful idea. Though I was surprised when Laura sat the challenge out since Sioone had hurt his ankle like that.
I can understand Jillian being disappointed in Laura as it does seem like she is the weakest link and no matter what happens she doesn't seem to push herself as much as we see the others do.
Even with all of the health problems that Ron has he still is out there trying
I was impressed with Mike and how he gave his year's worth of free groceries to Audrey and her children like that. That was an AMAZING gift and being a fellow Michiganian I am so proud of him! :0)
Now for the weigh in...
I think that several people really did a great job. Some did ok and at least pulled their weight- so to speak. I expected Ron's number to actually be smaller than what it was consideringhis health.
Considering Sioone's ankle I didn't think he would have a great week but I had thought that he would have a higher weight loss number than he did.
When it comes down to it, it all comes down to Mike. Poor guy. That is a LOT of pressure.
I cannot believe that they are making us wait a whole another week to find out the results. It is driving me crazy already. How on earth does Biggest Loser expect us to wait another WEEK to find out if everyone stays or if 2 people have to go home? UGH!!!
I have started searching for spoilers and if I find out anything I will post it on here right away so keep checking back just in case:0)
Hope you all are well? Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we need it to get through this ordeal.
Leave some commenst and let us all know what you thought of tonight's Biggest Loser show and what you think might happen on Biggest Loser next week. Do you think that Mike lost enough weight to save everyone? Do you think 2 people will go home? Vote the polls to the right and let us know.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tonights Biggest Loser show....

If you have read my previous post then I think that you will understand why I am keeping this one so short. My head hurts from crying so much and I feel like HE**. My hope is that I will wake up and find that this is just an awful nightmare but, sadly, I know that it is not.
Amyway, I enjoyed tonights Biggest Loser show. It seems that this season they are trying to show everyone how the CAN do this at home.
I must say thogh that I was sadly disappointed in Helen.
As a mom myself I would think that she would have looked at her daughter and realized that Shanon needs to be there more. She should have put her foot down and said "You need to be here Shanon. You went home before, now I am going home so that YOU can get the support you need here and learn what you need to learn"
I think that every other parent there would have done that. I know that I would have- course it's a mute point as my son got the skinny jeans in the family. He eats and eats and never gains weight. Course he is stll growing and we do eat pretty healthy for the most part so that helps.
Ok, so leave some comments and let me know what you think about tonight's Biggest Loser show, Helen and Shanon's decision and what Josh & I are gong through.
If you have no idea what I am talking about then please read the next post.
I kept the gore out but it is not really anything that you would want your child to read. Believe me, if I told you the true horror of what we saw and went through YOU would probably have nightmares too.

My Biggest Loser Blog will still be here & Update- Awful news...

Hi All,
I want to apologize for not being around so much. You see, my work hours were drastically reduced and I have been busy trying to build a business online. I had hoped that My Biggest Loser Blog would do really well and that it would help us. You see, I am a single mom with health issues that make it hard for me to work a regular offline job.
Although I was putting in hour after hour 7 days a week and we had good traffic we just weren't getting any sales and only around $3 in adsense clicks.
Can't live on that! :0(
I have been posting comments after the Biggest Loser each week and plan to continue to do that. I just cannot put in all of those hours for $3.
Now for the awful news....
It was bad enough that my hours at work were drastically reduced. I worked for my cousin and she had lost her job but kept me on at fewer hours until such time she could get another job or get the state to pay me as her caregiver as she had numerous health issues herself that kept her from being abole to take care of everything in her home.
My son and I went there on Wednesday of last week. Judy, my cousin, didn't come to the door despite numerous attempts to get her.
Finally we had to go down the road to her brother's house and he called but the phone wasn't working. He followed us back down to her place and unlocked the door.
We could hear her tv on in her bedroom and when she didn't respond to her brother's calls he had me go in and check on her.
SOmetimes she would have trouble sleeping and then when she did would sleep a deep sleep and not always hear the door or the phone.
When I went in her room I expected to see her on her bed sleeping but she wasn't there.
The thought came to me 'the basement' so I told my son to go and check and I checked the front rooms.
Josh came back and tol her brother and myself that Judy had fallen down the steps.
We went running and I fully expected to see her struggling to get up and that she would say something about how stupid she felt and would we please help her up?
She wasn't moving.
We called 911.
My son started performing cpr on her and I started praying- begging God that Judy would be ok even though she lay theere in a pool of blood.
I won't go into the gory details but suffice it to say that I have barely slept since then. It was pretty bad.
Judy died. She was only 63
The ambulance got there and they pronounced her dead at the scene.
The one went so far as to say to us about that there was spinal fluid there.
I mean, COME ON!!! We are crying and upset and he has to tell us that???
Judy was not only our cousin but she was one of our best friends. We lost not only a relative but a best friend and our source of income all in one day.
This has been very traumatic for us.
My son is handling it better than I am.
Last summer Judy started to fall in the kitchen and I caught her.
She had been having trouble with her ankle and we beloeve that she had gone to lock the door for night and that her ankle gave out. The basement door was right there and was not closed or locked. She fell donw and hit her head on the cement.
I have cried nearly non stop for almost a week.
Her funeral was today.
Please, PLEASE be careful around steps and other dangerous areas in your home. We take for granted that home is safe. Home can be a dangerous place too.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and if you know of any online jobs working support or advertising or anything that desn't need tech training then please let me know.
Thank you.
We are getting ready to watch Biggest Loser and I plan to post after the show.
Take care

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Biggest Loser tonight was a hard decision...

WOW! Tonight's Biggest Loser was really good. I couldn't believe how quickly some of the contestants lost their balance. How sweet of those guys to give up seeing their family member so that Mandy (?) could see her husband and kids.
I was concerned how this might affect her weight loss. I could see it as either helping or really hurting her. How amazing that it seemed to have such a positive affect on her wight loss this week :0)
I was a bit disappointed in her sister with all of her jealousy. She was home for a month while Mandy was away from her family and she has only been away from her family for a couple of weeks. Mandy, on the other hand, has been away from her family for over 6 weeks. So how selfish to be whining and crying because Mandy got to see her family for 24 hours?
It seems like Mike has been upset over having to carry his Dad the last couple of weeks. I think that this is just a othing. Once Ron gets some more of this weight off he should be able to start doing more and dropping the pounds again- hopefully.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the big weight loss number that Mike saw on the scale tonight.
Since Blaine has been there on the Biggest Loser ranch the whole time I feel that we have gotten more attached to him so it was sad to see him go home. Yet I can understand his wanting to see his baby.
All around a pretty good show on Biggest Loser tonight. What did you think about tonights Biggest Loser? Please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks! :0)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are Any Biggest Loser fans surprised?

Ok, last week we saw another side of Joelle and I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. I thought that MAYBE she finally got it and that she would start really putting herself into this opportunity that she had.
Then this week we were back to all of the talking without saying anything, the excuses and a 0 pound weight loss.
I felt so bad for Carla. She wanted this so much and she worked her a** off not only at home but on the Biggest Loser ranch too and then the first week that she get back on the Biggest Loser ranch she gets sent home because of Joelle.
What a disappointment for her.
I wish that they had went to singles at the begining of the show this week. That way it would have been so easy to send Joelle and her Zero weight loss home but they could have given Carla the opportunity to stay on the Biggest Loser ranch.
Carla sure did look great though- didn't she? I am sure that she can do this but it is just the idea that Joelle ruined it for her.
And Joelle? I couldn't believe it when she came right out and said that they weren't friends. I have to say that when the weigh-in came out the way that it did that I told my son that if they got sent home I was sure that Carla and Joelle's friendship was over.
I feel bad for Carla. I personally know the pain of losing a friendship of over 30 years because my 'friend' didn't think that she should have to pay me back the $130 I loaned her when she was facing being out on the street when it was getting cold out. We live in Michigan and winters get extremely cold. I couldn't really afford it and my Mom always said not to loan money to a friend. BUT, I couldn't see letting my friend end up homeless. She promised to pay me back within 2 months. It has been years and she won't even contact me.
So, I know the pain that Carla is feeling. But, if that is the kind of friend that Joelle is then Carla is better off without her.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am so incredibly ANGRY!!!

I am so incredibly angry with Dan's friend David! I cannot begin to describe how upset I am with David. Dan has worked his a** off trying to bring him back onto the Biggest Loser ranch and this kid goes and not only throws it up in Dans face like it is NOTHING! But he also goes and ruins it for Dan at the same time!!!!
I have not been this angry over something on Biggest Loser since the whole Vicky/Heba fiasco.
When I think of how hard Dan has worked not only for himself but he was worried about being able to bring his friend back and then when he could have made an effort to swing the vote in their favor David goes and acts like they don't need to be there.
Then he talks big about how he's going to lose all of this weight at home. I actually yelled at the tv "In your DREAMS!"
I was so worried about how well Dan would do at home especially with this backstabbing friend of his.
But, oh didn't Dan look AMAZING!? He has lost over 100 pounds! I am so happy that Dan is doing as well as he is and I hope that it continues. He is putting David to shame. I wonder how their friendship is holding up to this?
If I were Dan I would be upset to work so hard for your friend for 4 weeks just to have this wonderful gift- this unbelievable opportunity just thrownback in your face?
I am SO mad at David!
If he didn't want to be there then why did he agree to do it in the first place? Couldn't he make an effort for his friend when he knows that Dan needed to be there on the Biggest Loser ranch?
Thank God Dan had taken to heart the information that he learned. Though his losing the 2 pound advantage for David was a waste.
Gee, can you tell that I am upset?
Ok, enough about that. I need to talk about something else as this has got my blood pressure up.
Now, Didn't I say that I felt that Joelle might surprise us? I have been having a feeling about her. I felt that she was going to turn this around and look at what she did. She nearly won the challenge and she lost 10 pounds! WOW! I also see that she is getting along with her group now.
I think that having Carla on the Biggest Loser ranch will be a hoot! She just has that kind of a personality that she just shines and makes you smile :0)
And weren't the high numbers that we were seeing this week AMAZING? And the girls were pulling numbers that not only rivaled the guys but for the most part outdid the guys.
Helen was so happy that at her age she was able to do so well and bring Shannon back.
Kristen was thrilled to see her mom and be able to get her mom back on the Biggest Loser ranch. She has worked so hard to bring this about and she did it :0)
And wasn't Blaine's son so cute? I meant the baby but the little boy was too. He was so sad to see his daddy leave that my heart went out to him.
Green team- Tara? I am pretty sure that I have her name right. I will have to check. She wanted to win the challenge so bad but I am glad that someone else got that chance since she has won the last 2 challenges.
BUT, boy was she upset over the whole David thing and I was glad that she let him have it. I was glad that she gave David something to chew on besides his fried chicken!
Yellow team- I think that the one that stayed on the ranch (sorry I can't think of her name right this minute. I will check and put it in later) she looks so much like Brittney. Remember Brittney from season 5?
I think that she was really worried that she wouldn't be able to stay above the yellow line and bring her partner (sister?) back. To see her sheer joy that she was able to do it was wonderful :0)
Okay, well that's all for right now. Please leave your comments and I will try to blog more tomorrow- more about the show and about what thoughts that you have.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Have you seen the Biggest Loser preview?

Have you seen the new preview for the Biggest Loser? My son & I saw it and we are wondering if maybe Ron and Mike (the brown team) will tell everyone to put their name on the plate so that Dan can stay. :ole Jerry did.
It would explain the way that Dan says "I love you guys" as he hugs Ron.
Ron was really adamant that Dan needs to stay because he doesn't have the support and when you look at Mike and Dan- Mike isn't as heavy.
Ron and Mike seem to be very supportive of each other so I think that they would do well at home. Though as a fellow Michigander I must say that I would hate to see them leave and yet I really feel that Dan needs to stay. His friend will be no help at all as we have seen.
Let me know if you have seen the preview and if you think that this might be a possibility?
I will be blogging more after Biggest Loser is done tomorrow night.
I CAN'T WAIT!!! :0))

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OMG! What a NIGHT!!!

Wasn't Biggest Loser just so AMAZING? WOW!
I don't even know where to start.
Did you hear that Jerry actually told everyone to put his name down. He knew that Dan needs to be there so much. I think that Jerry is such an amazing guy. He knew that he had come far enough and would have the support at home that he could lose the weight at home. He put Dan's life- on the line- need to be there in order to live a full life above his own desire to be there.
This is the emotional drama that we LOVE to see on Biggest Loser. It surprises us and lifts our heart.
Kudos Jerry you are a wonderful man :0)
Now, on to tonight's Biggest Loser tv show. I was picking each person and saying whether they had eaten anything and I was right on the money for everyone- everyone, that is, except for Joelle! WOW!!! I was so sure that she had eaten something. For the effort that we have seen from her I figured that we would see her fall to temptation- especially when the prise was to go home.
How unbelievable that I was right about which team would give us the 'fireworks' but boy I was so WRONG about which team member it would be to give in.
Joelle, congratulations for not giving in to temptation. I hope that this is the start of a new Joelle that will realize the life changing opportunity that is placed before her. I hope that she will grab it up and gobble it down and let it spread change for the better through-out her body and her life :0))
The challenge on Biggest Loser tonight was something to see, wasn't it? Some of the people that I thought would do well on it were the first to finish and then there was the purple team member, Kristen. WOW! She wanted to win that challenge so bad.
Since Tara from the green team won the challenge last week I was hoping that Kristen would win tonight. She worked so hard. But, as it turned out they both are bringing their team-mate back next week.
It couldn't have come at a better time!
Joelle just seemed like no matter what anyone said to her that she was just tuning them out and that she just wasn't getting it.
But, maybe she got it more than she let on as she lost 6 pounds this week! I think that we will see some more fireworks when Carla comes back onto the Biggest Loser ranch.
I also think that maybe Joelle wants this more than she has let on. I get the idea that maybe she is afraid of the changes that this will bring.
We might not always like what we have (like excess weight) but it can be that the weight shields them and they are afraid of letting go of that shield and dealing with the emotional reasons that they got overweight in the first place.
Now as for the weigh in and who was sent home? I wasn't surprised by Dan;s weight loss as they gave that away in their commercials. I am so happy for him. He needs to be there so much in order to make the changes he needs to not only lose the weight but to keep it off too.
I am concerned for his friend David. He REALLY doesn't seem to be making an effort at all. His friend that he was having lunch with had a salad and he was scarfing down fried chicken?
Dan will have such a hard time of it if he has to go home and be around his friend when he has not made any positive changes in his eating habits does not bode well for Dan.
Dan has, along with many others this season, gotten a place in my heart. The contestants this season are so much more positive and heartwarming after all of the nasty drama we endured last season.
Even Joelle, has started to win me over. I get more and more the feeling that she wants and needs this more than what she is letting on. She may surprise many of us once Carla gets there and she puts a fire under Joelle's butt.
I see the preview for next week and I am worried for Dan. Yes, Ron and his son Mike, need to be there and it looks like Mike will be below the yellow line with Dan this next week.
Another heart-wrenching decision for the contestants.
I like Mike and Ron and I know that they need to be there and yet Dan's situation seems more life threatening.
Living in Michigan I want to vote for the Michigan team to stay and yet Dan..... I REALLY want Dan to stay on Biggest Loser until the very end. I want so much to see all of the contestants succeed and yet Dan is one of the ones that tugs at my heartstrings just a little bit more.
I don't know. I think that Biggest Loser will be yet another good show this next week and yet I see many tears being shed no matter who ends up getting sent home.
What do YOU think? Leave a comment and let me know :0)
Btw, thanks for all of the great comments you have been leaving. I would like to answer them but am extremely busy right now.

I think that it is good that Joelle stayed in as much that her and Carla do really need to be there on the Biggest Loser ranch.
I feel bad for Damien but to see the update it seems that him and Nicolle have done an great job of losing weight. They both look great and seem so happy. We are glad for them.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tuesday's Biggest Loser -UPDATE!

I just found out that on Tuesday's Biggest Loser that one of the contestants will be able to win going home to see their partner and they will take their trainer with them.
I guess fireworks will break out when the home partner accuses the Biggest Loser ranch partner of not doing everything that she can to stay on the ranch.
Notice the 'SHE'
I may be wrong but this leads me to believe that maybe it will be Joelle going home with the trainer and that Carla is going to be MAD at how Joelle hasn't been working her butt off at the Biggest Loser ranch and losing the weight that she could be.
Yes, I think it is entirely possible that Joelle could win this prize even though she hasn't been doing much so far. I think that only beating the 'oldest and the biggest' may have made her stop and think.
Now, Biggest Loser has been showing us what the home contestants are doing so I think that they are probably showing the home contestants what their partner on the ranch is doing- or NOT doing- as the case may be.
And since Carla has been moving every time we have seen her, and Joelle is usually standing still while arguing with Bob that she is 'working as hard as everyone else is' , I could definitely see this scenario happening.
OOOHHHH we are gonna get to see FIREWORK'S in January! :0)LOL
Can't wait to see the show. I think it promises to be an interesting one ;0)
What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and let me know.
I will try to get to some of your comments soon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alison had her baby! She had a baby girl-Megan Hope Sanov. She weighed 6 lbs., 7 oz. and was born 12 minutes to midnight on Monday- January 12th 2009. Alison Sweeney is 31. She also has a 3-year-old son, Ben. Alison said she was thrilled to have a girl."I really did have a preference because I do have a son,"
Congrats Ali on your new baby. Best wishes to you and your family :0) Right now we all need hope more than ever so what a perfect name for you to give your daughter.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh, what a show- Biggest Loser made me laugh and made me cry...

Tonight the Biggest Loser was the best show we have seen in a while. They all are good to me but there was something special tonight. No petty backstabbing and eye-rolling. Everyone was so supportive.
We laughed so hard to see Bob so upset. Not that we like Bob being upset but it just wasn't 'Bob'. And then when he said at the weigh-in that he was " 'possessed' by Jillian Michaels" this week was hilarious :0)LOL
Bib NEVER gets upset like that. He is always Mr. Calm, yoga and more gentle workouts. Jillian is the one that screams, gets irate and pushes her group. So to see the shoe on the other foot was a nice change of pace.
Joelle seems to have upset everyone and I think that a lot of people were hoping that she would go home.
I was sure that if it came down between her and Jerry that she would be the one to go home. BUT, all day today I have had a bad feeling that it might be Jerry or Daniel going home and my worst fears ( actually the worst fears of a LOT of people) were realized when it came down between the 2 people that needed to be on the Biggest Loser ranch the most.
Trying to decide between them was so painful. When Ron spoke up about that Dan needed to be there the worst as Jerry has been thin before but Dan never has. It had a ring of truth to it. The more I thought about it I felt that Jerry would be ok if he went home but that Dan really needs to stay.
When the contestants had to tell who they voted for there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I had tears rolling down my face. But how wonderful to see the update for Jerry and see he has lost 84 pounds. EIGHTY -FOUR POUNDS!!! WOW!
He looks so wonderful! That made me feel so much better about him going home from the Biggest Loser ranch and it just confirms that not only can ANYONE do this at home but for all of the 9 people that were sent home last week CAN DO THIS!
How nice to see the updates with the 9 that were sent home. Boy that Carla was REALLY working out! Every single time you saw her she was MOVING!
It is too bad that she didn't stay on the Biggest Loser ranch instead of Joelle. BUT, maybe seeing that she only came ahead of the 'oldest' and the 'largest' (her words) might be what Joelle needs to make a change and actually start working out.
And that temptation? WOW- Joelle was SO tempted, wasn't she? Everyone else stepped back and didn't have to even think twice about it but right down to the last second it was any one's guess if Joelle was going to accept the temptation or stay there on the Biggest Loser ranch.
And the challenge? It was amazing to see how well some of the contestants did. I felt so bad for Jerry and Daniel being at the last and then I nearly cried when Daniel came in last and got the 1 pound disadvantage.
My son said for me not to give up that Daniel being as big as he is that he could lose enough weight that the 1 pound might not even matter.
I tried to think that but I just couldn't shake the bad feeling that I had that it would be between Daniel and Jerry.
Boy, that Daniel is really something, isn't he? Usually Jillian is pushing people till they cry for mercy but she was wanting Dan to hit 6.2 and he said 6.4, No 7 Miles An HOUR! And he DID IT! What an accomplishment and how proud we are of him for not only pushing himself harder than Jillian but actually hitting his goal?
You see everyone trying so hard and then you see Joelle standing around while SAYING that she was working as hard as everyone else. I feel bad for Carla. Here she is at home working her butt off and yet because Joelle isn't putting the effort into it, Carla might not even be able to come back to the Biggest Loser ranch at all.
Through the whole Biggest Loser show tonight I laughed and I cried and when it was done I felt SO GOOD! What a refreshing change from Biggest Loser season 6-huh?
Even as bad as it was seeing Jerry go home, it was such a WONDERFUL surprise to see how well he has done at home.
AMAZING! Biggest Loser was such a breath of fresh air tonight and I must say that I absolutely LOVE the contestants on Biggest Loser this season. I am sure that they will go on to lose an amazing amount of weight. Well, that is all of them except Joelle. It remains to be seen which way she will go.
As for the home contestants? Carla seemed to be doing well but the rest of them didn't seem to be doing as well and Daniel's friend eating french fries and hot dogs? I don't see him doing too well from what we have seen so far.
Hopefully he will prove me wrong. Time will tell.
Leave your comments. What did YOU think about the Biggest Loser show tonight?

Biggest Loser Tonight- Here's some highlights...

Want to know what is going to happen tonight on the Biggest Loser tv show? In my traveling through Biggest Loser land I have come across some information about what is gong to happen on the Biggest Loser ranch tonight!
Well, the contestants are aware it's that dreaded second week. They know that the scale is not as generous the second week and so they must put that much more effort into it if they want to be able to stay on the Biggest Losr ranch.
So this week the contestants focus on the competition. They are determined to stay in the game and get their partners back to the ranch. But, one player slacks off so much, she's irritating everyone around her, especially her trainer. Gee, I WONDER who THAT could be???
Could it be JOELLE? I am pretty sure that it was Carla that went home and that Joelle was the one that stayed on the Biggest Loser ranch. Now, Carla was heavier and had more weight to lose and she actually seemed to exercise without all of the problems. Joelle likes to stand still and say that she is working as hard as everyone else. So, I am figuring that it is probably her that is driving everyone NUTS!
Then Allison Sweeney offers this week's temptation. Guess what it is?
She offers thousands of dollars to anyone who wants to "cash out" of the game. Will anyone take it?
The challenge finds teams competing for immunity by paddling in kayaks to an island and then they have to race up a mountain. The first five players to cross the finish line will receive phone calls home. The last player will be given a one-pound disadvantage at this week's weigh-in.
The weigh-in will feature some surprising numbers for week two. But two of the game's most desperate players will fall below the yellow line. The resulting elimination will leave no one happy.
It's a week of big wins, strong emotions, and heartache at the Biggest Loser ranch. Don't miss it!
I for one will be glued to my tv set- amyone have any Elmer's Glue? :0)LOL
I can't wait for the Biggest Loser to start and to see if anyone gives in to the tempatation, who wins the challenge, who loses the most weight and who GOES HOME???
I will be back here blogging about the show when Biggest Loser gets done.
Btw, I saw Michelle on Ellen today. She looks really good and she seems so happy :0)
Did any of you catch her on Ellen?
Who do you hope stays tonight? Who do you hope goes home? Do you think that anyone will give in to the temptation?
Leave your comments and let's see what you all are thinking.
More Later :0)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Biggest Loser twist...

Ok, it's not some new dance :0)LOL I am talking about the fact that Biggest Loser decided to surprise us all with sending home 9 of the contestants for 30 days.
I have been all over the net and have talked to others about the curve-ball that Biggest Loser threw at us.
A lot of people are pretty upset about it.
Comments such as-
How could they break the hearts of these people
this was cruel
why call it 'couples' when it only has 2 couples
I am fed up
I'm not going to watch anymore
All of these are common and I would like to address them a bit.
Ok, when these people go on Biggest Loser they know that there is a distinct possibility that they won't be on there past the first week- after all someone has to go home each week.
Cruel? I don't think so. Disappointing, maybe. But, if you looked at the faces of these people they really didn't seem that upset.
As for it not being couples anymore? Well there are 2 couples left on the Biggest Loser ranch right now and in 30 days there will be 5 people coming back on the show so there will be a total of 7 couples again (if I did my math correctly- I'm tired -smile) So it will actually be couples as this is just temporary.
Ok, for those that are saying "I'm fed up" and "I'm not going to watch anymore" believe me- if you could stay watching Biggest Loser through last season's 'Vicky' ordeal then I think that you can stick this out. Give it a chance.
You see, other points that have been brought up and I tend to agree with are that by Biggest Loser sending home these 9 people it will help to show America (and the world) that you really CAN lose the weight at home.
Another point is that by these people going home at the beginning of the show like this that we may not see all of the alliances and game-play go on. With this twist no one knows just who to form an alliance with because no one knows who will be staying and bringing their partner back.
I don't know, maybe you won't agree with me but there are quite a few people out there thinking this and I can see their point.
Hey, after last season we have no where to go but UP! :0):P:
Anyway, looking forward to seeing Biggest Loser on Tuesday but not looking forward to the nasty cold weather that we have heading our way. Our furnace had trouble this morning. The air pressure switch goes pretty much every winter. It is acting up. I ordered one online for $35 but it won't be here for a week or so and to buy one uptown is about $80. We install it ourselves.
My hours at work have been reduced to almost nothing and no job openings around here so can't afford $80 for a part I already paid $35 for BUT this week will be full of -2 and -5 actual temperatures so we REALLY can't go without heat-UGH!!!
Ok, enough about that but if you live in the thumb of MI and you need a housekeeper or caregiver (child or elderly)then please give me a hollar and let me know :0)
So, with all of this negative I am looking forward to getting my Biggest Loser fix on Tuesday. That should help cheer me up for at least 2 hours :0)lol
Now, if you are wanting to lose weight then please get my FREE report. This has helped me so much. I was going to sign up to lose weight so that for every pound that I would lose that Biggest Loser would donate a pound of food to people that need it. But, I have lost so much weight already that my clothes are huge, want to fall off and hang on me. Since I can't afford new right now I am thinking that I might not sign up. Then again, from my weight loss program I continue to lose weight even though I am not actively practicing it. So, if I am going to lose weight anyway then maybe I should sign up. Even if I only lose 10 more pounds during the time period that they are doing this it would still be 10 pounds of food for people that need it.
How about you all? Are any of you signed up? Do you plan to? What kind of weight loss are you hoping for?
Let me know- Comment, Comment, Comment! :0)
And good Lord send some heat this way- we are supposed to have a HIGH of 7- YES, SEVEN DEGREES!!! on Wednesday

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good News & Bad News for Biggest Loser fans...

Michelle is ENGAGED!!!
First of all, Congratuations on your engagement Michelle! I hope that you will both be very happy.
I would recommend a long engagement however as you have only known each other 4 months. Don't rush. Get to know each other and PLEASE get him to sign a prenup.
As someone who got married too young and my husband took my money I learned the hard way- I am just saying to Be Careful! K? :0)
If he truely loves you he will wait and if he loves YOU and not your money then a prenup should not be a problem.
You have gone through some mighty big changes in your life recently what with being on the Biggest Loser, reuniting with your mom, losing a tremendous amount of weight and winning $250,000. We want you to be happy- just be careful that's all :0)

The bad news?
Well, the new season of Biggest Loser started last night. And today we find out that Shanon, the daughter on the pink team, has been arrested.
It seems that after a disagreement with a tenant she threw a bag of flour in his face and is now facing 3 months in jail which seems a bit much to me especially considering that she said that he tried to hit her with a pan.
Hmmm, a pan and flour- wonder what they were cooking up- TROUBLE? :0)LOL Just kidding.
Shanon may be innocent but we will have to wait and see what this means for this mother/daughter Michigan team.
Well, they say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Biggest Loser had 11.9 million viewers watching the Biggest Loser season 6 finale. I wonder if all the publicity about Shanon will increase the number of viewers watching Biggest Loser season 7?
Now, Amy, I will have to pull out my tapes and watch but you mention about not remembering how nice the contestants were at the begining of season 6?
I will try to watch it some time yet this week but I seem to remember them all being pretty nice at the begining.
Even Vicky and Brady. I remember them winning a phone call from home and they were able to give a phone call from home to one other team. They chose Amy & Phillip Parham. Yes, the same Amy & Phillip that they were so down on later in the show. Who woulda thunk it, huh?
Anyway, it's been a long day. I'll blog more probably tomorrow.
Later ;0)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Due to 'Comment' Changes....

Due to changes made about leaving comments on nbc Biggest Loser and ivillage- which is now never-say-diet (I guess) it is pretty much impossible to leave comments now. Unless this is just a glitch and will be fixed I expect that a lot of people will be disappointed not to be able to leave a comment. Sure, it shows that you can but I spent over 45 minutes trying and finally gave up :0(
So, I would appreciate it if you like my blog if you would tell your friends. You can just email them or use the 'tell a friend' form below. I also would like it if you could give me suggestions about where I CAN leave a comment and link to this blog and maybe even tell how you found us.
I want to make this the BIGGEST Biggest Loser gathering this side of nbc's site if possible. I want to bring the Biggest Loser fans together in a place where we can nicely share our thoughts and vote the polls so we all can see how Biggest Loser fans REALLY feel about the show and the contestants.
We have some new polls to the right that you can vote and at the bottom are the closed polls from season 6 of the Biggest Loser.
I also am offering Biggest Loser fans a FREE report so that you can all find out how I lost a bunch of weight easily. See 'before' and 'after' pics below and how to get your free report. Not everyone can be lucky enough to be on the Biggest Loser and we all know that people all over the planet are gaining weight. Too many people are overweight or obese. I want to share my report with you so that you can lose weight too.
NOTHING Else helped me until this and it is probably the CHEAPEST way that I have ever lost weight and it is staying off! :0)
Let's spread the news about all around the world like a plague- a good one though! :0)lol

Biggest Loser was really great tonight!

Wow! What an amazing start to a new Biggest Loser season.
Everyone seems really nice so far, don't they?
It was really scary when Jerry collapsed like that. We were so happy to see him come walking back in to the Biggest Loser ranch looking so much better. And what an AMAZING weight loss for his first week? 25 pounds! Just losing that much weight made such a difference in the way that Jerry looked.
And Daniel? Wow! A 30 pound weight loss his first week is such a great start and Ron lost 42 pounds his first week?
I cannot believe the high weight loss numbers we saw on Biggest Loser tonight!
Now, how about that twist?
I KNEW when Ali said that 9 people were going home that they MUST have some way of coming back on the show. Otherwise it would put Biggest Loser too short on people and we would see an extremely short season.
When the white team was above the yellow line we were hoping that they would stay above. All I could think of is that after Jerry collapsed like that it would be so hard for them to be separated. Even though Estella needs to lose some weight it is pretty obvious that Jerry needs to be at Biggest Loser ranch a lot more.
And Ron? Having his jaw wired and surgery to make his stomach smaller and he still gained the weight back. Yet, one week on the Biggest Loser ranch and he lost 42 pounds? The most weight that anyone has EVER lost in one week.
I am sure that deciding who was to go home was a very difficult decision for these people. And look at the green team. What highs and lows- a regular roller coaster. The high of being there on Biggest Loser ranch, coming so close to winning the immunity and then coming so close to being the one team above the yellow line.
It was a great start to a new Biggest Loser season and, so far, there are no 'Vicky's' in site :0)
I cannot wait to see how well the home contestants are going to do on their own and which ones of those that stayed will be able to bring back their team-mates.
For anyone that was disgusted with Biggest Loser season 6 I must say that season 7 of the Biggest Loser looks to be a better one. I would definitely recommend watching this season and giving these people a chance to win your heart

Only Half An Hour Left to go....

Only 30 minutes until Biggest Loser season 7 starts! I am so EXCITED!!!
I will be blogging after the show about what happens on Biggest Loser tonight and the new contestants so make sure to come back over later and see what I have to say :0)
In the meantime you can get my FREE Report so that YOU can easily start losing weight just like I have. See more info and my 'before' and 'after' pics below. You can also read what I had to say about Biggest Loser season 6 shows and contestants too.
I am so excited I can't sit still! I need a Biggest Loser fix- NOW! :0)LOL
See you after the show!

Today is THE Day!!!

Hey all,
I just wanted to remind you, in case you have alzheimer's or CRS :0)LOL, that tonight is THE night! Biggest Loser starts it's brand new season. Season 7 looks like it should be very interesting.
Here's hoping that there are no Vicky's this season.
I will be blogging about the show after Biggest Loser is done tonight. So, make sure to come back and see what I have to say about the new contestants.
In the meantime, if you haven't already, grab my FREE report if you need to lose weight. If you know ANYONE that needs to lose weight then please do them the HUGE favor of letting them know about my free report. If you don't know what I am talking about then please read my post below and see my 'before' and 'after' pics
More Later:0)

Friday, January 2, 2009

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