Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tuesday's Biggest Loser episode should be interesting....

Yes, Tuesday's Biggest Loser episode should be interesting- course I think that they ALL are! :0) lol But I am an admitted Biggest Loser addict ;0)
This week the contestants get to train their trainers which should be fun. I bet the contestants will make them work just as hard as the trainers have made them work.
Then the contestants will have to run up and down a hill while carrying bags that weigh the amount of weight that they have lost. Sound familiar?
I think that, if nothing else, this is one real eye opener for the contestants to really realize how much weight that they have lost.
Then, the contestants will be seeing the doctor one more time so that they can find out their progress and what their "REAL" age is now as compared with when they first started on the Biggest Loser ranch.
Then, after the weigh in they will eliminate one more contestant and then they all will be heading home until the finale.
Now is the time that I absolutely dread. I LOVE Biggest Loser so much and when we get to this time of year I can't wait to see the finale and who will win it and yet I dread it because we will then have to wait MONTHS before Biggest Loser will be back on.
I used to dread every finale but after season 6 I found that I was so glad to be done with having to see Vicky, Brady, Heba and Ed that the finale was actually a relief.
Then too, I knew that the new season was starting in a couple of weeks or so and so it was bearable.
But, when faced with actual MONTHS of no Biggest Loser shows I am like a junkie facing withdrawals- EEEEKKK! The HORROR of it!
Good thing that I have been taping and have LOTS of episodes to watch to help to get me through.
Trying to look at the bright side, I might actually watch some of the episodes from season 5 and see Paul & Kelly, Ali, Brittany and the rest of the gang.
Sadly I didn't start taping until part way through Biggest Loser's season 5. I wish that I had started taping the show sooner but that should be enough to help me to get through until Fall.
Meanwhile I am busy praying that Jillian Michael's will stay on at Biggest Loser as because I will be so sad if she isn't on the show anymore. I love her and Bob both :0)
Btw, did you see Bob on the car commercial during Biggest Loser last week?
Speaking of cars- I finally managed to find the part for my car and was able to get it fixed. I lucked out. I found the part online and they wanted $495 for just the part and it was located in another state.
I kept calling around locally and found the part just 4 miles ( down around the corner) from me and the guy installed the part. The cost? Just $50! YESSSS!!!!! I am so HAPPY! :0)
Ok, well, that's all for now. Keep checking back as I will be posting more soon.

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