Sunday, January 11, 2009

Biggest Loser twist...

Ok, it's not some new dance :0)LOL I am talking about the fact that Biggest Loser decided to surprise us all with sending home 9 of the contestants for 30 days.
I have been all over the net and have talked to others about the curve-ball that Biggest Loser threw at us.
A lot of people are pretty upset about it.
Comments such as-
How could they break the hearts of these people
this was cruel
why call it 'couples' when it only has 2 couples
I am fed up
I'm not going to watch anymore
All of these are common and I would like to address them a bit.
Ok, when these people go on Biggest Loser they know that there is a distinct possibility that they won't be on there past the first week- after all someone has to go home each week.
Cruel? I don't think so. Disappointing, maybe. But, if you looked at the faces of these people they really didn't seem that upset.
As for it not being couples anymore? Well there are 2 couples left on the Biggest Loser ranch right now and in 30 days there will be 5 people coming back on the show so there will be a total of 7 couples again (if I did my math correctly- I'm tired -smile) So it will actually be couples as this is just temporary.
Ok, for those that are saying "I'm fed up" and "I'm not going to watch anymore" believe me- if you could stay watching Biggest Loser through last season's 'Vicky' ordeal then I think that you can stick this out. Give it a chance.
You see, other points that have been brought up and I tend to agree with are that by Biggest Loser sending home these 9 people it will help to show America (and the world) that you really CAN lose the weight at home.
Another point is that by these people going home at the beginning of the show like this that we may not see all of the alliances and game-play go on. With this twist no one knows just who to form an alliance with because no one knows who will be staying and bringing their partner back.
I don't know, maybe you won't agree with me but there are quite a few people out there thinking this and I can see their point.
Hey, after last season we have no where to go but UP! :0):P:
Anyway, looking forward to seeing Biggest Loser on Tuesday but not looking forward to the nasty cold weather that we have heading our way. Our furnace had trouble this morning. The air pressure switch goes pretty much every winter. It is acting up. I ordered one online for $35 but it won't be here for a week or so and to buy one uptown is about $80. We install it ourselves.
My hours at work have been reduced to almost nothing and no job openings around here so can't afford $80 for a part I already paid $35 for BUT this week will be full of -2 and -5 actual temperatures so we REALLY can't go without heat-UGH!!!
Ok, enough about that but if you live in the thumb of MI and you need a housekeeper or caregiver (child or elderly)then please give me a hollar and let me know :0)
So, with all of this negative I am looking forward to getting my Biggest Loser fix on Tuesday. That should help cheer me up for at least 2 hours :0)lol
Now, if you are wanting to lose weight then please get my FREE report. This has helped me so much. I was going to sign up to lose weight so that for every pound that I would lose that Biggest Loser would donate a pound of food to people that need it. But, I have lost so much weight already that my clothes are huge, want to fall off and hang on me. Since I can't afford new right now I am thinking that I might not sign up. Then again, from my weight loss program I continue to lose weight even though I am not actively practicing it. So, if I am going to lose weight anyway then maybe I should sign up. Even if I only lose 10 more pounds during the time period that they are doing this it would still be 10 pounds of food for people that need it.
How about you all? Are any of you signed up? Do you plan to? What kind of weight loss are you hoping for?
Let me know- Comment, Comment, Comment! :0)
And good Lord send some heat this way- we are supposed to have a HIGH of 7- YES, SEVEN DEGREES!!! on Wednesday

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1of3Wishes said...

Please, please, please, I'm not inviting you to California (and you probably really don't want to be here as long as Arnold is The Gov as we are all getting IOU's if the state owes us this tax season!), but in my neck of the woods it's supposed to be in the high 80's today!