Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Biggest Loser's Kristen Goes Home...

Wow! Where does the time go?
It is hard to believe that Biggest Loser will only be on 2 more weeks and then we are done for another season and will have to wait until Fall to see Biggest Loser again. Add to that the fact that we might well not be seeing Jillian when Biggest Loser comes back on:0(
I sincerely hope that that is not the case and that Jillian will be right there with Bob pushing the newest contestants to lose weight.

Ok, I'm BAAACCCKKK! :0)lol

Now let's talk about what has been going on on the Biggest Loser.
Sorry I didn't post last week. My car broke down and I have been looking all over for a shift stabilizer bar for it. It seems like no one has one. Well, I have had 2 places that said that they did but after going to pick up the part I found out that they only had automatics and thus did NOT have the part I needed. One place was an hour and a half drive one way :0(
Anyway, last week's Biggest Loser was hard. Laura was not one of my favorites when this season started. But when Jillian asked who the weakest link was and everyone said "Laura" it was like something finally clicked and Laura changed. She started really working out and losing the weight and she changed the way that we felt about her.
Knowing that sending her home was the right thing to do didn't make it any easier. And then to see how upset Tara was at the begining of this week's Biggest Loser show brought back the pain of seeing Laura having to be carried up to be weighed and of her team-mates making the hard choice to do the right thing in order for her to heal.
Jillian was right though in saying that everything happens for a reason- I myself have had to remind myself of that fact numerous times lately. By Laura going home Tara was forced to concentrate on Tara. It was difficult for her but this was probably for the best for both of them.
Now, how about that challenge?
I was surprised that Mike fell so quickly but with his fear of heights I guess he just didn't want to stay up there and lost it on purpose.
I really thought that Ron would have a chance to win this one. With his bad knees he has worked on his upper body strength a lot and that is what this challenge needed.
He was doing so well and then, in the blink of an eye, there he went :0(
Now Filipe wasn't one of my favorite contestants on Biggest Loser at first. Then he won a spot in my heart but when he had his temper tantrum and went off on Jillian I was completely turned off. SInce then I have seen a lot of attitude and cockiness from Filipe and I just don't like it.
Tonightm seeing him purposely scaring the girls by making that contraption move when they were so far up in the air and then laughing about it I was REALLY not happy with his childish antics.
So, when he fell off without knocking Tara, Helen or Kristen off my son and I got a good laugh. What goes around, comes around :0)
Kristen seemed so determined. She really seemed focused and I thought for sure that she would either win the $10,000 (or 1 pound weight loss advantage) or she would be one of the remaining 2 up there.
You could tell how upset she was when she fell.
Helen gave Tara a 'good run for her money' so to speak :0)lol. I felt bad for her when she tried so hard and really wanted that 1 pound weight loss advantage to help to keep her on the Biggest Loser ranch.
Then Tara won- AGAIN!- but I was happy for her. She did a great job and really when you think about it, how hard was this challenge compared with pulling a car with all that extra weight she had???
This was probably MUCH easier.

Wow! What a weigh-in.
I must confess that after all the childish behaviour and temper tantrums I was really hoping to see Filipe go home tonight. I hate to say it but I would really hate to see someone that acts like that win and be a role model for so many.
If Filipe had been below the yellow line I would have had no problem shoosing who to send home from the Biggest Loser ranch.
I couldn't believe that Helen had such a small weight loss number and that Kristen had actually GAINED weight. She seemed so stunned. Even Bob seemed at a loss for how that had happened.
I have to wonder if it came down to stress and how they ate while video taping their meals for Bob. To see Ron, Kristen and Filipe divide what should have fed one of them so that it fed all three was NOT enough protein for them with all of the exercising and muscle building that they are doing.
Sometimes stress or the wrong food choices can throw off their weight loss so much.
Anyway, to have the weigh in come down between Helen and Kristen was a really hard choice for me. For the most part, I like them both.

Well, sorry about this but I have to cut this short so I can get ready for work. I will try to add more later when I get back. In the meantime don't forget to vote the polls and leave some comments. Let me know what you think about what is going on on the Biggest Loser. I haven't heard any more about if Jillian will stay or go- been too busy tofind out. Do any of you know if she has decided to stay? Hope so :0)
Later :0)

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