Tuesday, April 28, 2009

45 Minutes and counting....

Yes, it is only 45 minutes now until the last Biggest Loser show until the finale.
I am looking forward to tonight's show and am trying to think who it might be that goes home- well, actually EVERYONE on Biggest Loser will be going home tonight but I am wondering who will be below the yellow line? Who will be the final four that go to the Biggest Loser finale?
I know who I WANT to go to the finale but it is hard to predict who will actually be in the final four. As a fellow Biggest Loser fan you all know that there is one thing about Biggest Loser that keeps things interesting- you never know what is going to happen :0)
Everyone that is still there on the Biggest Loser ranch has done so well and so many of them have really found their way into our heart.
What a refreshing change from last season, huh? There have been a few moments that have made us shake our head but for the most part the people that were chosen have realy been so much better than some of the ones we had to put up with last season.
And yet, I pause here to wonder if that is really the case or is part of it just the twist that is put on everything during the editing? Was Vicky and Heba as bad as we thought last season?
Personally I have to lean towards saying "Yes" after the things that I read about all over the net and even on Vicky's own MySpace page.
Are some of the people this season worse than what we may be being led to believe? I wonder....
Jillian Michaels is considering leaving the Biggest Loser show.
Her reason's, which she doesn't go into a lot of detail about, are that so many of the contestants came into this for fame, fortune and publicity such as wanting recording deals.
Jillian became so fed up that she is considering leaving the Biggest Loser tv show- so, just how bad was it?
Everyone seems to be there for the right reason's, losing weight and getting healthy, but is that true? Or is it just editing?
I myself feel that maybe when they were auditioning to be on the Biggest Loser these people were there just to be able to lose weight. Maybe after getting their chance to be on the show they got to thinking about fame, fortune and recording deals. Which could be when Jillian got so fed up and started thinking and talking about quitting the show.
But, and this is just my opinion here, I think that there has come to be a closeness between Jillian and her team more recently. Trying to pinpoint it I would have to say that it happened after her team chose her during the last changing of the teams.
Maybe knowing that these people specifically chose HER helped to bring about the change. Maybe at this point everyone finally GOT it and was just there to lose weight and get healthy and the heck with fame and fortune- at least until the finale is done ;0)lol
Or, maybe the worst of the ones bothering Jillian were no longer on her team at this point. Hmmmm.... could attention be behind a certain someone's temper tantrum that he had recently?
Now I am not saying that he is the one that pushed Jillian into thinking of quitting the Biggest Loser but the thought has crossed my mind and keeps popping back up like a bad weed that you can't get rid of :0)lol
I know that I have been in contact with several of the contestants and I have not had the feeling that any of them have been there just to get famous. They have all be very nice.
In fact, Carla (when she found out about my huge weight loss and how my clothes are being held on by safety pins) was kind enough to offer me some suggestions as she didn't want me to have to wear clothes like that
Well, now Biggest Loser is only 15 minutes away....
15 Minutes? I am torn bewteen wanting it to go fast and knowing that when the Biggest Loser show is done tonight we will only have 1 more show (the finale) and then it will be L-O-N-G Months before Biggest Loser season 8 will start.
Gee, am I the only one that is starting to get worried, nervous and feel like I am facing Biggest Loser withdrawals?
I have had other favorite tv shows but known have ever caused me to feel withdrawals like a junkie. Well, I have never been through that so maybe I shouldn't put it like that, but I can imagine that this is how they feel. Good thing Biggest Loser is good for me and non-fattening too :0)lol
I think I will add a new poll to see if anyone else goes through this. Hmmm, what to call it? What to ask? I will have to think in this. Any suggestions?
Ok, I am outta here. I have to get ready to watch Biggest Loser and I don't want to miss anything. I will blog later after the show...

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