Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Due to 'Comment' Changes....

Due to changes made about leaving comments on nbc Biggest Loser and ivillage- which is now never-say-diet (I guess) it is pretty much impossible to leave comments now. Unless this is just a glitch and will be fixed I expect that a lot of people will be disappointed not to be able to leave a comment. Sure, it shows that you can but I spent over 45 minutes trying and finally gave up :0(
So, I would appreciate it if you like my blog if you would tell your friends. You can just email them or use the 'tell a friend' form below. I also would like it if you could give me suggestions about where I CAN leave a comment and link to this blog and maybe even tell how you found us.
I want to make this the BIGGEST Biggest Loser gathering this side of nbc's site if possible. I want to bring the Biggest Loser fans together in a place where we can nicely share our thoughts and vote the polls so we all can see how Biggest Loser fans REALLY feel about the show and the contestants.
We have some new polls to the right that you can vote and at the bottom are the closed polls from season 6 of the Biggest Loser.
I also am offering Biggest Loser fans a FREE report so that you can all find out how I lost a bunch of weight easily. See 'before' and 'after' pics below and how to get your free report. Not everyone can be lucky enough to be on the Biggest Loser and we all know that people all over the planet are gaining weight. Too many people are overweight or obese. I want to share my report with you so that you can lose weight too.
NOTHING Else helped me until this and it is probably the CHEAPEST way that I have ever lost weight and it is staying off! :0)
Let's spread the news about http://my-biggestloser-blog.blogspot.com/ all around the world like a plague- a good one though! :0)lol


Brenda said...

There are places to post comments (it came up for me when I cast my vote about how I liked the show at the bottom of the post) but it appears you have to put your name and email address to be able to post. You can post anonymously, but there is a "reply" button. Guess this is to keep the vicious comments from happening, like last season.

Hoping this season will be better! I'm hoping to be inspired!

Amy said...

Thanks for finding my blog. I added you to my blogroll. If you are inclined to add a blogroll to your site, I'd love to be on it.

When I went to iVillage, the blog was still about Vicky. So I left something there. But I thought they'd have something new set up. Maybe I didn't find the right page? I'd never left a comment at NBC before, though I was able to last night -- after lots of stumbling through several registration pages, pages on which I was not allowed to comment, etc.

I do think you are right. Season 7 is setting up to be much better than Season 6. Though I can't remember how "nice" people were on the first episode of Season 6.

I'm really pulling for the white team, but I work in the aging industry. Other than that, I think the purple team has my vote.

BSchorr said...

I know what you mean about it being hard to get attention for your site - there are sites about Biggest Loser that haven't been updated in YEARS that still show up higher on Google than my www.factplace.com/BiggestLoser/default.htm site.

Anyhow, I agree that Season 7 is looking promising, though I have to remember that the "villains" of Season 6 didn't emerge the first week either so I guess we'll have to wait and see.