Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey, Mike pulled it off!

Wow! Mike Did It!!! He saved the day. We are so proud of him!
That was such a great moment to see Mike lose enough weight to save everyone.
Biggest Loser was really good tonight. I thought that Tara did a good job of picking competitors. She had it to where you figured that it was pretty much a shoe in for the black team.....
Until they won the 24 hour luxury :0(
We could not believe the eating, drinking and smoking. Remember Mark in season 5 smoked while they were in Las Vegas and it threw his body off to where he did not do well at the weigh in.
The calories that they consumed was absolutely sickening!
So, when it all came down to the weigh in we were absolutely AMAZED that the blue team lost
I really thought that Aubrey would be the one going home and was surprised when Ron spoke up in her defense so quickly.
Then, just when you thought that you knew what the outcome was going to be Mandi went and threw it to save her sister.
Kudos to her for her thinking of her sister instead of herself. She is an amazing woman and I am proud of her!
I must say though that I will miss her. She reminded me so much of Brittney from season 5.
Anyway, how about the blow up and the two black team members going over to train with Bob?
I must say that if he was upset about Jillian not training him then he should have spoken up and not let it boil over like that. Then to scream at Jillian but not even give her a chance to defend herself or explain and he just walked out? I am a bit disappointed in him.
Anyway, next week should be interesting huh? Going home to see their families will be nice for them but how many will fall back to their bad habits? Especially since we just saw how the black team totally blew their diet when faced with temptation.
Who do you think will do ok? Who do you think will gain weight? :eave your comments and let us all know what you think will happen on Biggest Loser next week.

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