Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another week of Biggest Loser??? YES!!!

Ok, so I misunderstood. I thought that we had just tonight and then the Biggest Loser finale. So, I am happy to hear that there is actually another week of Biggest Loser before we get to the finale.
Anytime there is more Biggest Loser I cannot and will not complain :0)
Now, tonight's Biggest Loser show..
OMG, where to start?
Ok, the video at the beginning? All I can say is "WOW!!!" It is amazing to see how far everyone has come. They have lost so much weight that they don't even look like the same people. To see the changes in them should be inspiration to everyone out there that wants to lose weight.
Heck, I have lost an amazing amount of weight and yet they still inspire me.
That is what the Biggest Loser show is so great for. You meet these people and get to know their hopes and dreams and then you see these same people (that think that these hopes and dreams are beyond their reach) make them a reality.
When everyone went to see the Dr and get their progress reports it was haw dropping moment after jaw dropping moment to see the pictures of just how large their stomachs were and to see the 'now' pictures.
To hear that Ron was too large to fit in the MRI machine when he first came to the Biggest Loser and now he had no trouble fitting in it. What a moment that must have been for Ron :0)
To see that Helen has taken 10 whole years off of her 'real age' and how skinny she was in her goal outfit and I laughed at how amazed she was at the size :0)
Tara and Mike both looked great in their goal items too.
The challenge? OMG! I remember the first week and how they all struggled to get over that 1 hill. To see them re-gain the weight that they had lost and have to carry all of that weight over 17 hills? I am absolutely speechless.
Filipe took off and Mike was right behind him. They both stayed out front for a time and then Tara found her groove and she started catching up and passing them. Was anyone really surprised?
Tara has one so many challenges. I think that she has won more challenges than anyone else that has been on Biggest Loser and she never once fell below the yellow line. That is quite an accomplishment
When Tara won the challenge both Josh and I figured that she would take the 1 pound weight loss rather than the $10,000. She just won $10,000 and with this being so close to the end we figured that the smart move would be to take the one pound weight loss advantage.
Now for the weigh in?
We were pleasantly surprised to see the big numbers that were showing up on the scale tonight.
I mean, think about it... here we are at the last of this season's Biggest Loser. These people have all lost over 100 pounds while being on the Biggest Loser ranch.
They all are in amazing shape.
Who would think that they could pull the large numbers that we just saw?
Ron lost 9 pounds? Yeh Ron! :0)
Filipe lost 10 pounds? This late in the game to lose double digits? Great job Filipe!
And with all of the weight that those two lost THEY are the ones that end up below the yellow line?

Mike seemed so certain that there was no way that he would have lost enough weight to stay above the yellow line. Josh and I both talked about how so many, when they think that there is no way, have actually lost enough weight to surprise themselves.

I think that for Mike to see that he CAN do this- he CAN lose the weight even when he thinks that he just doesn't have it in him was a life changing moment for him.

I am happy for Mike not only losing the weight but to win the $10,000 which he said will pay for another year of college for him. The Biggest Loser has been a life changing opportunity for everyone that has ever been on it and that is certainly true for Mike.

Helen has come a long way ( as they all have). I got a kick out of her fussing about how her hair was in the video at the beginning of the show was hilarious. Even funnier though was when Jillian messed Helen's hair up during the last chance workout.
Jillian brought up a good point. Helen IS in pink. Pink team members have won both of the last 2 season's of Biggest Loser.
Will pink win again this season?
After the weigh in and we knew that both Ron and Filipe were below the yellow line we knew that Mike would never put Ron's name on for him to go home. Yet, who knew how Helen or Tara would vote?
Helen mentioned about how Ron and Filipe had both put her name down to send her home at some point. I seem to remember that Helen had actually put Ron's name down before Ron ever put down Helen's name.
Now Tara? I wasn't sure how she would vote and I guess at this point we will never know.
So, Filipe was sent home. But, he has lost so much weight and he went home to teach his friends and relatives how to lose weight and get healthy too. And what better time to do so?
How awful that his Dad had a stroke but at least Filipe was there to be with him and that his Dad is going to be ok.
What a wake-up call to Filipe and all of the Tonga people.
It is wonderful to see how so many people have gone on, after learning how to lose weight and get healthy on the Biggest Loser, are passing on what they have learned. They are helping others to lose weight and get healthy too.
I am truly speechless when trying to find the words to explain how that makes me feel.

45 Minutes and counting....

Yes, it is only 45 minutes now until the last Biggest Loser show until the finale.
I am looking forward to tonight's show and am trying to think who it might be that goes home- well, actually EVERYONE on Biggest Loser will be going home tonight but I am wondering who will be below the yellow line? Who will be the final four that go to the Biggest Loser finale?
I know who I WANT to go to the finale but it is hard to predict who will actually be in the final four. As a fellow Biggest Loser fan you all know that there is one thing about Biggest Loser that keeps things interesting- you never know what is going to happen :0)
Everyone that is still there on the Biggest Loser ranch has done so well and so many of them have really found their way into our heart.
What a refreshing change from last season, huh? There have been a few moments that have made us shake our head but for the most part the people that were chosen have realy been so much better than some of the ones we had to put up with last season.
And yet, I pause here to wonder if that is really the case or is part of it just the twist that is put on everything during the editing? Was Vicky and Heba as bad as we thought last season?
Personally I have to lean towards saying "Yes" after the things that I read about all over the net and even on Vicky's own MySpace page.
Are some of the people this season worse than what we may be being led to believe? I wonder....
Jillian Michaels is considering leaving the Biggest Loser show.
Her reason's, which she doesn't go into a lot of detail about, are that so many of the contestants came into this for fame, fortune and publicity such as wanting recording deals.
Jillian became so fed up that she is considering leaving the Biggest Loser tv show- so, just how bad was it?
Everyone seems to be there for the right reason's, losing weight and getting healthy, but is that true? Or is it just editing?
I myself feel that maybe when they were auditioning to be on the Biggest Loser these people were there just to be able to lose weight. Maybe after getting their chance to be on the show they got to thinking about fame, fortune and recording deals. Which could be when Jillian got so fed up and started thinking and talking about quitting the show.
But, and this is just my opinion here, I think that there has come to be a closeness between Jillian and her team more recently. Trying to pinpoint it I would have to say that it happened after her team chose her during the last changing of the teams.
Maybe knowing that these people specifically chose HER helped to bring about the change. Maybe at this point everyone finally GOT it and was just there to lose weight and get healthy and the heck with fame and fortune- at least until the finale is done ;0)lol
Or, maybe the worst of the ones bothering Jillian were no longer on her team at this point. Hmmmm.... could attention be behind a certain someone's temper tantrum that he had recently?
Now I am not saying that he is the one that pushed Jillian into thinking of quitting the Biggest Loser but the thought has crossed my mind and keeps popping back up like a bad weed that you can't get rid of :0)lol
I know that I have been in contact with several of the contestants and I have not had the feeling that any of them have been there just to get famous. They have all be very nice.
In fact, Carla (when she found out about my huge weight loss and how my clothes are being held on by safety pins) was kind enough to offer me some suggestions as she didn't want me to have to wear clothes like that
Well, now Biggest Loser is only 15 minutes away....
15 Minutes? I am torn bewteen wanting it to go fast and knowing that when the Biggest Loser show is done tonight we will only have 1 more show (the finale) and then it will be L-O-N-G Months before Biggest Loser season 8 will start.
Gee, am I the only one that is starting to get worried, nervous and feel like I am facing Biggest Loser withdrawals?
I have had other favorite tv shows but known have ever caused me to feel withdrawals like a junkie. Well, I have never been through that so maybe I shouldn't put it like that, but I can imagine that this is how they feel. Good thing Biggest Loser is good for me and non-fattening too :0)lol
I think I will add a new poll to see if anyone else goes through this. Hmmm, what to call it? What to ask? I will have to think in this. Any suggestions?
Ok, I am outta here. I have to get ready to watch Biggest Loser and I don't want to miss anything. I will blog later after the show...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tuesday's Biggest Loser episode should be interesting....

Yes, Tuesday's Biggest Loser episode should be interesting- course I think that they ALL are! :0) lol But I am an admitted Biggest Loser addict ;0)
This week the contestants get to train their trainers which should be fun. I bet the contestants will make them work just as hard as the trainers have made them work.
Then the contestants will have to run up and down a hill while carrying bags that weigh the amount of weight that they have lost. Sound familiar?
I think that, if nothing else, this is one real eye opener for the contestants to really realize how much weight that they have lost.
Then, the contestants will be seeing the doctor one more time so that they can find out their progress and what their "REAL" age is now as compared with when they first started on the Biggest Loser ranch.
Then, after the weigh in they will eliminate one more contestant and then they all will be heading home until the finale.
Now is the time that I absolutely dread. I LOVE Biggest Loser so much and when we get to this time of year I can't wait to see the finale and who will win it and yet I dread it because we will then have to wait MONTHS before Biggest Loser will be back on.
I used to dread every finale but after season 6 I found that I was so glad to be done with having to see Vicky, Brady, Heba and Ed that the finale was actually a relief.
Then too, I knew that the new season was starting in a couple of weeks or so and so it was bearable.
But, when faced with actual MONTHS of no Biggest Loser shows I am like a junkie facing withdrawals- EEEEKKK! The HORROR of it!
Good thing that I have been taping and have LOTS of episodes to watch to help to get me through.
Trying to look at the bright side, I might actually watch some of the episodes from season 5 and see Paul & Kelly, Ali, Brittany and the rest of the gang.
Sadly I didn't start taping until part way through Biggest Loser's season 5. I wish that I had started taping the show sooner but that should be enough to help me to get through until Fall.
Meanwhile I am busy praying that Jillian Michael's will stay on at Biggest Loser as because I will be so sad if she isn't on the show anymore. I love her and Bob both :0)
Btw, did you see Bob on the car commercial during Biggest Loser last week?
Speaking of cars- I finally managed to find the part for my car and was able to get it fixed. I lucked out. I found the part online and they wanted $495 for just the part and it was located in another state.
I kept calling around locally and found the part just 4 miles ( down around the corner) from me and the guy installed the part. The cost? Just $50! YESSSS!!!!! I am so HAPPY! :0)
Ok, well, that's all for now. Keep checking back as I will be posting more soon.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Biggest Loser Polls...

Hi Everyone :0)

I am so glad to see you voting the polls I have here about the Biggest Loser. It is very interesting to see some of the results.

I noticed that Tara is in the lead for those that you think will make it to the Biggest Loser Finale. NO surprise there :0)

Mike is coming up behind her and Filipe is 3rd.

Until yesterday there were no votes for Helen.

I see that No one feels that Ron will make it to the finale. Weeks ago I would have thought the same thing but at this point he has endured, despite his bad knees, and I see a good chance of Ron making it to the finale at this point.
It also seems that most of us really want Jillian Michaels to stay on as a trainer on the Biggest Loser Ranch. A few don't seem to like her or they just don't care if she stays or not. But the majority are voting that they want Jillian to stay as the show would not be the same without her.
As for the poll about 'Who do you want to see go home?' I am a bit shocked at the results.75% of you want Ron to go home. Now, I may be a bit prejudiced since Ron and Mike are from Michigan, but I would like to see both Mike and Ron go to the finales.

Course after Tuesday's episode I have been rethinking that. I wasn't thrilled with Ron that he told Kristen that he wouldn't vote for her. Yeh, TECHNICALLY he DIDN'T vote for her but he ran right over and worked out with Mike that he could keep his word (?) to Kristen's mom Kathy and yet they could get Kristen off of the Biggest Loser ranch as she was the biggest threat to them.

I understand game play. I also heard Kristen talking at the beginning of Tuesday's episode about if she had a chance she would be sending Ron or Mike home because their 'team' was too strong with both of them there yet.

And yet, as soon as she was below the yellow line she conveniently forgets that she was ready to send one of them under the bus and plays the 'you promised my mom you would keep me here' card.

Then too, I understand that she needs to be there- after all, she HAS gained weight on occasions and this week was one of them. And yet, of all of the contestants still there on the Biggest Loser ranch, she IS the biggest threat

Don't get me wrong, I DO understand that game play does become a factor- especially this late in the game- BUT when it does come into play you tend to see sides of these people that you might not like.

I adore Mike. I think it is great that he has come so far. It would be so hard to be so big at his age. From personal experience I know that some people can be cruel towards the overweight among us.

But, a part of me didn't like the whole Ron/Mike scene that played out before elimination.We like to see the people lose weight and we glory in their weight loss and yet, sometimes, with this weight loss can come out a cockiness that just rubs you the wrong way.

To some extent I suppose that we should be happy for them that they are gaining their confidence back. And I AM happy about that. I just don't like when people get really cocky and full of themselves.

Which brings me to Filipe. I really did like him for a while there. But, when he went off on Jillian when he should have spoken up earlier instead of letting his anger simmer- well I just didn't like that.

I don't like to see a 26 year old man, a FATHER, acting like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum. I understand his being upset but at his age he should have been mature enough to have talked it over with Jillian rationally instead of the yelling, stomping his feet and walking out.

Is this how he is teaching his child to behave?

Since it seems that no one but my son and I want to see Filipe go home I have to wonder why?

Do you not care that he acted childish?

Do you only see a 'pretty face'?

Yes, Filipe is good looking. But, we all need to be able to look beyond the surface and see the person for who they REALLY are.

A friend of mine was with a guy who treated her awful. He drank and abused her verbally and physically. I tried to get her to leave him before he killed her. He finally found someone new to abuse and is on new girlfriend number 5 (or somewhere around there) since my friend.

Luckily for my friend, a new girl caught his eye before she became yet another statistic. And yet, to this day, whenever we talk about how badly he treated her she still says....

"But he WAS good looking wasn't he?"

GAWD, I hate to think that people out there are being taken in by a pretty face and damn the consequences. Is it better to be abused or killed by someone good looking than someone ugly?

Sorry, but it just hits too close to home here. My ex-husband was good looking and seemed so nice. Until he got involved in drinking and drugs and became abusive.

I just want people to be aware that a pretty face isn't everything. Look below the surface and see the truth.

Would it not be better to be loved totally and treated like royalty by someone that is average looking ( or even below average) than to be subjected to childish tantrums or abuse by someone good looking?

I am NOT saying that Filipe is abusive to his wife. I am just using this opportunity to hopefully reach some of you that might be sticking with someone abusive ( like my friend was) just because they are good looking.

You are worth so much more than that! ;0)

Ok, I am done with my rant. Go ahead and leave some comments about Biggest Loser, the polls and what I just talked about here. We would love to hear your comments.

It is starting to storm here so I will be getting off the computer as getting zapped would put quite a damper on my day :0)

Take care


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Biggest Loser's Kristen Goes Home...

Wow! Where does the time go?
It is hard to believe that Biggest Loser will only be on 2 more weeks and then we are done for another season and will have to wait until Fall to see Biggest Loser again. Add to that the fact that we might well not be seeing Jillian when Biggest Loser comes back on:0(
I sincerely hope that that is not the case and that Jillian will be right there with Bob pushing the newest contestants to lose weight.

Ok, I'm BAAACCCKKK! :0)lol

Now let's talk about what has been going on on the Biggest Loser.
Sorry I didn't post last week. My car broke down and I have been looking all over for a shift stabilizer bar for it. It seems like no one has one. Well, I have had 2 places that said that they did but after going to pick up the part I found out that they only had automatics and thus did NOT have the part I needed. One place was an hour and a half drive one way :0(
Anyway, last week's Biggest Loser was hard. Laura was not one of my favorites when this season started. But when Jillian asked who the weakest link was and everyone said "Laura" it was like something finally clicked and Laura changed. She started really working out and losing the weight and she changed the way that we felt about her.
Knowing that sending her home was the right thing to do didn't make it any easier. And then to see how upset Tara was at the begining of this week's Biggest Loser show brought back the pain of seeing Laura having to be carried up to be weighed and of her team-mates making the hard choice to do the right thing in order for her to heal.
Jillian was right though in saying that everything happens for a reason- I myself have had to remind myself of that fact numerous times lately. By Laura going home Tara was forced to concentrate on Tara. It was difficult for her but this was probably for the best for both of them.
Now, how about that challenge?
I was surprised that Mike fell so quickly but with his fear of heights I guess he just didn't want to stay up there and lost it on purpose.
I really thought that Ron would have a chance to win this one. With his bad knees he has worked on his upper body strength a lot and that is what this challenge needed.
He was doing so well and then, in the blink of an eye, there he went :0(
Now Filipe wasn't one of my favorite contestants on Biggest Loser at first. Then he won a spot in my heart but when he had his temper tantrum and went off on Jillian I was completely turned off. SInce then I have seen a lot of attitude and cockiness from Filipe and I just don't like it.
Tonightm seeing him purposely scaring the girls by making that contraption move when they were so far up in the air and then laughing about it I was REALLY not happy with his childish antics.
So, when he fell off without knocking Tara, Helen or Kristen off my son and I got a good laugh. What goes around, comes around :0)
Kristen seemed so determined. She really seemed focused and I thought for sure that she would either win the $10,000 (or 1 pound weight loss advantage) or she would be one of the remaining 2 up there.
You could tell how upset she was when she fell.
Helen gave Tara a 'good run for her money' so to speak :0)lol. I felt bad for her when she tried so hard and really wanted that 1 pound weight loss advantage to help to keep her on the Biggest Loser ranch.
Then Tara won- AGAIN!- but I was happy for her. She did a great job and really when you think about it, how hard was this challenge compared with pulling a car with all that extra weight she had???
This was probably MUCH easier.

Wow! What a weigh-in.
I must confess that after all the childish behaviour and temper tantrums I was really hoping to see Filipe go home tonight. I hate to say it but I would really hate to see someone that acts like that win and be a role model for so many.
If Filipe had been below the yellow line I would have had no problem shoosing who to send home from the Biggest Loser ranch.
I couldn't believe that Helen had such a small weight loss number and that Kristen had actually GAINED weight. She seemed so stunned. Even Bob seemed at a loss for how that had happened.
I have to wonder if it came down to stress and how they ate while video taping their meals for Bob. To see Ron, Kristen and Filipe divide what should have fed one of them so that it fed all three was NOT enough protein for them with all of the exercising and muscle building that they are doing.
Sometimes stress or the wrong food choices can throw off their weight loss so much.
Anyway, to have the weigh in come down between Helen and Kristen was a really hard choice for me. For the most part, I like them both.

Well, sorry about this but I have to cut this short so I can get ready for work. I will try to add more later when I get back. In the meantime don't forget to vote the polls and leave some comments. Let me know what you think about what is going on on the Biggest Loser. I haven't heard any more about if Jillian will stay or go- been too busy tofind out. Do any of you know if she has decided to stay? Hope so :0)
Later :0)