Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Biggest Loser Tonight- Here's some highlights...

Want to know what is going to happen tonight on the Biggest Loser tv show? In my traveling through Biggest Loser land I have come across some information about what is gong to happen on the Biggest Loser ranch tonight!
Well, the contestants are aware it's that dreaded second week. They know that the scale is not as generous the second week and so they must put that much more effort into it if they want to be able to stay on the Biggest Losr ranch.
So this week the contestants focus on the competition. They are determined to stay in the game and get their partners back to the ranch. But, one player slacks off so much, she's irritating everyone around her, especially her trainer. Gee, I WONDER who THAT could be???
Could it be JOELLE? I am pretty sure that it was Carla that went home and that Joelle was the one that stayed on the Biggest Loser ranch. Now, Carla was heavier and had more weight to lose and she actually seemed to exercise without all of the problems. Joelle likes to stand still and say that she is working as hard as everyone else. So, I am figuring that it is probably her that is driving everyone NUTS!
Then Allison Sweeney offers this week's temptation. Guess what it is?
She offers thousands of dollars to anyone who wants to "cash out" of the game. Will anyone take it?
The challenge finds teams competing for immunity by paddling in kayaks to an island and then they have to race up a mountain. The first five players to cross the finish line will receive phone calls home. The last player will be given a one-pound disadvantage at this week's weigh-in.
The weigh-in will feature some surprising numbers for week two. But two of the game's most desperate players will fall below the yellow line. The resulting elimination will leave no one happy.
It's a week of big wins, strong emotions, and heartache at the Biggest Loser ranch. Don't miss it!
I for one will be glued to my tv set- amyone have any Elmer's Glue? :0)LOL
I can't wait for the Biggest Loser to start and to see if anyone gives in to the tempatation, who wins the challenge, who loses the most weight and who GOES HOME???
I will be back here blogging about the show when Biggest Loser gets done.
Btw, I saw Michelle on Ellen today. She looks really good and she seems so happy :0)
Did any of you catch her on Ellen?
Who do you hope stays tonight? Who do you hope goes home? Do you think that anyone will give in to the temptation?
Leave your comments and let's see what you all are thinking.
More Later :0)

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