Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tuesday's Biggest Loser -UPDATE!

I just found out that on Tuesday's Biggest Loser that one of the contestants will be able to win going home to see their partner and they will take their trainer with them.
I guess fireworks will break out when the home partner accuses the Biggest Loser ranch partner of not doing everything that she can to stay on the ranch.
Notice the 'SHE'
I may be wrong but this leads me to believe that maybe it will be Joelle going home with the trainer and that Carla is going to be MAD at how Joelle hasn't been working her butt off at the Biggest Loser ranch and losing the weight that she could be.
Yes, I think it is entirely possible that Joelle could win this prize even though she hasn't been doing much so far. I think that only beating the 'oldest and the biggest' may have made her stop and think.
Now, Biggest Loser has been showing us what the home contestants are doing so I think that they are probably showing the home contestants what their partner on the ranch is doing- or NOT doing- as the case may be.
And since Carla has been moving every time we have seen her, and Joelle is usually standing still while arguing with Bob that she is 'working as hard as everyone else is' , I could definitely see this scenario happening.
OOOHHHH we are gonna get to see FIREWORK'S in January! :0)LOL
Can't wait to see the show. I think it promises to be an interesting one ;0)
What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and let me know.
I will try to get to some of your comments soon.

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Christina, TX said...

Joelle needs a swift kick in the butt. I hope she wins the trip home, hopefully if Carla is still moving the way she was last week that Carla has lost more weight than Joelle and Carla rips her a new one!!!