Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another week of Biggest Loser??? YES!!!

Ok, so I misunderstood. I thought that we had just tonight and then the Biggest Loser finale. So, I am happy to hear that there is actually another week of Biggest Loser before we get to the finale.
Anytime there is more Biggest Loser I cannot and will not complain :0)
Now, tonight's Biggest Loser show..
OMG, where to start?
Ok, the video at the beginning? All I can say is "WOW!!!" It is amazing to see how far everyone has come. They have lost so much weight that they don't even look like the same people. To see the changes in them should be inspiration to everyone out there that wants to lose weight.
Heck, I have lost an amazing amount of weight and yet they still inspire me.
That is what the Biggest Loser show is so great for. You meet these people and get to know their hopes and dreams and then you see these same people (that think that these hopes and dreams are beyond their reach) make them a reality.
When everyone went to see the Dr and get their progress reports it was haw dropping moment after jaw dropping moment to see the pictures of just how large their stomachs were and to see the 'now' pictures.
To hear that Ron was too large to fit in the MRI machine when he first came to the Biggest Loser and now he had no trouble fitting in it. What a moment that must have been for Ron :0)
To see that Helen has taken 10 whole years off of her 'real age' and how skinny she was in her goal outfit and I laughed at how amazed she was at the size :0)
Tara and Mike both looked great in their goal items too.
The challenge? OMG! I remember the first week and how they all struggled to get over that 1 hill. To see them re-gain the weight that they had lost and have to carry all of that weight over 17 hills? I am absolutely speechless.
Filipe took off and Mike was right behind him. They both stayed out front for a time and then Tara found her groove and she started catching up and passing them. Was anyone really surprised?
Tara has one so many challenges. I think that she has won more challenges than anyone else that has been on Biggest Loser and she never once fell below the yellow line. That is quite an accomplishment
When Tara won the challenge both Josh and I figured that she would take the 1 pound weight loss rather than the $10,000. She just won $10,000 and with this being so close to the end we figured that the smart move would be to take the one pound weight loss advantage.
Now for the weigh in?
We were pleasantly surprised to see the big numbers that were showing up on the scale tonight.
I mean, think about it... here we are at the last of this season's Biggest Loser. These people have all lost over 100 pounds while being on the Biggest Loser ranch.
They all are in amazing shape.
Who would think that they could pull the large numbers that we just saw?
Ron lost 9 pounds? Yeh Ron! :0)
Filipe lost 10 pounds? This late in the game to lose double digits? Great job Filipe!
And with all of the weight that those two lost THEY are the ones that end up below the yellow line?

Mike seemed so certain that there was no way that he would have lost enough weight to stay above the yellow line. Josh and I both talked about how so many, when they think that there is no way, have actually lost enough weight to surprise themselves.

I think that for Mike to see that he CAN do this- he CAN lose the weight even when he thinks that he just doesn't have it in him was a life changing moment for him.

I am happy for Mike not only losing the weight but to win the $10,000 which he said will pay for another year of college for him. The Biggest Loser has been a life changing opportunity for everyone that has ever been on it and that is certainly true for Mike.

Helen has come a long way ( as they all have). I got a kick out of her fussing about how her hair was in the video at the beginning of the show was hilarious. Even funnier though was when Jillian messed Helen's hair up during the last chance workout.
Jillian brought up a good point. Helen IS in pink. Pink team members have won both of the last 2 season's of Biggest Loser.
Will pink win again this season?
After the weigh in and we knew that both Ron and Filipe were below the yellow line we knew that Mike would never put Ron's name on for him to go home. Yet, who knew how Helen or Tara would vote?
Helen mentioned about how Ron and Filipe had both put her name down to send her home at some point. I seem to remember that Helen had actually put Ron's name down before Ron ever put down Helen's name.
Now Tara? I wasn't sure how she would vote and I guess at this point we will never know.
So, Filipe was sent home. But, he has lost so much weight and he went home to teach his friends and relatives how to lose weight and get healthy too. And what better time to do so?
How awful that his Dad had a stroke but at least Filipe was there to be with him and that his Dad is going to be ok.
What a wake-up call to Filipe and all of the Tonga people.
It is wonderful to see how so many people have gone on, after learning how to lose weight and get healthy on the Biggest Loser, are passing on what they have learned. They are helping others to lose weight and get healthy too.
I am truly speechless when trying to find the words to explain how that makes me feel.

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