Friday, December 26, 2008

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February 2008

October 2008 December 2008

Here's my 'before' and 'after' pics. I am embarassed to show the 'before'pic. Not one of my prouder moments. I didn't want my picture taken but my son wanted to take it. He asked me to smile. I did but my heart wasn't in it. I knew I was overweight and hated having my picture taken. What we do for our kids, huh? :0)

The 'after' pic is much better but my face is still a little puffy due to a sinus infection but even so you can see that my double and triple chins are gone.

I do have bags under my eyes - this is from lack of sleep due to stress. But even with all of the stress I am not overeating anymore and that is a HUGE test because I have always been a 'stress eater'. When I was stressed I would stuff my face. I don't do that anymore just by using the simple steps that I have provided for you in my FREE report.

The october pic is when I started my 'testing' phase to see if the results would last. As you can see (notice that the cleft in my chin is more defined?) I have not only -not gained weight- but have lost even more. Which you would easily be able to see if I didn't have this sinus infection causing my face to swell but check out the lack of double chins and you will be able to tell.

If you can't tell from these pics you will be able to see what I am talking about in the video that I will be sharing soon

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Season 7 of the Biggest Loser...

WOW! We all are enjoying Michelle's fabulous win and there are people wondering how in the heck Heba won. And some of you may be wondering, like Natalya, if Heba won the Biggest Loser $100,000 prize by cheating- see comments from Tuesday nights blog entry to see her comment. I plan on blogging more about that soon but I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you what I have found out about season 7 of the Biggest Loser.

As you all saw from the preview we were given during the Biggest Loser finale it looks to be quite an interesting and amazing upcoming season.

I know that many of you were disappointed at the direction that the Biggest Loser took in season 6 but I think that you might want to give season 7 a try. After all it IS a whole new set of people and maybe the Biggest Loser powers-that-be have learned a little something about what the American public wants to see and won't let the Biggest Loser show go off in the nasty direction that Vicky and Heba took it for season 6.

I am especially excited to see that in season 7 of the Biggest Loser we will be seeing 3 couples from Michigan. Since I live in Michigan I am looking forward to the possibility of a fellow Michigander winning the Biggest Loser season 7.

Here they are as well as all of the other couples that we will be seeing on season 7 of the Buggest Loser tv show:

The first couple from Michigan consists of Carla Triplett who works as an assistant bank manager and is 36 years old. The second half of this team is her best friend Joelle Gwynn a non-profit founder. She is 41 and is from Southfield.

The second Michigan team is

a father and son team consisting of Ron Morelli a retired food distributor who is currently a City Councilman and is age 54. His son is Mike Morelli a student who is 18 years old and lives in South Lyon.

Okay people. We got about a foot of snow here this morning so I need to get back out and get some more shoveling done- as our tiny snow blower is notworking and probably couldn't handle this much snow even if it were working.

I'll try to post more about the other new contestants for Season 7 of the Biggest Loser when I come back in.

Later :0)

Sorry this has taken so long. It took all day to get the roof and just part of the driveway shoveled. Our snowblower is not working right now and probably would have been too small to handle this much snow anyway :0(

Still have lots more to get the driveway cleared. Normally a long driveway is nice but NOT when you have to shovel over a foot of snow by hand-UGH!!!

Ok, so I left off with the first 2 couples from Michigan that will be on the Biggest Loser season 7. Here are some more:

The 3rd, and final, Michigan couple will be a Mother and Daughter team. Helen Phillips is the mother, she is a retired retail manager and is 47 years old, from Sterling Heights. Her daughter, Shanon Thomas is a massage therapist, 29 years old and lives in Centerline.

The rest of the couples will consist of a set of Grandparents-Estella Hayes, a retired 63 year old nurse, and her husband, Gerald "Jerry" Hayes (a retired 63 year old engineer), from Wheaton,ll.

Then there are Best Friends- Daniel Wright (a 19 year old student), from Willow Spring, NC, and his best friend, David Lee (a 23 year old student), from Fuquay-Varina, NC.

Cousins- Sione Fa (a 28 year old owner of a , landscape company), from Maricopa, Ariz., and his cousin, Filipe Fa (a 26 year old lube technician),from Mesa, Ariz.

Blaine Cotter (a 27 year old college counselor),from Gilbert, Ariz., and his cousin Dane Patterson (a 27 year old real estate appraiser),from Mesa, Ariz.

There is an engaged Couple- Damien Gurganious (a 31 year old industrial designer), and his fiancee Nicole Brewer (a 37 year old wardrobe stylist),from Brooklyn, New York.

Former Models- Tara Costa (a 23 year old model/finance manager),from New York, New York, and her friend Laura Denoux (a 24 year old model/sales director),from Miami, Florida.

There is a Mother/Daughter team- Cathy Skell (a 48 year old title sales closing agent at real estate firm),from Shiocton, Wisc., and her daughter, Kristin Steede (a 28 year old business owner),from Greenville, Wisc.

Last but not least we have a team consisting of sisters- Amanda Kramer (a 30 year old Cosmetologist),from Boise, Idaho, and her sister, Aubrey Cheney (a 28 year old information and education specialist),from Gooding, Idaho.

We also found out that all of the Michigan contestants will train with Bob.

On the Biggest Loser finale they announced that this will be the biggest season ever on "The Biggest Loser" as the 11 couples weigh in at a combined 3.5 tons. That is an amazing amount of weight to be lost. This looks to be a great season on the Biggest Loser season 7 and we hope that even those of you that were disheartened by last season's nastiness will tune in and give these people a chance to win over your hearts.

Biggest Loser season 7 will have a record-setting cast, which will include the show's two oldest contestants ever, the youngest male contestant ever, the heaviest female contestant ever, and the heaviest contestant that the Biggest Loser has ever had on their tv show in the history of the Biggest Loser.

There will be one contestant on Season 7 that is 54-years-old and he weighs 430 pounds. This man has had his stomach stapled, had his jaws wired shut, and... he still has not won his battle to lose weight.

Can Biggest Loser help him? Will he lose the weight? Will he quit? or could he be the winner this season?

We will all have to watch and see as this season promises to be a good one on Biggest Loser. No matter what your age, be you male or female, there will be someone who you will identify with. Someone will find a way into your heart and you will remember how much you love the Biggest Loser and all of the good that the Biggest Loser does for so many people and all of the nastiness that we saw in season 6 will be nothing more than a memory.

Biggest Loser season 7 starts January 6th and we will be right in front of our tv getting to know, and love, this seasons contestants. We hope that you will too and that you will share your thoughts about the show and the contestants right here and vote whatever new polls that we come up with.

Don't forget to vote the polls we have going now as January 1st some of them will be done and they will move to the bottom of the page with the other closed polls. We plan to continue to poll you to see who is watching the Biggest Loser- is it skinny people? People that are a little overweight? Or people that are a lot overweight (Please get our FREE report above so that you can move to the skinny part of our poll :0)lol).

When our poll first started it seemed that there were more skinny people watching but now we are seeing that it is actually more overweight people but it is a good mix of people of all sizes.

That is because the Biggest Loser tv show is about hope and inspiration as much or more than about weight loss. When you see people weighing 3-400 pounds that can lose 100 pounds or more when nothing else has ever worked for them then you know that if they can do this that YOU can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to also! :0))

Keep checking back on My - 'Biggest Loser' - Blog for more on information on the Biggest Loser tv show. We still have more to talk about as far as whether or not Heba might have cheated and some updates on past contestants that you might be wondering about.

I need to go shovel some more but will try to be back here later with comments about the signs that Heba might have cheated as well as 1 sign that I don't believe has been brought up yet but could be a clue as to if Heba might have cheated to lose the weight in order to win the Biggest Loser $100,000 prize.

I am NOT saying that she DID. I try to tell everyone's side or view of what happens on the show. I DO include my thoughts or feelings but I sincerely want to have a blog here that will not be biased to any extreme.

If you read through all of my posts you will see that even though I did not like the way that Vicky acted I still asked that if anyone knows her and knows that she is nice to let me know. I want to try to have both sides of every story, to be as honest as I can be, try to be fair and yet also include my opinion. I want this to be a place that Biggest Loser fans can come and read, leave comments and be active members of our community. I want this to be a place that we can share our thoughts- nicely- and fill in those moments when we are a little bit Biggest Loser deprived and need a Biggest Loser fix to get us through :0)LOL

Stay tuned...... :0))

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of my questions was chosen...

WOW! I feel so SPECIAL :0))

When asked what questions we would like to ask the winner of the Biggest Loser I came up with several questions which I specifically aimed at Michelle as I felt that Michelle would ultimately be the Biggest Loser at the finale.

Well, one of my questions was chosen and here it is:
What was the best moment for you? —Michelle
Other than winning? Well, the best moment was probably my last week on campus, being able to feel strong. Even though I was physically by myself, I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew all the support I was getting from people back home, and that’s when I needed it the most. To be able to go through that week and come out on top was a huge obstacle that I've overcome.

Biggest Loser Ed- I have changed my mind....

When I wrote on here Tuesday night after the Biggest Loser finale I did not know what Ed had said. If I had known then I certainly wouldn't have said what I did.

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about....

What Ed said about Phil:
10.) What is one thing that happened behind-the-scenes that no one would know from watching the show?
Ed: Phil is a jack-off kiss ass.

I think that a comment like this just showed that Ed is on the same level of immaturity as the other 'children' that were on the Biggest Loser this season.

I liked Ed, Heba and even Vicky and Brady when they first came on the show.

Ed and Heba seemed so friendly and I remember Vicky and Brady giving the extra phone call to Phil and Amy. I was hoping that they would choose Phil and Amy as I thought that with them having an autistic child it would be good not only for them but for their son.

Then, when Ed got sent home it seemed that Heba started to change. Maybe being there on the Biggest Loser ranch 'alone' was hard for her and she didn't handle it well. I don't know. But it was at this point that I started to notice differences and my opinion of Heba, Vicky and Brady started to change.

That is also when we seemed to notice more and more that Vicky was rolling her yes and making comments. The further into the Biggest Loser season that we got the worse Vicky and Heba's behaviour became- especially Vicky but Heba had her moments too.

When Ed came back on to the Biggest Loser ranch then it seemed that Heba calmed back down but the damage to our opinion of her had already been done.

Now, I didn't like how Ed had the opportunity to send Vicky home but kept up the alliance but I knew that he didn't know what all had gone on after he had left the Biggest Loser ranch so I let it slide.

I understand that Ed only knows what Heba and Vicky told him about what transpired after he had left the Biggest Loser ranch. So, I have tried to be open minded about certain behaviours and how Ed voted after he came back on the Biggest Loser ranch.

But, this comment that Ed made is just too much.

The way that I see it, I don't believe that Phil said what Brady and Vicky accused him of.

As you remember we saw Vicky and Brady go in to Heba's room at the Biggest Loser ranch and tell her that Phil said some bad things about her.

We never saw Phil actually say anything.

Knowing what game players Vicky and Brady were I would tend to believe that they took whatever Phil might have said (if he said anything to Brady at all) and blew it all out of proportion in order to turn Heba against Phil and get her even more solidly on their side.

From then on Heba gobbled up every negative tidbit that Vicky fed her.

So I can understand, up to a point, that Ed might be happy with Phil once Heba had told him her version of what all happened on the Biggest Loser ranch after he went home.

BUT, I think that Ed's comment was just going too far.

When Ed was interviewed and said that Phil was (and I quote) a jack-off kiss ass- what was the point to that?

So Ed, this is what I think-Considering that you had already left the biggest Loser ranch to go home and would only have to see Phil for a short time for the Biggest Loser finale I would think that you could have been an adult about the whole thing. This comment was just childish and lowered everyones opinion of you. Of Vicky, Brady, Heba and you- I always thought that you stayed a notch above that whole mess but looks like you slipped in the slop and got mud on your face too.

Let me know what you think about what Ed said. Vote the polls to the left and leave comments here. Thanks! :0)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OMG! Michelle WON the Biggest Loser- Y E S!!!

Congratulations Michelle! We knew you could do this and we are SO Proud of YOU!
When Ed came on and had lost so much weight I was a little concerned. Not that I would have minded Ed winning so much as that I just REALLY wanted Michelle to win :0))
Oh, I am so overwhelmed with so much I want to say that I can't think straight :0)lol
When Vicky got up there on the Biggest Loser scale I just KNEW in my heart that she didn't get it. She lost to Ed by 1 pound
You know that that had to hurt.
Then Michelle got up there on that Biggest Loser scale for the last time and I turned to my son and I said-which I had been telling him all along but I KNEW with a certainty in that moment- "Michelle has got this. She's won"
I told my son that he had better get ready and cover his ears :0)
Michelle got weighed and I screamed and screamed with joy for her. I am so happy that she won the Biggest Loser. She is so deserving of this
She looked so good and so happy. I was really glad to see that her and Renee are still close.
Michelle is very lucky. She has a mother and father that love her very much, she's lost the weight and won the Biggest Loser $250,000
Who wouldn't want to be in her shoes right now? :0)
Michelle worked really hard and all of her hard work paid off.
I think that Ed did really well too. I have to admit that my son and I felt a bit sorry for him when they were showing all of the food being passed in front of his nose and him having to cook food and still lose weight? Oh, the torture! :0)
But, considering everything he did pretty good and lost quite a bit. He actually lost more weight than I would have expected.
As for Vicky? She lost quite a bit of weight but I think that her coming so close and then losing being the Biggest Loser when she wanted it so much was karma coming up and biting her in the butt.
Speaking of karma... did you notice that the only 2 women that slipped and almost fell were Vicky and Heba?
I must say that when we saw Heba we were so glad that we had voted for Ed rather than Heba because I have to wonder if Heba might have won the Biggest Loser. I haven't checked the numbers yet but I will let you know when I do.
From being the biggest woman on the Biggest Loser ranch Heba had lost an awful lot of weight. She looked really good and seemed to be nicer like she was when she first came on the Biggest Loser tv show.
I thought that the weigh in for the Biggest Loser $100,000 prize was even more dramatic than the weigh in for the Biggest Loser $250,000 prize.
We saw some absolutely AMAZING weight loss results for everyone on the Biggest Loser finale tonight and I have a lot more that I want to say about this but I am really tired so that's it for tonight. I will be blogging more about this probably tomorrow night.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Biggest Loser finale is tomorrow night!!!

Yes, the Biggest Loser finale is tomorrow night and I am getting very excited about it. I cannot wait to see who wins the Biggest Loser grand prize of $250,000
I expect it to be Michelle :0) She has shown consistently high weight loss numbers. I also know that she has been exercising since leaving the Biggest Loser ranch.
Now Vicky is another matter. Like many of you, I really don't want her to win. But I don't think that she has a good chance at doing so. Even with all of the extra exercise time that the Biggest Loser tv show portrayed her as putting in, Vicky still did not have big weight loss numbers as consistantly as Michelle did
Then you add to that the fact that Vicky broke her ankle and has been on crutches for a big portion of the time since she left the Biggest Loser ranch and I just don't see Vicky winning.
Maybe that's wishful thinking? I don't know but I am praying that the person that wins that much money actually deserves it and Michelle definitely deserves to win and be the Biggest Loser.
I know Vicky has been talking about not wanting to, but probably needing to, wear a boot for the Biggest Loser finale. So, I think that karma will be taking care of making sure that Vicky will not be the Biggest Loser.
As for Ed and Heba? I really liked them when they first came on but I have chnaged my mind after seeing how Heba acted while Ed was off the Biggest Lose ranch.
O also think that it was selfish of Heba to be asking us to vote for her instead of Ed. I thought that his request was unselfish up until Heba asked us to vote for her. Then it just seemed to take away from the sacrifice that I thought that Ed had been making.
Add to that the fact that if Heba loved Ed you would think that she would have been asking us to vote for him.
I am totally disallusioned and disgusted by both of them at this point.
Btw, notice to the right that we now offer Jillian's weight loss program. I am pretty excited that we were accepted and can now offer you this.
This blog is not just about the Biggest Loser tv show but also to help those people that want to lose weight so that they can achieve their weight loss goals

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Which Biggest Loser home contestants will win?

The poll results for the question asking which Biggest Loser home contestant do you think will win the results are all over the board. But, the majority of votes have been between these three Biggest Loser contestants that have been sent home to finish their weight loss journey:
Coleen 30%
Renee 25%
Amy C 27%

As you can see it is a very close call between these three. But, even though the rest of the Biggest Loser home contestants do not have the votes on our poll does not mean that they are out of the running.

We know that Coleen's dad Jerry, when he left the Biggest Loser ranch, went on to lose an amazing amount of weight.

When Coleen and Jerry decided for him to be the one to leave the Biggest Loser ranch we were very concerned. Jerry had a lot of health problems while he was at the Biggest Loser ranch with all of the doctors and everyone there to help him lose weight. Considering how precarious his health was while under doctors care we were worried about how well he would do trying to lose the weight at home without all of the supervision that he had at Biggest Loser.

But, when they gave his update we were pleasantly surprised to see that not only had he lost a lot of weight but he had also been able to get rid of some of the health problems that he had been suffering with at the Biggest Loser ranch.

Tom- Lt's dad & Adam- Stacey's husband
I see that no one has voted has voted for either one of these contestants. But no votes in the poll does not mean that they can be discounted. They may surprise us all when we see them on the Biggest Loser finale on Tuesday night.

When Biggest Loser voted off contestants came back for the chance to be able to come back on the Biggest Loser ranch Stacey had lost a lot of weight. She looked great and she surprised us all with her determination to win the challenge even though she had already said that she didn't know if she even wanted to come back on the Biggest Loser ranch at all with how things had changed.

I got to say that if Stacy can put her heart and soul into winning a challenge when she is not even certain that she wants to win the prize then how determined will she be when she actually does want to win the prize and we all have to know that she will want to win the Biggest Loser $100,000 home contest.

Shellay had lost a lot of weight when she came back for the challenge. Since then she has seemed to be in hiding. I say this because- unlike her daughter Amy- we haven't seen her on tv shows, nor have there been any more recent photos of her that might give away how she is doing on her weight loss journey. Is this strategy? or just coincidence?

Phillip and his wife Amy-
Amy has only 3% of the poll votes but I can tell you that I know that Amy P has lost an amazing amount of weight. You would hardly recognize her from her pictures and that was from a few weeks ago so how much more has she lost? Hmmm...

Phillip has 9% of the votes and seems to be pretty determined. I could see him winning the Biggest Loser home contest just to spite Vicky, Brady, Heba & Ed.

Now it is time to debate about those top three Biggest Loser home contestants :0)


Renee is right smack dab in the middle at 25%. She was on the Biggest Loser ranch the longest out of these three people. Being on the Biggest Loser ranch the longest she had Jillian pushing her as well as the time to learn the most about proper nutrition and exercise. This could possibly give her an edge. It is hard to say for sure as she too has kept out of the limelight. I have not heard anything nor have I seen any recent pictures that might give us a clue.

Amy C-
Amy Cremen was on the Biggest Loser ranch longer than Coleen but less time than Renee. Yet her poll results are higher than Renee's and less than Coleen's. I have seen Amy on the Today show and have seen recent pictures of her. She was down to a size 6 last I knew.

Amy Cremen herself has said that she feels that the Biggest Loser home contest will be between her and Phillip's wife Amy P.

Coleen was on the Biggest Loser ranch for the shortest time of these three but she seemed to lose pretty consistently if not always huge numbers. From her pictures I know that Coleen has lost a lot of weight.

Why do we vote the Biggest Loser contestants that we do? Looking at the poll votes I think that it looks like we all seem to vote more for the contestants that were on the biggest Loser ranch the longest.

Why is this? Is it because we see how well they are doing so we have more confidence in their weight loss abilities

Or, is it just because we get to know them the most and so we get attached to them and just HOPE that they will win?

I don't know why exactly we tend to vote more for those Biggest Loser contestants that were on there the longest but I tend to think that it is more about getting attached to certain Biggest Loser contestants.

Personally, I like pretty much all of the Biggest Loser home contestants. I am friends with most of them and would find it very difficult to choose between them. The only one that I can think of that I would really rather not see win the Biggest Loser home contest would be Brady as he was part of that whole Vicky/Heba/Brady drama.

Just as I would rather not see Vicky or Heba win but mostly Vicky. I just can't get past everything that we have seen and heard both on the show and her awful story about the maggots in the sink. I asked that anyone that Knows Vicky and says that she is nice to comment and convince me. No one has.

I really like Coleen, Jerry, Renee, Amy Cremen, Stacey, Lt, Amy P and Phillip.
Amy Cremen is the Biggest Loser contestant that was making a dream of mine come true.
Amy had asked me to make her a shawl that she was to use when she went to the Biggest Loser finale. I was so excited. But, due to circumstances beyond my control she will not be wearing the shawl at to the finale after all.

The first problem came in that the colors that Amy wanted, though they weren't anything elaborate, were very hard to find.

Our local Walmart had just gotten rid of most of their yarn and crafts. I spent 5 hours on one day alone calling pretty much every store in the thumb of Michigan trying to find the yarn that I needed for Amy's shawl but to no avail.

I spent hours every day for 5 days searching internet sites and calling their stores to confirm availability of the yarn.

No such luck.

Finally 6 desperate days of searching later we were able to go to Port Huron with friends, which is a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive from our place under normal driving conditions.

This was not a normal day. I had something uptown the night before that made me sick. I was sicker than a dog all night the night before.

Knowing that I had to have this yarn so that I could fulfill my dream I pushed myself and went anyway.

We were supposed to get snow that day but it was only supposed to be a few inches and was not supposed to happen until that evening.


While we were in Port Huron that day it started snowing and the roads became very slick. It was on the way home that trouble struck. We were in an accident.I was the only one to get hurt- thank God! :0) Not that I am happy that I was hurt but it could have been much worse and I am thankful that it wasn't

I hurt my back, got whiplash and hit my head on the window. I have been in pain all week and yet I have pushed myself to get the shawl done.

It is BEAUTIFUL! :0)

But, I am very disappointed that because of all of these things and that (for some reason) Amy was not getting my emails and so I was unable to get the shawl to her in time as she left for LA on Friday.

It is very hard to go from the highest of highs of seeing a dream come true to having my hopes dashed. Yes, Amy still wants the shawl so that is good. But, I had built this up in my mind that Amy would wear the shawl to the Biggest Loser finale and someone would see it and that my other dream of having my creations in a boutique would come true.

I suppose that this dream could still happen but right now I feel that this was my one shot and that fate conspired to keep me from it.

Some might say that it wasn't meant to be then. But, when you come so close to having your dream fulfilled just to have the rug yanked out from under your feet it is hard to stand back and just say "Oh well, it wasn't meant to be"

Anyway, that's all for now. I will update later with some pictures of the shawl but I feel that it is only right to wait until Amy has seen the shawl before everyone else sees it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Biggest Loser season finale is just days away....

It won't be long and it will be Tuesday night and as Biggest Loser fans we will be sitting in front of our tv to watch this season's Biggest Loser finale.
All of the contestants are already in LA. Three of the big questions that are on the mind of every Biggest Loser fan are:
1. Who will be the Biggest Loser 3rd finalist?
2. Who will be the Biggest Loser home $100,000 winner?
3. Who will be the Biggest Loser ranch $250,000 winner?
If our polls are any indication it looks like
Ed should be the 3rd finalist
the home contestant winner looks to be a close call between Amy C, Coleen and Renee. As of this writing it looks like Coleen is slightly ahead.
Will Coleen be the Biggest Loser winner? Possibly.
Will Amy C. be the Biggest Loser home contestant winner?
Will it be Renee?
Or maybe one of the other contestants will surprise us and be the Biggest Loser home contestant winner.
Now, the BIG question- Who will be the Biggest Loser $250,000 winner?
Our poll indicates a HUGE lead showing Michelle to be the predicted winner.
Come Tuesday night's Biggest Loser season finale we will find out the answers to the questions and we will be able to see how good you all were at predicting the winners when answering our polls.
This should definitely be interesting :0)
Like most of you we will be hoping and praying that Michelle will win the Biggest Loser and take home the $250,000. She has shown nothing but class all the while working through some very emotional issues with her mother Renee and has worked so hard at losing the weight while changing her life.
No matter what happens on the Biggest Loser finale Michelle is a winner with us :0)
It is late and I am tired. I will blog more tomorrow and maybe touch more on which home contestant we hope will win the Biggest Loser $100,000

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vicky is Actually a Nice Person....

Ok, I'm not saying that she is. But, SOMEONE has voted that she is in our poll to the right.

So, I am wondering if that person visits again- could you please leave a comment? Let us know if you actually do know Vicky and for how long. Tell us why you think that Vicky is actually a nice person.

I have watched the Biggest Loser from the beginning and there has never been a contestant that I did not like as much as I do not like Vicky this season. Or rather, I don't like her behaviour.

I have tried to remain as impartial as possible and to give her the benefit of the doubt. Her behaviour has created a lot of anger in a lot of people and I must say that I have been one of them. Though I won't go to the extreme that many other Biggest Loser fans have by sending Vicky hate mail and harassing her over the phone.

I don't wish her dead- though, from what I am seeing and hearing out there, there are people who do feel that way.

I am mainly upset that she has treated the other contestants the way that she has and I am concerned about the values that she may be teaching her children.

Now I understand that Biggest Loser is a tv show and it is a game and the possibility does exist that Biggest Loser could be biased.

BUT, as I have said before, I don't believe that Biggest Loser made Vicky say those things or act that way.

Sure, Biggest Loser may have taken advantage and concentrated more on Vicky's bad behaviour in order to boost ratings. But the fact remains that even if all of the awful things that we have seen and heard were condensed down from 1 weeks worth of bad behaviour it still seems pretty bad.

I think what bothered me the most was when Vicky said that the prize wasn't worth the effort of the challenge when the prize was the opportunity to see videos from home.... videos of her own children.

As a mother I cannot fathom being away from my son for 2 months and then when given the opportunity to see him and hear his voice say "No, it's not worth it"

I can understand wanting to win the Biggest Loser and win the money but I do not believe that I would make un-sportsman-like comments when others are getting weighed and all of the other things that we have seen Vicky do this season.

I am trying to remain open minded, so please- if you actually know Vicky and she is nice then leave a comment and explain. Try to convince me :0)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ed's love for his wife may be his undoing....

Thinking about last night's Biggest Loser show I have been mulling over this scenario:

What if Ed hadn't thrown the weigh in for his wife?

Then it would have been Heba and Vicky below the yellow line. Considering how everyone feels about Vicky I have no doubts that it would have been Heba as the 3rd finalist. Vicky would have gotten her walking papers- so to speak- at the finale.

Ohhh, the glory of it!

This would have given Ed and Heba 2 chances at the $250,000 instead of just one. Not a good move you two. You just threw away a second chance like it was nothing.

But, this could work out even better when you think it through.

Imagine this: Vicky is so smug because she knows that she is one of the finalists. She is so sure, in her mind, that she has this won. I can see her smirk now....

Now imagine her amazement when she doesn't win after being so close to the brass ring.

She will be so mad! I could see her having a temper tantrum, like a 2 year old, right there on national tv.

What goes around comes around and I would think that for her to be at the finale and then lose would be even more painful for her than to not even be one of the final 3. So close and yet so far :0)

With Vicky's broken ankle she won't be able to exercise as much. Even though she is no longer on crutches she still has to wear a boot. We have less than a week till the finale. Do you really think that she has been able to work out for hours a day with a broken ankle and while on crutches?

I wouldn't think so.

Here are the remaining four contestant's current percentages of weight loss:
Michelle 33.06%
Vicky 30.89%
Heba 28.57%
Ed 24.78%
Looking at the weight loss percentages, Michelle's percentage is much higher than Vicky with Heba coming in 3rd and Ed coming in last at less than 25 percent to Michelle's over 33 percent weight loss.

If Ed is the 3rd finalist do you really think he can beat Michelle's consistently high numbers? I don't believe so. I think that Michelle has this. Now it could be wishful thinking but I really feel good about Michelle winning the Biggest Loser $250,000.

Now, did you notice how Michelle hugged Vicky when she got off of the scale but absolutely no blue team members said anything encouraging when Michelle got weighed?

Jillian was the only person there to congratulate Michelle for the great job she did.

I also didn't like the whole jumping on the bed scene by the blue team. I know that they have been behaving like 2 year olds but do they really have to jump on the beds like 2 year olds at their age and size?

Usually I cry and get all sad when the members go home before the finale. It is like saying goodbye to good friends. But last night I only felt sadness about not seeing Michelle every week. I will not miss the drama of the blue team and I most certainly will not miss Vicky's bad attitude, rolling eyes and foul mouth.

Figuring that good wins out over evil and what goes around comes around- I have to wonder if fate (God, or whatever) is conspiring to keep Vicky from winning the money after her atrocious behaviour.
What do you think? Let me know.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things didn't go Quite the way we'd hoped....

Well, we watched the Biggest Loser tonight in hopes that Michelle would do well and we would be given the opportunity to vote to send Vicky home.

Thankfully Michelle did very well and we are so happy that she will be going to the finale. She lost an amazing 9 pounds! WOW!

Great job Michelle. We are rooting for you to win the Biggest Loser $250,000

Now, as for being able to send Vicky home as you all know that isn't going to happen. But, I have heard that Vicky broke her ankle so, for those of us that really don't want Vicky to win the Biggest Loser, this could help keep Vicky from winning.

As far as who we should vote for-Ed or Heba?

My son and I have debating the pros and cons of both.

-Ed has been under the yellow line, on average, once every three weeks since they have been at the Biggest Loser ranch.

-Heba has lost pretty consistant big numbers

-Even Bob said that Ed gaining 2 lbs was gameplay. If Ed and Heba both want for Heba to be the one to go to the Biggest Loser finale as one of the contestants in line for winning the $250,000 then we are of the mind that we should give them the exact opposite of what they want.

- Ed didn't lose big numbers while on the Biggest Loser ranch and since he had to have emergency surgery to repair a hernia I think that this will slow him down even more.

- Just because Heba and Ed both want Heba to be the 3rd finalist I am inclined to not give Heba what she wants :0)LOL

- Since Ed so unselfishly was willing to give up his opportunity to be the Biggest Loser to his wife I am inclined to think better of him than Heba after the way that she has been acting on the show

Trying to take all of that into consideration, we are voting to keep Ed as the 3rd finalist. If you have a different take on this then please leave a comment and let us know.

We have until Monday to vote but we want to be sure that we don't miss out so we think everyone should have their vote in by Sunday night to be on the safe side.

Not sure where to vote?
Here is the link -Vote for the 3rd Biggest Loser finalist
You can vote up to 10 times

How about that box that Ali brought in for them to open? Before they opened it my son said "Maybe it's a box to ship Vicky home"
I loved that! :0)LOL
While tonight didn't have the exact ending we have all been hoping for it still was pretty good.
Most of us have been hoping that Michelle would go to the finale and win it. Well, she is definitely one of the 3 finalists. That is so great!
Yes, our worst nightmare has come true- Vicky is one of the Biggest Loser final 3. BUT, with a broken ankle it should put her at a disadvantage.
I just found out that Vicky is off the crutches and wearing a boot. With 1 week to go to the finale I would think that chances are good that Vicky's ankle might actually be her Achilles heel

Could Tonight be THE Night???

Hi All,
Sorry that I haven't been blogging as much recently. I was in an accident and have been in a lot of pain.

I am also working on something for one of the Biggest Loser contestants (which I am keeping secret until the 16th- after the Biggest Loser finale show for season 6). I am very excited to be given such an opportunity. I want to thank this contestant for making one of my dreams come true :0)

Anyway, I thought that the video about Vicky was hilarious. After everything that she has said and done it was good to have the opportunity to just laugh and release some of the frustration I have been feeling about how Vicky has been treating the other Biggest Loser contestants.

I cannot believe the awful things that she has been saying about the Biggest Loser and the fact that week after week we have all been watching in hopes of finally seeing Vicky sent home only to have to endure another week with her being on the Biggest Loser tv show. I can only hope that tonight is the night that Vicky gets her comeuppance.

I hope that you all got a bit of a chuckle out of the video too.

Well, tonight is THE night!!!

America gets to vote :0)YEAH!

I cannot wait to see what happens on the Biggest Loser tonight. Whatever the outcome I am hoping that we finally see the end to Vicky's nastiness bu her being sent home. And I am also hoping that whatever the scale shows tonight that Michelle will be one of the final 3 and will ultimately be the Biggest Loser! :0)

She deserves it.

I'll be blogging more tonight after the Biggest Loser gets done. In the meantime I have everything crossed that I possibly can- makes it hard to type :0)LOL - that Vicky goes home. I would hate to see her win the Biggest Loser and get all of that money after her atrocious behaviour.

After her bad sportsmanlike behaviour and bad attitude I would hate to see her be rewarded and be put before America as a role model for us all-UGH!

Let me know what you thought about the video, your hopes for tonight's show and the Biggest Loser finale. I appreciate your comments as long as they are clean and nice
Till Later-TTFN :0)

P.S.: Don't forget to vote the polls on the right. I have moved the ended ones to the bottom so you can still see them but they aren't mixed in with the active ones.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Tell All Video Reveals the Truth About Vicky!

OMG, if you are a Biggest Loser fan you will want to watch this new video about Vicky. Amazing video has a surprise ending that reveals the truth!
Watch it now and find out why Vicky is the way that she is.
Tell All Video about Vicky


This is to let you know that you can now Tell A Friend about 'My Biggest Loser Blog' with the new form at the bottom of the page.

I have also added a gadget for you to find out your body's fat percentage by filling in the answers to a few simple questions. This gadget is used by the YMCA.

And you can get a full body analysis too :0)

Hope you like the new additions and don't forget that you can subscribe so that you know right away every time that I add a new post.

Thank you for the nice comments, they are appreciated :0)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vicky - villan or victim?

In seeing all of the horrible comments about Vicky and a few comments sticking up for her I decided to give Vicky the benefit of the doubt and check out her myspace page and blogs.

You can check my statements out for yourself at her myspace page. Her username is biggestloservicky

Vicky says on her myspace blog about how it was all editing and she can't stand to watch how the Biggest Loser portrayed her.

She says that she never said all of those things and that she hugged everyone when they left. Vicky says that Biggest Loser took everything out of context. That none of how she was portrayed is true.

Then she goes on to slam Biggest Loser saying about cockroaches and finding 2 inches of maggots in the sink.I don't believe a word of it. She can not claim that she's nice with one breath and then spew the vile crap that she is in the next breath.

Biggest Loser has shown video of the kitchen at the ranch. There has never been a time when it has looked anything but clean.

Vicky says that she was washing dishes and found 2 inches of maggots in the bottom of the sink.

First of all, I would think that it would take quite a while to have that many maggots build up.

Secondly,I would think that if there were any maggots- especially that many- that you would see them floating in the water before getting down to the bottom of the sink- wouldn't you?

Thirdly, I would think that for there to be that many maggots you would have to have a horrible odor and a serious fly problem. I have not seen any flies and I watch every episode.

I mean, I am no maggot expert- and don't want to be, but I would think that logic would say that the statements I make above should be true.

I find it highly telling that Vicky is the only one that is saying these things.

Sorry Vicky I just don't believe it.

Biggest Loser cannot put words in your mouth.
They cannot make you roll your eyes
and Biggest Loser cannot make you have the body language that you yourself portray.

And if you were a truly nice person, like you are trying to convince us you are, you wouldn't be spouting lies about 2 inches of maggots in the sink!

I just do not believe that to be true.

I'd be careful of things like that because Biggest Loser could go after you for slander and libel.

I think that you have a hard enough hill to climb to overcome the way America feels about you after what they have seen and heard. I don't think your reputation could handle the extra burden of being sued by the Biggest Loser.

Vicky, I really did try to give you the benefit of the doubt. You might have been able to convince me if you hadn't had the blog posts about Biggest Loser having maggots and roaches.

Even then, if what you said had seemed reasonable, but TWO INCHES of maggots seems more a way of getting back at the Biggest Loser for showing you as you are. As the old saying goes 'the truth hurts'.

Maybe you want to remember yourself as not saying those things and hugging the other contestants as they left because it is easier than facing the truth. I know that as human beings we tend to forget the bad and remember things as being much better than they actually were.

I hope that you will take this as the constructive criticism that it is meant to be and make some changes. It's great to show your kids how to be healthy and have good eating habits. But, you also need to show them about being a good sport, human decency and kindness.

Help me out here.....I have a question about Biggest Loser...

I have a question that I would really like answered. Recently I read somewhere that skinny people don't watch Biggest Loser that only people that are overweight watch it.

I disagree with that. My son is skinny but he enjoys watching Biggest Loser with me. I have recently lost a lot of weight but I still love watching the Biggest Loser. Even when I am skinny I will still love to watch Biggest Loser....won't I?

I'm sure that I will :0)

Anyway, this has me wondering if this could be true. So, I have started a poll that will go until the end of the year. Please tell all of your Biggest Loser watching friends so that they can come and vote my poll. I would like to get a really good indication of whether or not it is true that skinny people don't watch Biggest Loser.

Can't wait to see how this poll turns out :0)


Don't eat too many cookies or drink too much eggnog. And didn't you know that fruitcake is a perfect food? Sure, it has fruit, nuts, grains and by the way most people talk about it, it doesn't sound like something most people would binge on.

Viola..... the perfect food :0)LOL
Till next time

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a heartbreaking week...

Like so many of you, my son & I have been hoping that Michelle & Renee would be able to go to the finale together. So tonight was very difficult. When we saw Renee fall below the yellow line we were pretty sure that Renee would be the one that would get sent home.
Even though we were fairly certain we did have some hope. Knowing what a 'player' Vicky is we wondered if she would realize that Ed was the bigger threat and would send him home and surprise everyone.
When Vicky said that she would show her vote and that then she wanted to say something my son & I were certain that she must be going to sent Ed home.
After all, what reason would she need to say something about the reason for her vote if she were sending Renee home?
So, when Vicky showed her vote to send Renee home our heart dropped to our feet. I was crying right along with Michelle & Renee. I'm sure that I wasn't the only one either.
Right from the start of this season Michelle & Renee have been there to lose weight, get healthy and rebuild their relationship. I have never seen either of them be anything but good sports throughout all of the drama that this season has had.
Tonight it seemed that Vicky was- dare I say it? Nicer? She seemed more emotional too. Maybe it was game play or maybe not.
Remember last season, Mark went off on his brother Jay. Due to that and other reasons I did not like Mark after that.
Then came the turning point. Mark became more emotional and actually started to be nice :0)
I know a lot of people got really tired of all of his crying- we did too- but it was good to see him change and become a better person.
I know that most of you really want Vicky to go home and I must say that I still agree. This late in the game it just seems that even if it is real remorse over her behaviour it is probably too little too late. That's if her actions tonight were on the up and up and her tears were real and heart felt.
Personally, with Renee gone my son & I have only 1 person that we are really voting for. We want Michelle to win.
I liked Heba and Ed when they first came on but with the way that Heba has acted I just don't feel that Heba deserves to win as much as what Michelle does. If Ed wins then Heba still benefits and even though her behaviour hasn't been as bad as Vicky's it has still been pretty bad.
On the other hand, looking at the lesser of two evils I must say that if it comes down to it I would rather Heba get the money over Vicky any day.
Now, the big twist that we found out tonight we know that America gets to vote who will be the 3rd person in the finals. If Biggest Loser does this right they should have that America votes who goes home out of all four of the contestants. That way we don't have to worry about Vicky falling below the yellow line in order to send her home.
The reason I say this is because from everything I have seen and heard I know that probably about 99% of America wants Vicky to go home. So, I am sure that given the chance that America will be voting to send Vicky home.
Whatever happens, I know that we will be voting to be sure that Michelle stays on the Biggest Loser ranch and, if possible, that Vicky will be going home.
In 2 weeks we will find out who the Biggest Loser is. That moment is bittersweet. On one hand I cannot wait to find out. On the other hand that means not getting to see our favorites on the show any more and having to wait for the new season to start.
Ahhh, the emotional rollercoaster ride of the Biggest Loser addict :0)

New Poll & I can't wait for tonight...

Ok, the results are in and Michelle is the hands down favorite to win the Biggest Loser ranch prize. Her mother, Renee, did well but Michelle is way out ahead of her.
Amy had 1 vote and no one else had any.
Tonight is the big night- You know- it's Biggest Loser night :0)
I cannot wait to see it. I hope Michelle & Renee both do well like last week and get to stay on the show.
I'll blog more later after the Biggest Loser is done.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hate Mail & Harassing Phone Calls?

I just found out from Biggest Loser contestant Stacey that certain members of the show have been getting hate mail and harassing phone calls.

Now, I do understand that we can get caught up in the Biggest Loser tv show. We meet these people, hear their hopes & dreams and see them struggle to achieve these dreams. When they laugh, we laugh. When they cry, we cry. We feel their heartache and feel their pain. They are invited into our homes every week like cherished guests and become like family to us.

This is what is so amazing about the Biggest Loser tv show. How many reality shows out there can make us empathize with their contestants like this?

But, there comes a point where some people can go too far.

I understand how angry everyone is with Vicky, Brady and Heba. What we have seen portrayed on the Biggest Loser is one example after another of bad sportmanship and just mean & nasty behaviour by these three.

I have said before that even if Biggest Loser is biased that they fact remains that these people have said and done the things shown and I still feel that way. BUT, we also have to realize that these parts are pulled out of context during a weeks worth of filming. We also need to remember that being away from family & friends, exercising to the point of exhaustion and trying to work through the painfult things from our past that may have caused us to get to this point in our life could bring out the worst in most of us. We could say and do things that we later might regret and would rather not have had the world seeing them and later shoving them in our face.

What I am getting at is this:
It's ok to like some contestants better than others and to dislike certain people because of their behaviour but the bottom line is this is just a tv show- we don't really know these people and once this season is done most of us probably will never see these people again.

To go so far as to be sending hate mail and to be torturing these people with harassing phone calls is going too far.

Ok, if you are upset with the direction of the show- let Biggest Loser know what parts you don't like and what you do like. In this way you can have a positive influence to be sure that this might not happen again. This is using your feelings in a constructive manner instead of destructive.

If you are that upset then change the channel and wait till season 7 to come back to watch Biggest Loser.

As with anything in life, we have the choice to take what we like from what happens and remember it with joy.

And we have the choice to leave that which we don't like behind and just get on with our life.

Enjoy the good and forget the bad. Life is too short to get so worked up like this.

Is Vicky's behaviour something that we will remember 5, 10 years from now? Is it really that important?

It might feel pretty important right now in the heat of the moment but when push comes to shove and we get 5 or 10 years down the road we probably won't even remember Vicky's name or anything that she has done or said.

So, when Vicky gets to you just take a deep breath and remember- This too shall pass :0)

As for me? I can't wait till tuesdays Biggest Loser show. If Vicky falls below the yellow line I am sure that she will be going home and then everyone can relax and let go of all of this anger that is being bandied about on the net about her

And if she doesn't? Well, there is always next week ;0)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Amy & Phillip, we are praying for you....and the World! :0)

I just finished reading Amy P's blog and I have to say that I am apalled at some of the things that people have been saying about this couple.

Since the Biggest Loser first came on tv it has had parents leave their children, come to the ranch to get healthy and lose weight both for their children and themselves.

I have never thought badly of these people for doing this. I applaud them the strength that it takes to do this.

Leaving their children with loved one's to be able to add years to the time that they will be here for their children and to be able to then pass on to their kids the knowledge that they gain so that their children have the opportunity to avoid the same mistakes, is a wonderful legacy.

How could anyone say that doing this is being a bad parent?

And yet, Amy talks about how people have accused her and Phillip of abandoning their children and only loving their autistic son Rhett.

That is hogwash! My son and I can see very clearly the love that these parents have for all of their children. They left their children with a trusted family member to spend the summer with their cousins doing fun things like camping, hiking and playing.

This doesn't sound like being bad parents to me?!

I would say that if there were anyone that has ever been on the show that I would take a second look at for being a bad parent it would not be Amy and Phillip.

I will not say who I am thinking of but I am sure that many of you have had the same thoughts as I have. I have seen many expressing the same concerns about this woman and it sure is NOT Amy P.

So Amy I am sorry that people have hurt you by their unkind and thoughtless words. I want you to know that we are praying for your family, as you requested.

On this Thanksgiving Day here in Michigan USA, we are praying for the world. We pray for an improvement in the economy and that there might be peace and that the Biggest Loser will survive the blow that this season has dealt to their ratings due to a certain someone we all know and......well, you can fill in the blank :0)

I am thankful for my son, being alive, family, friends, having a roof over our head, food to eat, clothes to wear, heat and all of the other things that we all tend to take for granted in our busy day to day life.

May you all be surrounded by love, never know hunger and enjoy great health.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a H U G E Mistake!

As I tried to go to sleep last night I was running scenarios through my mind of how things might have went if Amy had just voted Vicky off instead of Coleen.
Think about this:
With Vicky gone we would then have a mother/daughter team, a husband/ wife team and 2 singles (Coleen and Amy). This would put things pretty evenly matched.
Then you take into consideration that last night on the Biggest Loser we had Amy and Heba below the yellow line.
Now, if Amy had voted off Vicky then I believe that she would have had Michelle, Renee & Coleen all voting to keep her on the show. Of course Ed would have voted to keep his wife Heba on but the votes would have been 3 for Heba to go home and only 1 for Amy to go home.
Thus, Heba would have had to leave the Biggest Loser ranch and Amy would have stayed.
Taking it a step further: I believe, seeing how Ed seems to be having so much trouble, that it is a good possibility that Ed might have been below the yellow line next week- especially with Heba not there to keep after him.
No matter who would have fallen below the yellow line with Ed I am sure that if he did fall below the yellow line that he would have been the one to go home as I feel that all four of the others would have voted for him to go home.
This would have left us with Michelle, Renee, Coleen and Amy as the final four and I personally would not have minded to see any one of those four win the money.
Instead, because Amy sent Coleen home, she ended up gong home. Now here we are facing the possibility that Vicky could actually win the money.
I shudder at the thought.
It is funny (not funny HaHa, but funny ironic) that one mistake, like not sending Vicky home when Amy had the chance, could have cost Amy the $250,000. There is no guarantee that she would have been the winner but now she is not even in the running for the Biggest Loser house prize simply because she made 1 wrong decision.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Any surprises on the biggest Loser tonight? Not really.

I could not believe the way that they blue team ganged up on the black team tonight. The way that they picked off Michelle and then Renee was just awful. It made me think about how the blue team last season ganged up on Kelly and Ali. We all saw how that turned out.

What goes around comes around and I am sure that this blue team will see the same end result as what the blue team did last season.

What ever happened to good sportsmanship and fair play?

I have seen the black team tell members of the blue team "Good job" when someone lost a large amount of weight. But tonight, when Michelle and Renee did such a great job was there anyone on the blue team big enough to tell them "Good job"? NO!

I've been pretty sure all week that Amy would probably be going home tonight. Not that I am happy about it but I could see the way the winds blowing and once Amy voted to keep Vicky on it was just a matter of time before Vicky made sure that Amy went home.

I too have been a trusting person and I have learnt the hard way that many people just cannot be trusted no matter who they are. Even family or friends of many years can turn on you with no apparent reason. When money is involved there is an even greater risk as money can do funny things to people. It is sad because we should put family and friends first. We should homor our word and be able to trust others to do the same.

Alas, that is not the world we live in today. It is sad but it is true.

I was a bit concerned about Michelle & Renee but My God they did AWESOME!!!

I was so happy when Renee got her 8 pound loss and was safe. Then came Michelle's turn and I was hoping and praying that she would have at least an 8 pound loss too.

I told my son that he had better cover his ears when they showed Michelle's weight loss and sure enough I was jumping around, screaming, laughing.

10 lbs.... TEN POUNDS!!!! We are so proud of you Michelle and Renee. You have worked hard and you have done such an awesome job and all the while you have done nothing but shown class.

OMG! This was an EXCELLENT show. I would have much prefered to see Vicky going home but to see Michelle and Renee safe and getting to stay on the ranch was wonderful.
I feel bad for Amy but we all saw it coming. There is no way that Vicky would vote to keep Amy there after she sent Brady home.

But, did you see that Vicky actually did consider sending Heba home? All the time that they have been on the ranch together, on the same team and when push came to shove she actually thought about sending Heba home?

Vicky is only out for Vicky and anyone that gets in her way had better watch out.
Ok so, Renee and Michelle are there for at least another week. I am hoping that next week Vicky will fall below the yellow line again, and that this time, the mother/daughter team and the husband/wife team will send Vicky packing!

Is the Biggest Loser tv show biased?

My son and I have been talking about how some people are saying that the Biggest Loser tv show is biased. That they are showing bad things to make Vicky and Heba look bad and for drama.

We have come to the conclusion that even IF Biggest Loser IS being biased for ratings, or whatever, that they would not have the ammunition to do so if Vicky and Heba were not actually saying and doing these things. Biggest Loser cannot produce video of these hateful acts and these words coming out of their mouths if they never said them.

So, even if Biggest Loser were being biased the fact remains that Vicky and Heba have acted like this at some point during the week and they have said these things. As far as we are concerned, biase on Biggest Loser's part does not negate the fact that Vicky and Heba need to learn some basic human decency and to grow up.

Yes, money brings out the worst in a lot of people and here we have been seeing some prime examples of that fact. Should Biggest Loser have tried to capitalized on the behaviour of Vicky and Heba? I could see showing a little of it on the show but maybe the worst parts should be put on their site as bonus video for those who would choose to view it?

This way watching the Biggest Loser tv show would give you the idea that all is not well with Vicky and Heba but the controversy would not be pushed down the throats of people that are just watching to get inspiration & hope and that do not want to see all of this drama.

Personally the drama has not bothered me. Let me rephrase that, the fact that the Biggest Loser has aired all of this drama has not bothered me as much as the fact that these 2 women are actually acting like this.

I would rather see the truth of how the contestants are so that I know that I am cheering on the people that deserve to have us cheering them on and that they are the ones that really deserve to win the money.

On the other hand I can see that there are a lot of people that are very upset about Biggest Loser showing all of this drama on tv. Many people watch this family show with their children and don't like their kids seeing this kind of behaviour.

As for myself? I think that children will see this behaviour throughout their life and what better way to show them how not to act than to watch Biggest Loser together and point out how awful Vicky and Heba are acting and let your children see how these women are embarassing themselves on national television.

I like to take advantage of times like these to point out life lessons and this has been a perfect example- even though I didn't need to point out anything, as my son piped right up about how awful they were behaving even before I had a chance to say anything :0)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Point, Candy

Candy brought up something that my son and I thought right as soon as it happened.
When Brady and Vicky went in to tell Heba how Phil had been bad mouthing her the first thing out of my son's mouth- just as I was about to say the same thing- was Did Phil REALLY say that or are they just trying to turn Heba against Phil?
There has been no video showing that Phil said anything bad about Heba. Come ON! Even when Vicky got Phil's wife Amy upset with her nasty (Vicky's) remarks the worst Phil said was that he thought that Vicky should go and apologize to his wife for upsetting her.
This doesn't sound like someone that is going and saying sad things about Heba.
To us it seems more likely that Vicky and Brady were trying to turn Heba against Phil and she bought it Hook, Line and Sinker!
After the way that Brady and Vicky have behaved on the Biggest Loser tv show I have to say that I would believe something that Phil said LONG BEFORE I WOULD BELIEVE ONE WORD OUT OF VICKY OR BRADY'S MOUTH!
If they said it was a beautiful day I would look outside to see.
If we are right and they were just playing Heba she should be embarassed that she fell for it and went on to act the way that she did.
Up until that point we liked Heba but her behaviour and attitude has just gone downhill since then and all she seems to be at this point is a 'Vicky Wannabe'- UGH! I shudder at the thought! One Vicky is bad enough.
And Brady? Threatening Phil over what? Saying that Vicky should apologize? Well, I guess the truth HURTS. Asking Vicky to apologize is such a small thing after how badly she has behaved. What? Has 'queen icky Vicky' never had to apologize before?
Well, maybe it is about time


Hey 'VICKY has no ANKLES' I created a poll with your idea in mind :0)
So everyone, go ahead and tell everyone how you REALLY feel about Vicky. There are choices for both good and bad so vote your true feelings and let's see how the viewers really feel.

Surprising Results?

I have just been looking at the results so far for the Biggest Loser polls- listed to the right if you haven't voted yet, please do.

While most of the results are a reflection of how I feel I was a bit surprised at some of the results.

Considering how high feelings have been running about Amy voting Coleen off of the Biggest Loser I was a bit surprised that no one has said that they hate her.

Disappointement in Amy seems to be the strong feeling of choice by many Biggest Loser fans. I agree that I too am quite disappointed in Amy not only for voting Coleen off but for keeping Vicky on the show when she has been so miserable to everyone.

Someone mentioned that they think that maybe Vicky and Amy have a game play going? I too wondered why, when they were supposed to be at odds with each other, they were sitting side by side.

I mean, come on! If someone has been calling you a bit** and threatening 'revenge' would you want to sit by them if you didn't have to? It's not like they had assigned seats and HAD to sit next to each other.

Then you think about Vicky and how she was so mad that she was cussing Amy out and here Amy sent Vicky's husband Brady home. So under those circumstances, being Vicky (not a pleasant thought but just consider it for a moment :0)lol) would you REALLY want to sit next to the 'lying, back-stabbing, bit** ' that sent your husband home?

And you think about Vicky saying that her and Brady were going to win both the Biggest Loser house price and the Biggest Loser home prize. A bit greedy if you ask me, but if this was Vicky's plan then didn't Amy just help to bring it a step closer to possibly becoming a reality?

BUT, on the other hand, I can see WHY Amy would see Brady as a threat and would send him home.

Hmmm...sending Brady home:
Smart move....or game play?
Sending Coleen home:
Stupid move....or game play?

I guess we will just have to keep watching the Biggest Loser if we want to find out.

Personally I was so HAPPY when Amy sent Brady home. I was jumping around and cheering.

Then when Michelle passed on the $5,000 in order to give Vicky the 1 pound penalty I was screaming with joy- true story. My son was a bit upset with me for letting loose with a huge scream only about a foot away from his ear. I bet he sits farther away from me this week! :0)lol

Hey, I'm a Biggest Loser fanatic-I can't help myself. I get caught up in the excitement of the moment just like so many other Biggest Loser fans out there.

And then when Amy sent Coleen home I was so very disappointed and sad.

Voting to get rid of Vicky seemed the OBVIOUS choice. So, why didn't Amy vote to get rid of 'Vile Vicky'?

Like many Biggest Loser fans I have to admit that I REALLY want Vicky to go home. But, even though we love to hate her, we have to admit that this season of Biggest Loser seems to be shaping up to be pretty exciting even if we don't always agree with the results or the direction that the show has taken.

For those that REALLY arem't happy with the direction that the Biggest Loser has taken this season keep reading below for what I think could ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Holding my breath in anticipation. Ok, I'm not literally holding my breath. If I were I would pass out and probably hit my head and miss tomorrow nights episode of Biggest Loser. Can't have that, can we? :0)

I'm hoping that Michelle or Renee wins the Biggest Loser. I don't want Vicky to win. Nor would I be happy to see Heba get the prize money after her awful behaviour.

As for Amy? She's from my home state. She DID vote Brady off. But she also voted Coleen off. Right now I'm not sure if I want Amy to win or not.

I know that Michelle and Renee have shown class the entire time that they have been on the Biggest Loser tv show. I would much prefer to see either Michelle or Renee win the Biggest Loser in house prize.
Good usually wins out over evil- let's hope that that holds true for Biggest Loser and the world! :0)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Should you quit watching the Biggest Loser?

I soak up anything to do with Biggest Loser like a sponge.

In my travels through the world of the Biggest Loser I have noticed some people saying that they aren't going to watch Biggest Loser anymore.

On the opposite end of the scale I am seeing some people say that they are watching Biggest Loser even more this season just because of all of the drama and shenanigans.

I even came across 1 person that said that they love VickyOkay, I REALLY don't understand how anyone- other than her mother- could love Vicky with the way that she acts. And I got to wonder how even her mother could love her with how nasty she is. But, I guess there are all kinds out there and that is what keeps this world from being a boring place.

I completely understand being fed up with the behavior of Vicky and Heba. BUT, before you stop watching the show please think about this....

-The Biggest Loser still helps a LOT of people and we shouldn't let Vicky ruin that

-While there have been some truly childish acts by some of the contestants there have also been some very unselfish acts by others. While some people need to grow up-others have shown true class.

-Biggest Loser is saving lives. Even though the focus this season seems to be all of the drama of Vicky and Heba there have still been glimpes of the true nature of the Biggest Loser TV show.

We have seen contestants go from despair over their weight gain and hope for better health to showing support for their family member as well as fellow team members. Certain classy members have reached across the 'team' borders to show support and encouragement for other Biggest Loser contestants.

Now, if you are REALLY upset to the point that you want to quit watching why don't you try these measures first?

-Write to the Biggest Loser and
A. complain about the direction this season is taking. Ask for them to show more of the POSITIVE parts of the show like they used to

B. ask that rules be created to avoid this situation in the future. Contestants like Vicky and Heba should be warned and then if they continue with this behavior they should be sent home and bring back someone that was sent home in order to replace the booted off contestant

C. another idea might be to break up the prize so that there are 3 Biggest Loser house winners with first place getting $150.000, second place getting $75,000 and then the third place getting $25,000the home prize could be split up to allow first place to get $75,000 and $25,000 for the second place home Biggest Loser contestant.

By splitting up the prizes there would be more winners of smaller prizes and should help to get rid of all of this game play greediness we are seeing by certain Biggest Loser contestants this season.

This way we can see more people winning as well as reduce the possibility of a repeat of this nastiness.If enough people contact Biggest Loser about this we could help make it an even better TV show.

But, if enough people quit watching the Biggest Loser then Vicky wins BIG TIME.
1. She would then be known for the person that closed down the Biggest Loser.
2.She would be one of the LAST contestants of the biggest Loser so this too would make her famous. She's already going down for being the WORST Biggest Loser contestant for her behavior so let's not give her more power than she already 'thinks' she has.

-Tape the show and fast forward past the parts you don't like. This way you can still watch the Biggest Loser but you don't have to be subjected to the bad behavior and drama of Vicky and Heba

Biggest Loser 'spoiler'

If you don't want to know ahead of time who is going to be number 1 on the leaderboard of the Biggest Loser tv show then wait and watch Tuesday nights showing of The Biggest Lser. But, if you would like a sneak peak before the tv show then keep reading.
When watching the previews of The Biggest Loser and stopping while the leaderboard is showing it can be seen that the Biggest Loser leaderborad for this week's show (November 25th) will be...

Amy C.

Who falls below the yellow line?

Renee ?
What about Michelle & Renee? They are the only Biggest Loser contestants left to weigh in at that time so it is anybody's guess.

Personally I think that Michelle usually puts out pretty consistant weight loss numbers so I think that it is entirely possible that she will again this week which could put Amy below the yellow line with Heba and if that happens I see Amy going home.

After the stunt that she pulled this last week by voting for Coleen to go home I think that Amy is on her own. Who will vote to save her?

Ed, Heba and Vicky are buddies. So now Amy has put herself, with last weeks vote, in a position where she will probably be the one to go home

Her stupidity, by voting Coleen off the show instead of Vicky, will come back to bite her in the butt big time!

Disappointed in Michigan...

I have been a fan of Biggest Loser for years and, though I am disappointed in 'the powers that be' for not getting Vicky off the show due to her bahaviour, I still want the show to continue on doing the good that it is doing for people.

And YES, even with the bad behaviopur of Vicky, Heba and Brady the Biggest Loser show is still doing good for a LOT of people.

As a Michigan native I was so happy to have someone from Michigan on the show. I was EXTREMELY happy after Amy voted Brady off. AND I was so SURE that Vicky, with her awful attitude, would be gone this week.

I CANNOT BELIEVE that Amy did not vote Vicky off after how Vicky has been to her and everyone else.

This makes no sense.

Amy voted Brady off for herself as she saw Brady as a threat.Then she goes and gets rid of Coleen who was her team mate first. Coleen is less of a threat as she has less weight left to lose and she has played the game through with class the entire time- unlike Vicky.

The black team would have had Amy's back if she had voted to get Vicky off of the show.

Now Amy has put herself in a position where the black team will no longer vote to keep her there and you can GUARANTEE that if Amy falls below the yellow line that all of the blue team will be voting her off. As far as the other contestants are now concerned, she has shown everyone there that she has no loyalties to anyone and cannot be trusted.

I was soooooo happy when Michelle declined the $5,000 in favor of giving Vicky the 1 pound disadvantage. I was so SURE that Vicky was FINALLY going home! :0))

Then Amy goes and votes off Coleen instead of Vicky. Gawd Amy What were you thinking?

I LOVE The Biggest Loser but I do not like Vicky and I do NOT want her to have the opportunity to win Biggest Loser and be so richly rewarded for her awful behaviour whiler she has been on the Biggest Loser.

In my home we do not reward bad behaviour and it makes me sick to think that, with behaviour like hers, Vicky could possibly win the Biggest Loser.

Then there is Ed. I liked Ed when they first came on. Even though I would have prefered to have Phil or Stacey win the challenge and come back on to the Biggest Loser show I thought that having Ed back might get Heba to see reason and that they would ALL wake up and see that getting Vicky off of the show is the best for the Biggest Loser and everyone on it.

My son and I thought that perhaps Ed would see that getting Vicky of of the show would be best for them too as she is a lose cannon and only out for herself.But, Ed went along with the pack and voted for Coleen.

Right now, like many others out there, I am not pleased with Amy's decision. To be honest, I don't see Amy having any chance of winning after she has stabbed everyone else their in the back through voting off team mates from both her most recent team and her original team on the Biggest Loser.

I am sure that the other contestants are all looking at her and figuring that they can't trust ger to vote to save them if they need it so, much as I hate to have to say it, I think that they will be sending Amy home the first chance that they get.

Though it would be nice to have a fellow Michigander win, I just don't see Amy being able to stay on for much longer if she would fall below the yellow line.

I get caught up in the show. I LOVE the Biggest Loser! When my son gets upset about my screaming at the tv I remind him that I don't drink, smoke or use drugs and that I REALLY enjoy watching the Biggest Loser. Since it doesn't cost anything and it won't hurt me I think he could do a LOT worse than having a mother that is addicted to the Biggest Loser :0)