Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Biggest Loser was really great tonight!

Wow! What an amazing start to a new Biggest Loser season.
Everyone seems really nice so far, don't they?
It was really scary when Jerry collapsed like that. We were so happy to see him come walking back in to the Biggest Loser ranch looking so much better. And what an AMAZING weight loss for his first week? 25 pounds! Just losing that much weight made such a difference in the way that Jerry looked.
And Daniel? Wow! A 30 pound weight loss his first week is such a great start and Ron lost 42 pounds his first week?
I cannot believe the high weight loss numbers we saw on Biggest Loser tonight!
Now, how about that twist?
I KNEW when Ali said that 9 people were going home that they MUST have some way of coming back on the show. Otherwise it would put Biggest Loser too short on people and we would see an extremely short season.
When the white team was above the yellow line we were hoping that they would stay above. All I could think of is that after Jerry collapsed like that it would be so hard for them to be separated. Even though Estella needs to lose some weight it is pretty obvious that Jerry needs to be at Biggest Loser ranch a lot more.
And Ron? Having his jaw wired and surgery to make his stomach smaller and he still gained the weight back. Yet, one week on the Biggest Loser ranch and he lost 42 pounds? The most weight that anyone has EVER lost in one week.
I am sure that deciding who was to go home was a very difficult decision for these people. And look at the green team. What highs and lows- a regular roller coaster. The high of being there on Biggest Loser ranch, coming so close to winning the immunity and then coming so close to being the one team above the yellow line.
It was a great start to a new Biggest Loser season and, so far, there are no 'Vicky's' in site :0)
I cannot wait to see how well the home contestants are going to do on their own and which ones of those that stayed will be able to bring back their team-mates.
For anyone that was disgusted with Biggest Loser season 6 I must say that season 7 of the Biggest Loser looks to be a better one. I would definitely recommend watching this season and giving these people a chance to win your heart

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