Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tonights Biggest Loser show....

If you have read my previous post then I think that you will understand why I am keeping this one so short. My head hurts from crying so much and I feel like HE**. My hope is that I will wake up and find that this is just an awful nightmare but, sadly, I know that it is not.
Amyway, I enjoyed tonights Biggest Loser show. It seems that this season they are trying to show everyone how the CAN do this at home.
I must say thogh that I was sadly disappointed in Helen.
As a mom myself I would think that she would have looked at her daughter and realized that Shanon needs to be there more. She should have put her foot down and said "You need to be here Shanon. You went home before, now I am going home so that YOU can get the support you need here and learn what you need to learn"
I think that every other parent there would have done that. I know that I would have- course it's a mute point as my son got the skinny jeans in the family. He eats and eats and never gains weight. Course he is stll growing and we do eat pretty healthy for the most part so that helps.
Ok, so leave some comments and let me know what you think about tonight's Biggest Loser show, Helen and Shanon's decision and what Josh & I are gong through.
If you have no idea what I am talking about then please read the next post.
I kept the gore out but it is not really anything that you would want your child to read. Believe me, if I told you the true horror of what we saw and went through YOU would probably have nightmares too.

My Biggest Loser Blog will still be here & Update- Awful news...

Hi All,
I want to apologize for not being around so much. You see, my work hours were drastically reduced and I have been busy trying to build a business online. I had hoped that My Biggest Loser Blog would do really well and that it would help us. You see, I am a single mom with health issues that make it hard for me to work a regular offline job.
Although I was putting in hour after hour 7 days a week and we had good traffic we just weren't getting any sales and only around $3 in adsense clicks.
Can't live on that! :0(
I have been posting comments after the Biggest Loser each week and plan to continue to do that. I just cannot put in all of those hours for $3.
Now for the awful news....
It was bad enough that my hours at work were drastically reduced. I worked for my cousin and she had lost her job but kept me on at fewer hours until such time she could get another job or get the state to pay me as her caregiver as she had numerous health issues herself that kept her from being abole to take care of everything in her home.
My son and I went there on Wednesday of last week. Judy, my cousin, didn't come to the door despite numerous attempts to get her.
Finally we had to go down the road to her brother's house and he called but the phone wasn't working. He followed us back down to her place and unlocked the door.
We could hear her tv on in her bedroom and when she didn't respond to her brother's calls he had me go in and check on her.
SOmetimes she would have trouble sleeping and then when she did would sleep a deep sleep and not always hear the door or the phone.
When I went in her room I expected to see her on her bed sleeping but she wasn't there.
The thought came to me 'the basement' so I told my son to go and check and I checked the front rooms.
Josh came back and tol her brother and myself that Judy had fallen down the steps.
We went running and I fully expected to see her struggling to get up and that she would say something about how stupid she felt and would we please help her up?
She wasn't moving.
We called 911.
My son started performing cpr on her and I started praying- begging God that Judy would be ok even though she lay theere in a pool of blood.
I won't go into the gory details but suffice it to say that I have barely slept since then. It was pretty bad.
Judy died. She was only 63
The ambulance got there and they pronounced her dead at the scene.
The one went so far as to say to us about that there was spinal fluid there.
I mean, COME ON!!! We are crying and upset and he has to tell us that???
Judy was not only our cousin but she was one of our best friends. We lost not only a relative but a best friend and our source of income all in one day.
This has been very traumatic for us.
My son is handling it better than I am.
Last summer Judy started to fall in the kitchen and I caught her.
She had been having trouble with her ankle and we beloeve that she had gone to lock the door for night and that her ankle gave out. The basement door was right there and was not closed or locked. She fell donw and hit her head on the cement.
I have cried nearly non stop for almost a week.
Her funeral was today.
Please, PLEASE be careful around steps and other dangerous areas in your home. We take for granted that home is safe. Home can be a dangerous place too.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and if you know of any online jobs working support or advertising or anything that desn't need tech training then please let me know.
Thank you.
We are getting ready to watch Biggest Loser and I plan to post after the show.
Take care

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Biggest Loser tonight was a hard decision...

WOW! Tonight's Biggest Loser was really good. I couldn't believe how quickly some of the contestants lost their balance. How sweet of those guys to give up seeing their family member so that Mandy (?) could see her husband and kids.
I was concerned how this might affect her weight loss. I could see it as either helping or really hurting her. How amazing that it seemed to have such a positive affect on her wight loss this week :0)
I was a bit disappointed in her sister with all of her jealousy. She was home for a month while Mandy was away from her family and she has only been away from her family for a couple of weeks. Mandy, on the other hand, has been away from her family for over 6 weeks. So how selfish to be whining and crying because Mandy got to see her family for 24 hours?
It seems like Mike has been upset over having to carry his Dad the last couple of weeks. I think that this is just a othing. Once Ron gets some more of this weight off he should be able to start doing more and dropping the pounds again- hopefully.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the big weight loss number that Mike saw on the scale tonight.
Since Blaine has been there on the Biggest Loser ranch the whole time I feel that we have gotten more attached to him so it was sad to see him go home. Yet I can understand his wanting to see his baby.
All around a pretty good show on Biggest Loser tonight. What did you think about tonights Biggest Loser? Please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks! :0)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are Any Biggest Loser fans surprised?

Ok, last week we saw another side of Joelle and I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. I thought that MAYBE she finally got it and that she would start really putting herself into this opportunity that she had.
Then this week we were back to all of the talking without saying anything, the excuses and a 0 pound weight loss.
I felt so bad for Carla. She wanted this so much and she worked her a** off not only at home but on the Biggest Loser ranch too and then the first week that she get back on the Biggest Loser ranch she gets sent home because of Joelle.
What a disappointment for her.
I wish that they had went to singles at the begining of the show this week. That way it would have been so easy to send Joelle and her Zero weight loss home but they could have given Carla the opportunity to stay on the Biggest Loser ranch.
Carla sure did look great though- didn't she? I am sure that she can do this but it is just the idea that Joelle ruined it for her.
And Joelle? I couldn't believe it when she came right out and said that they weren't friends. I have to say that when the weigh-in came out the way that it did that I told my son that if they got sent home I was sure that Carla and Joelle's friendship was over.
I feel bad for Carla. I personally know the pain of losing a friendship of over 30 years because my 'friend' didn't think that she should have to pay me back the $130 I loaned her when she was facing being out on the street when it was getting cold out. We live in Michigan and winters get extremely cold. I couldn't really afford it and my Mom always said not to loan money to a friend. BUT, I couldn't see letting my friend end up homeless. She promised to pay me back within 2 months. It has been years and she won't even contact me.
So, I know the pain that Carla is feeling. But, if that is the kind of friend that Joelle is then Carla is better off without her.