Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hate Mail & Harassing Phone Calls?

I just found out from Biggest Loser contestant Stacey that certain members of the show have been getting hate mail and harassing phone calls.

Now, I do understand that we can get caught up in the Biggest Loser tv show. We meet these people, hear their hopes & dreams and see them struggle to achieve these dreams. When they laugh, we laugh. When they cry, we cry. We feel their heartache and feel their pain. They are invited into our homes every week like cherished guests and become like family to us.

This is what is so amazing about the Biggest Loser tv show. How many reality shows out there can make us empathize with their contestants like this?

But, there comes a point where some people can go too far.

I understand how angry everyone is with Vicky, Brady and Heba. What we have seen portrayed on the Biggest Loser is one example after another of bad sportmanship and just mean & nasty behaviour by these three.

I have said before that even if Biggest Loser is biased that they fact remains that these people have said and done the things shown and I still feel that way. BUT, we also have to realize that these parts are pulled out of context during a weeks worth of filming. We also need to remember that being away from family & friends, exercising to the point of exhaustion and trying to work through the painfult things from our past that may have caused us to get to this point in our life could bring out the worst in most of us. We could say and do things that we later might regret and would rather not have had the world seeing them and later shoving them in our face.

What I am getting at is this:
It's ok to like some contestants better than others and to dislike certain people because of their behaviour but the bottom line is this is just a tv show- we don't really know these people and once this season is done most of us probably will never see these people again.

To go so far as to be sending hate mail and to be torturing these people with harassing phone calls is going too far.

Ok, if you are upset with the direction of the show- let Biggest Loser know what parts you don't like and what you do like. In this way you can have a positive influence to be sure that this might not happen again. This is using your feelings in a constructive manner instead of destructive.

If you are that upset then change the channel and wait till season 7 to come back to watch Biggest Loser.

As with anything in life, we have the choice to take what we like from what happens and remember it with joy.

And we have the choice to leave that which we don't like behind and just get on with our life.

Enjoy the good and forget the bad. Life is too short to get so worked up like this.

Is Vicky's behaviour something that we will remember 5, 10 years from now? Is it really that important?

It might feel pretty important right now in the heat of the moment but when push comes to shove and we get 5 or 10 years down the road we probably won't even remember Vicky's name or anything that she has done or said.

So, when Vicky gets to you just take a deep breath and remember- This too shall pass :0)

As for me? I can't wait till tuesdays Biggest Loser show. If Vicky falls below the yellow line I am sure that she will be going home and then everyone can relax and let go of all of this anger that is being bandied about on the net about her

And if she doesn't? Well, there is always next week ;0)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Amy & Phillip, we are praying for you....and the World! :0)

I just finished reading Amy P's blog and I have to say that I am apalled at some of the things that people have been saying about this couple.

Since the Biggest Loser first came on tv it has had parents leave their children, come to the ranch to get healthy and lose weight both for their children and themselves.

I have never thought badly of these people for doing this. I applaud them the strength that it takes to do this.

Leaving their children with loved one's to be able to add years to the time that they will be here for their children and to be able to then pass on to their kids the knowledge that they gain so that their children have the opportunity to avoid the same mistakes, is a wonderful legacy.

How could anyone say that doing this is being a bad parent?

And yet, Amy talks about how people have accused her and Phillip of abandoning their children and only loving their autistic son Rhett.

That is hogwash! My son and I can see very clearly the love that these parents have for all of their children. They left their children with a trusted family member to spend the summer with their cousins doing fun things like camping, hiking and playing.

This doesn't sound like being bad parents to me?!

I would say that if there were anyone that has ever been on the show that I would take a second look at for being a bad parent it would not be Amy and Phillip.

I will not say who I am thinking of but I am sure that many of you have had the same thoughts as I have. I have seen many expressing the same concerns about this woman and it sure is NOT Amy P.

So Amy I am sorry that people have hurt you by their unkind and thoughtless words. I want you to know that we are praying for your family, as you requested.

On this Thanksgiving Day here in Michigan USA, we are praying for the world. We pray for an improvement in the economy and that there might be peace and that the Biggest Loser will survive the blow that this season has dealt to their ratings due to a certain someone we all know and......well, you can fill in the blank :0)

I am thankful for my son, being alive, family, friends, having a roof over our head, food to eat, clothes to wear, heat and all of the other things that we all tend to take for granted in our busy day to day life.

May you all be surrounded by love, never know hunger and enjoy great health.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a H U G E Mistake!

As I tried to go to sleep last night I was running scenarios through my mind of how things might have went if Amy had just voted Vicky off instead of Coleen.
Think about this:
With Vicky gone we would then have a mother/daughter team, a husband/ wife team and 2 singles (Coleen and Amy). This would put things pretty evenly matched.
Then you take into consideration that last night on the Biggest Loser we had Amy and Heba below the yellow line.
Now, if Amy had voted off Vicky then I believe that she would have had Michelle, Renee & Coleen all voting to keep her on the show. Of course Ed would have voted to keep his wife Heba on but the votes would have been 3 for Heba to go home and only 1 for Amy to go home.
Thus, Heba would have had to leave the Biggest Loser ranch and Amy would have stayed.
Taking it a step further: I believe, seeing how Ed seems to be having so much trouble, that it is a good possibility that Ed might have been below the yellow line next week- especially with Heba not there to keep after him.
No matter who would have fallen below the yellow line with Ed I am sure that if he did fall below the yellow line that he would have been the one to go home as I feel that all four of the others would have voted for him to go home.
This would have left us with Michelle, Renee, Coleen and Amy as the final four and I personally would not have minded to see any one of those four win the money.
Instead, because Amy sent Coleen home, she ended up gong home. Now here we are facing the possibility that Vicky could actually win the money.
I shudder at the thought.
It is funny (not funny HaHa, but funny ironic) that one mistake, like not sending Vicky home when Amy had the chance, could have cost Amy the $250,000. There is no guarantee that she would have been the winner but now she is not even in the running for the Biggest Loser house prize simply because she made 1 wrong decision.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Any surprises on the biggest Loser tonight? Not really.

I could not believe the way that they blue team ganged up on the black team tonight. The way that they picked off Michelle and then Renee was just awful. It made me think about how the blue team last season ganged up on Kelly and Ali. We all saw how that turned out.

What goes around comes around and I am sure that this blue team will see the same end result as what the blue team did last season.

What ever happened to good sportsmanship and fair play?

I have seen the black team tell members of the blue team "Good job" when someone lost a large amount of weight. But tonight, when Michelle and Renee did such a great job was there anyone on the blue team big enough to tell them "Good job"? NO!

I've been pretty sure all week that Amy would probably be going home tonight. Not that I am happy about it but I could see the way the winds blowing and once Amy voted to keep Vicky on it was just a matter of time before Vicky made sure that Amy went home.

I too have been a trusting person and I have learnt the hard way that many people just cannot be trusted no matter who they are. Even family or friends of many years can turn on you with no apparent reason. When money is involved there is an even greater risk as money can do funny things to people. It is sad because we should put family and friends first. We should homor our word and be able to trust others to do the same.

Alas, that is not the world we live in today. It is sad but it is true.

I was a bit concerned about Michelle & Renee but My God they did AWESOME!!!

I was so happy when Renee got her 8 pound loss and was safe. Then came Michelle's turn and I was hoping and praying that she would have at least an 8 pound loss too.

I told my son that he had better cover his ears when they showed Michelle's weight loss and sure enough I was jumping around, screaming, laughing.

10 lbs.... TEN POUNDS!!!! We are so proud of you Michelle and Renee. You have worked hard and you have done such an awesome job and all the while you have done nothing but shown class.

OMG! This was an EXCELLENT show. I would have much prefered to see Vicky going home but to see Michelle and Renee safe and getting to stay on the ranch was wonderful.
I feel bad for Amy but we all saw it coming. There is no way that Vicky would vote to keep Amy there after she sent Brady home.

But, did you see that Vicky actually did consider sending Heba home? All the time that they have been on the ranch together, on the same team and when push came to shove she actually thought about sending Heba home?

Vicky is only out for Vicky and anyone that gets in her way had better watch out.
Ok so, Renee and Michelle are there for at least another week. I am hoping that next week Vicky will fall below the yellow line again, and that this time, the mother/daughter team and the husband/wife team will send Vicky packing!

Is the Biggest Loser tv show biased?

My son and I have been talking about how some people are saying that the Biggest Loser tv show is biased. That they are showing bad things to make Vicky and Heba look bad and for drama.

We have come to the conclusion that even IF Biggest Loser IS being biased for ratings, or whatever, that they would not have the ammunition to do so if Vicky and Heba were not actually saying and doing these things. Biggest Loser cannot produce video of these hateful acts and these words coming out of their mouths if they never said them.

So, even if Biggest Loser were being biased the fact remains that Vicky and Heba have acted like this at some point during the week and they have said these things. As far as we are concerned, biase on Biggest Loser's part does not negate the fact that Vicky and Heba need to learn some basic human decency and to grow up.

Yes, money brings out the worst in a lot of people and here we have been seeing some prime examples of that fact. Should Biggest Loser have tried to capitalized on the behaviour of Vicky and Heba? I could see showing a little of it on the show but maybe the worst parts should be put on their site as bonus video for those who would choose to view it?

This way watching the Biggest Loser tv show would give you the idea that all is not well with Vicky and Heba but the controversy would not be pushed down the throats of people that are just watching to get inspiration & hope and that do not want to see all of this drama.

Personally the drama has not bothered me. Let me rephrase that, the fact that the Biggest Loser has aired all of this drama has not bothered me as much as the fact that these 2 women are actually acting like this.

I would rather see the truth of how the contestants are so that I know that I am cheering on the people that deserve to have us cheering them on and that they are the ones that really deserve to win the money.

On the other hand I can see that there are a lot of people that are very upset about Biggest Loser showing all of this drama on tv. Many people watch this family show with their children and don't like their kids seeing this kind of behaviour.

As for myself? I think that children will see this behaviour throughout their life and what better way to show them how not to act than to watch Biggest Loser together and point out how awful Vicky and Heba are acting and let your children see how these women are embarassing themselves on national television.

I like to take advantage of times like these to point out life lessons and this has been a perfect example- even though I didn't need to point out anything, as my son piped right up about how awful they were behaving even before I had a chance to say anything :0)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Point, Candy

Candy brought up something that my son and I thought right as soon as it happened.
When Brady and Vicky went in to tell Heba how Phil had been bad mouthing her the first thing out of my son's mouth- just as I was about to say the same thing- was Did Phil REALLY say that or are they just trying to turn Heba against Phil?
There has been no video showing that Phil said anything bad about Heba. Come ON! Even when Vicky got Phil's wife Amy upset with her nasty (Vicky's) remarks the worst Phil said was that he thought that Vicky should go and apologize to his wife for upsetting her.
This doesn't sound like someone that is going and saying sad things about Heba.
To us it seems more likely that Vicky and Brady were trying to turn Heba against Phil and she bought it Hook, Line and Sinker!
After the way that Brady and Vicky have behaved on the Biggest Loser tv show I have to say that I would believe something that Phil said LONG BEFORE I WOULD BELIEVE ONE WORD OUT OF VICKY OR BRADY'S MOUTH!
If they said it was a beautiful day I would look outside to see.
If we are right and they were just playing Heba she should be embarassed that she fell for it and went on to act the way that she did.
Up until that point we liked Heba but her behaviour and attitude has just gone downhill since then and all she seems to be at this point is a 'Vicky Wannabe'- UGH! I shudder at the thought! One Vicky is bad enough.
And Brady? Threatening Phil over what? Saying that Vicky should apologize? Well, I guess the truth HURTS. Asking Vicky to apologize is such a small thing after how badly she has behaved. What? Has 'queen icky Vicky' never had to apologize before?
Well, maybe it is about time


Hey 'VICKY has no ANKLES' I created a poll with your idea in mind :0)
So everyone, go ahead and tell everyone how you REALLY feel about Vicky. There are choices for both good and bad so vote your true feelings and let's see how the viewers really feel.

Surprising Results?

I have just been looking at the results so far for the Biggest Loser polls- listed to the right if you haven't voted yet, please do.

While most of the results are a reflection of how I feel I was a bit surprised at some of the results.

Considering how high feelings have been running about Amy voting Coleen off of the Biggest Loser I was a bit surprised that no one has said that they hate her.

Disappointement in Amy seems to be the strong feeling of choice by many Biggest Loser fans. I agree that I too am quite disappointed in Amy not only for voting Coleen off but for keeping Vicky on the show when she has been so miserable to everyone.

Someone mentioned that they think that maybe Vicky and Amy have a game play going? I too wondered why, when they were supposed to be at odds with each other, they were sitting side by side.

I mean, come on! If someone has been calling you a bit** and threatening 'revenge' would you want to sit by them if you didn't have to? It's not like they had assigned seats and HAD to sit next to each other.

Then you think about Vicky and how she was so mad that she was cussing Amy out and here Amy sent Vicky's husband Brady home. So under those circumstances, being Vicky (not a pleasant thought but just consider it for a moment :0)lol) would you REALLY want to sit next to the 'lying, back-stabbing, bit** ' that sent your husband home?

And you think about Vicky saying that her and Brady were going to win both the Biggest Loser house price and the Biggest Loser home prize. A bit greedy if you ask me, but if this was Vicky's plan then didn't Amy just help to bring it a step closer to possibly becoming a reality?

BUT, on the other hand, I can see WHY Amy would see Brady as a threat and would send him home.

Hmmm...sending Brady home:
Smart move....or game play?
Sending Coleen home:
Stupid move....or game play?

I guess we will just have to keep watching the Biggest Loser if we want to find out.

Personally I was so HAPPY when Amy sent Brady home. I was jumping around and cheering.

Then when Michelle passed on the $5,000 in order to give Vicky the 1 pound penalty I was screaming with joy- true story. My son was a bit upset with me for letting loose with a huge scream only about a foot away from his ear. I bet he sits farther away from me this week! :0)lol

Hey, I'm a Biggest Loser fanatic-I can't help myself. I get caught up in the excitement of the moment just like so many other Biggest Loser fans out there.

And then when Amy sent Coleen home I was so very disappointed and sad.

Voting to get rid of Vicky seemed the OBVIOUS choice. So, why didn't Amy vote to get rid of 'Vile Vicky'?

Like many Biggest Loser fans I have to admit that I REALLY want Vicky to go home. But, even though we love to hate her, we have to admit that this season of Biggest Loser seems to be shaping up to be pretty exciting even if we don't always agree with the results or the direction that the show has taken.

For those that REALLY arem't happy with the direction that the Biggest Loser has taken this season keep reading below for what I think could ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Holding my breath in anticipation. Ok, I'm not literally holding my breath. If I were I would pass out and probably hit my head and miss tomorrow nights episode of Biggest Loser. Can't have that, can we? :0)

I'm hoping that Michelle or Renee wins the Biggest Loser. I don't want Vicky to win. Nor would I be happy to see Heba get the prize money after her awful behaviour.

As for Amy? She's from my home state. She DID vote Brady off. But she also voted Coleen off. Right now I'm not sure if I want Amy to win or not.

I know that Michelle and Renee have shown class the entire time that they have been on the Biggest Loser tv show. I would much prefer to see either Michelle or Renee win the Biggest Loser in house prize.
Good usually wins out over evil- let's hope that that holds true for Biggest Loser and the world! :0)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Should you quit watching the Biggest Loser?

I soak up anything to do with Biggest Loser like a sponge.

In my travels through the world of the Biggest Loser I have noticed some people saying that they aren't going to watch Biggest Loser anymore.

On the opposite end of the scale I am seeing some people say that they are watching Biggest Loser even more this season just because of all of the drama and shenanigans.

I even came across 1 person that said that they love VickyOkay, I REALLY don't understand how anyone- other than her mother- could love Vicky with the way that she acts. And I got to wonder how even her mother could love her with how nasty she is. But, I guess there are all kinds out there and that is what keeps this world from being a boring place.

I completely understand being fed up with the behavior of Vicky and Heba. BUT, before you stop watching the show please think about this....

-The Biggest Loser still helps a LOT of people and we shouldn't let Vicky ruin that

-While there have been some truly childish acts by some of the contestants there have also been some very unselfish acts by others. While some people need to grow up-others have shown true class.

-Biggest Loser is saving lives. Even though the focus this season seems to be all of the drama of Vicky and Heba there have still been glimpes of the true nature of the Biggest Loser TV show.

We have seen contestants go from despair over their weight gain and hope for better health to showing support for their family member as well as fellow team members. Certain classy members have reached across the 'team' borders to show support and encouragement for other Biggest Loser contestants.

Now, if you are REALLY upset to the point that you want to quit watching why don't you try these measures first?

-Write to the Biggest Loser and
A. complain about the direction this season is taking. Ask for them to show more of the POSITIVE parts of the show like they used to

B. ask that rules be created to avoid this situation in the future. Contestants like Vicky and Heba should be warned and then if they continue with this behavior they should be sent home and bring back someone that was sent home in order to replace the booted off contestant

C. another idea might be to break up the prize so that there are 3 Biggest Loser house winners with first place getting $150.000, second place getting $75,000 and then the third place getting $25,000the home prize could be split up to allow first place to get $75,000 and $25,000 for the second place home Biggest Loser contestant.

By splitting up the prizes there would be more winners of smaller prizes and should help to get rid of all of this game play greediness we are seeing by certain Biggest Loser contestants this season.

This way we can see more people winning as well as reduce the possibility of a repeat of this nastiness.If enough people contact Biggest Loser about this we could help make it an even better TV show.

But, if enough people quit watching the Biggest Loser then Vicky wins BIG TIME.
1. She would then be known for the person that closed down the Biggest Loser.
2.She would be one of the LAST contestants of the biggest Loser so this too would make her famous. She's already going down for being the WORST Biggest Loser contestant for her behavior so let's not give her more power than she already 'thinks' she has.

-Tape the show and fast forward past the parts you don't like. This way you can still watch the Biggest Loser but you don't have to be subjected to the bad behavior and drama of Vicky and Heba

Biggest Loser 'spoiler'

If you don't want to know ahead of time who is going to be number 1 on the leaderboard of the Biggest Loser tv show then wait and watch Tuesday nights showing of The Biggest Lser. But, if you would like a sneak peak before the tv show then keep reading.
When watching the previews of The Biggest Loser and stopping while the leaderboard is showing it can be seen that the Biggest Loser leaderborad for this week's show (November 25th) will be...

Amy C.

Who falls below the yellow line?

Renee ?
What about Michelle & Renee? They are the only Biggest Loser contestants left to weigh in at that time so it is anybody's guess.

Personally I think that Michelle usually puts out pretty consistant weight loss numbers so I think that it is entirely possible that she will again this week which could put Amy below the yellow line with Heba and if that happens I see Amy going home.

After the stunt that she pulled this last week by voting for Coleen to go home I think that Amy is on her own. Who will vote to save her?

Ed, Heba and Vicky are buddies. So now Amy has put herself, with last weeks vote, in a position where she will probably be the one to go home

Her stupidity, by voting Coleen off the show instead of Vicky, will come back to bite her in the butt big time!

Disappointed in Michigan...

I have been a fan of Biggest Loser for years and, though I am disappointed in 'the powers that be' for not getting Vicky off the show due to her bahaviour, I still want the show to continue on doing the good that it is doing for people.

And YES, even with the bad behaviopur of Vicky, Heba and Brady the Biggest Loser show is still doing good for a LOT of people.

As a Michigan native I was so happy to have someone from Michigan on the show. I was EXTREMELY happy after Amy voted Brady off. AND I was so SURE that Vicky, with her awful attitude, would be gone this week.

I CANNOT BELIEVE that Amy did not vote Vicky off after how Vicky has been to her and everyone else.

This makes no sense.

Amy voted Brady off for herself as she saw Brady as a threat.Then she goes and gets rid of Coleen who was her team mate first. Coleen is less of a threat as she has less weight left to lose and she has played the game through with class the entire time- unlike Vicky.

The black team would have had Amy's back if she had voted to get Vicky off of the show.

Now Amy has put herself in a position where the black team will no longer vote to keep her there and you can GUARANTEE that if Amy falls below the yellow line that all of the blue team will be voting her off. As far as the other contestants are now concerned, she has shown everyone there that she has no loyalties to anyone and cannot be trusted.

I was soooooo happy when Michelle declined the $5,000 in favor of giving Vicky the 1 pound disadvantage. I was so SURE that Vicky was FINALLY going home! :0))

Then Amy goes and votes off Coleen instead of Vicky. Gawd Amy What were you thinking?

I LOVE The Biggest Loser but I do not like Vicky and I do NOT want her to have the opportunity to win Biggest Loser and be so richly rewarded for her awful behaviour whiler she has been on the Biggest Loser.

In my home we do not reward bad behaviour and it makes me sick to think that, with behaviour like hers, Vicky could possibly win the Biggest Loser.

Then there is Ed. I liked Ed when they first came on. Even though I would have prefered to have Phil or Stacey win the challenge and come back on to the Biggest Loser show I thought that having Ed back might get Heba to see reason and that they would ALL wake up and see that getting Vicky off of the show is the best for the Biggest Loser and everyone on it.

My son and I thought that perhaps Ed would see that getting Vicky of of the show would be best for them too as she is a lose cannon and only out for herself.But, Ed went along with the pack and voted for Coleen.

Right now, like many others out there, I am not pleased with Amy's decision. To be honest, I don't see Amy having any chance of winning after she has stabbed everyone else their in the back through voting off team mates from both her most recent team and her original team on the Biggest Loser.

I am sure that the other contestants are all looking at her and figuring that they can't trust ger to vote to save them if they need it so, much as I hate to have to say it, I think that they will be sending Amy home the first chance that they get.

Though it would be nice to have a fellow Michigander win, I just don't see Amy being able to stay on for much longer if she would fall below the yellow line.

I get caught up in the show. I LOVE the Biggest Loser! When my son gets upset about my screaming at the tv I remind him that I don't drink, smoke or use drugs and that I REALLY enjoy watching the Biggest Loser. Since it doesn't cost anything and it won't hurt me I think he could do a LOT worse than having a mother that is addicted to the Biggest Loser :0)