Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lot's of new posts on My Biggest Loser Blog & List of Fat Burning Foods

Come over and check out our new My Biggest Loser Blog and see all of our new posts. Find out what has been going on with Biggest Loser, us-Josh & I, as well as find out 7 fat burning foods that can help you to lose weight.
I still am not sure where to find the polls that I set up at our new blog site so if anyone is familiar with wordpress and could help me out it would be appreciated.
Our new My Biggest Loser Blog site is growing fast and we have other blogs on Oaks Blogs as well. Come over and check them out and bookmark us as we are adding more posts and more blogs all the time.

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hilary said...

This blog is really amazing...The biggest loser in which many people lose our weight...and they also thanks to this show...I like this show very much...I watch all the season and episodes of this show...I Watch The biggest Loser show with my friends..