Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OMG! What a NIGHT!!!

Wasn't Biggest Loser just so AMAZING? WOW!
I don't even know where to start.
Did you hear that Jerry actually told everyone to put his name down. He knew that Dan needs to be there so much. I think that Jerry is such an amazing guy. He knew that he had come far enough and would have the support at home that he could lose the weight at home. He put Dan's life- on the line- need to be there in order to live a full life above his own desire to be there.
This is the emotional drama that we LOVE to see on Biggest Loser. It surprises us and lifts our heart.
Kudos Jerry you are a wonderful man :0)
Now, on to tonight's Biggest Loser tv show. I was picking each person and saying whether they had eaten anything and I was right on the money for everyone- everyone, that is, except for Joelle! WOW!!! I was so sure that she had eaten something. For the effort that we have seen from her I figured that we would see her fall to temptation- especially when the prise was to go home.
How unbelievable that I was right about which team would give us the 'fireworks' but boy I was so WRONG about which team member it would be to give in.
Joelle, congratulations for not giving in to temptation. I hope that this is the start of a new Joelle that will realize the life changing opportunity that is placed before her. I hope that she will grab it up and gobble it down and let it spread change for the better through-out her body and her life :0))
The challenge on Biggest Loser tonight was something to see, wasn't it? Some of the people that I thought would do well on it were the first to finish and then there was the purple team member, Kristen. WOW! She wanted to win that challenge so bad.
Since Tara from the green team won the challenge last week I was hoping that Kristen would win tonight. She worked so hard. But, as it turned out they both are bringing their team-mate back next week.
It couldn't have come at a better time!
Joelle just seemed like no matter what anyone said to her that she was just tuning them out and that she just wasn't getting it.
But, maybe she got it more than she let on as she lost 6 pounds this week! I think that we will see some more fireworks when Carla comes back onto the Biggest Loser ranch.
I also think that maybe Joelle wants this more than she has let on. I get the idea that maybe she is afraid of the changes that this will bring.
We might not always like what we have (like excess weight) but it can be that the weight shields them and they are afraid of letting go of that shield and dealing with the emotional reasons that they got overweight in the first place.
Now as for the weigh in and who was sent home? I wasn't surprised by Dan;s weight loss as they gave that away in their commercials. I am so happy for him. He needs to be there so much in order to make the changes he needs to not only lose the weight but to keep it off too.
I am concerned for his friend David. He REALLY doesn't seem to be making an effort at all. His friend that he was having lunch with had a salad and he was scarfing down fried chicken?
Dan will have such a hard time of it if he has to go home and be around his friend when he has not made any positive changes in his eating habits does not bode well for Dan.
Dan has, along with many others this season, gotten a place in my heart. The contestants this season are so much more positive and heartwarming after all of the nasty drama we endured last season.
Even Joelle, has started to win me over. I get more and more the feeling that she wants and needs this more than what she is letting on. She may surprise many of us once Carla gets there and she puts a fire under Joelle's butt.
I see the preview for next week and I am worried for Dan. Yes, Ron and his son Mike, need to be there and it looks like Mike will be below the yellow line with Dan this next week.
Another heart-wrenching decision for the contestants.
I like Mike and Ron and I know that they need to be there and yet Dan's situation seems more life threatening.
Living in Michigan I want to vote for the Michigan team to stay and yet Dan..... I REALLY want Dan to stay on Biggest Loser until the very end. I want so much to see all of the contestants succeed and yet Dan is one of the ones that tugs at my heartstrings just a little bit more.
I don't know. I think that Biggest Loser will be yet another good show this next week and yet I see many tears being shed no matter who ends up getting sent home.
What do YOU think? Leave a comment and let me know :0)
Btw, thanks for all of the great comments you have been leaving. I would like to answer them but am extremely busy right now.

I think that it is good that Joelle stayed in as much that her and Carla do really need to be there on the Biggest Loser ranch.
I feel bad for Damien but to see the update it seems that him and Nicolle have done an great job of losing weight. They both look great and seem so happy. We are glad for them.

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Christina, TX said...

OMG!!! I was so upset that Joelle got to stay. I'm sorry but I don't feel she deserves to be at the ranch. I feel for Carla because I am sure that if Carla was the one to stay on the ranch initially, she would have been working her butt off!! I hear you about Dan, he truly needs this experience because without it he would not last very long. I hope that when David comes back next week that he pulls his weight to ensure that Dan and he himself get the help that they desperately need!!