Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One hour to go....

Yes, there is but 1 hour to go until tonight's Biggest Loser tv show is on and boy do I need my Biggest Loser fix today! :0)
Every week I watch Biggest Loser. That is MY time for me. It is the only time that I really take for myself all week but when Biggest Loser comes on I am all about watching the show and don't even think about talking unless it is life or death.
Watching Biggest Loser makes me happy and relaxes me- well, other than all of the screaming and jumping up and down I tend to do during the weigh ins :0)lol But then at least I AM getting exercise in while I watch the show.
Anyway, there is only an hour left until tonight's Biggest Loser show and I cannot wait! I had an extremely bad day at work today and have been so stressed out because of my boss. I am trying to let go of all of that stress and I am surer that when Biggest Loser comes on I will forget all about my boss screaming and swearing at me today for not answering the phone when answering the phone isn't even part of my job and it only rang a couple of rings (one time) while I was in the middle of doing what IS part of my job.
I have only worked for this man for about 6 weeks and it feels like at least 6 YEARS!
Anyway, back to tonight's Biggest Loser show - tonight we will find out who will be in the final three.....
or WILL we?
I am wondering if they will make us wait until the finale? Or have America vote again?
It is hard to tell when you are talking about Biggest Loser but then again that is all part of the wonder of it. The joy, the tears, the struggle, the drama, the suspence...
Biggest Loser has it all and, like a junkie craving their drug when life becomes difficult, I REALLY need my Biggest Loser fix tonight.
Two hours of thinking of nothing but Mike, Ron, Tara and Helen and wondering WHO will be in the finale? Who will be sent home?
What will be tonight's challenge?
Everyone went home at the end of last week's Biggest Loser episode. How well did they all do at home? Did they all lose weight? How much?
I a, also starting to think ahead to the Biggest Loser finale. Most of the contestants that were sent home seemed to have been doing well but I am wondering if they have all stuck with it? Who will win the $250,000? and who will win the Biggest Loser home prize of the $100,000.
They all seemed to have lost HUGE amounts of weight this season- over 1500 POUNDS! WOW!!! And no matter who wins the money I think that it is great that they have lost so much weight and learned all about getting healthy.
I have loved Biggest Loser through thick and through thin (small joke :0)lol) but to see how much they have helped these people this season that were heavier than any other contestants is fantastic. To see that so many of these people have now gone on and are passing on their new found knowledge to others to give others the opportunity to lose the weight just like they have is wonderful.
To see Ron, who has been overweight his whole life and has tried EVERYTHING (including surgery) finally lose weight and weigh now what he weighed back when he was a teenager is AMAZING! This show and people like this give hope to so many that may otherwise just give up.
To people that are overweight food is like a drug. It is unfair that so many people are mistreated simply because they are overweight. I feel that the Biggest Loser tv show is not only helping people to be able to lose weight but maybe it is also helping to teach people that aren't overweight that they should be more understanding. It could just as easily be them in the size 26.
When I was a child I was a bit overweight. Not a lot but it was called 'baby fat' back then. As a teen I lost my 'baby fat' and was very thin-at one point I was nearly anorexic. I was eating 2 slices of bread, 1 slice of lunchmeat and lots of dill pickles every day and that was ALL that I ate for the entire day. I had found out that dill pickles had only 5 calories each so I filled up on them. Now I can barely look at a dill pickle :0)
Then, I went through domestic violence, a divorce, losing my Mom. My weight has gone from one extreme to the other.
Right now I am in a 14/16 after having used the methods I tell about in my free report which you can get by looking through my archives. Last year I was a size 26 or 28.
My weight has been a life long roller coaster for me. I love food. I have had a lot of very HARD times in my life. Times that some people would have just given up. I used food to comfort me through those hard times and to celebrate the joys.
I am doing pretty well at keeping my weight down and I may try to lose more weight at some point but right now I am still testing my weight loss yo see if it stays off without working at it. So far so good and it has been 6 months
I have also tried to switch my habit from being addicted to food to being addicted to Biggest Loser. So far I am REALLY addicted to the Biggest Loser tv show and have done well at keeping my food addiction under control.
Listen, my report is free so if you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off? Grab my free report and give this a try. It has worked for me- no diet, no exercise and I haven't even used my 'method' for around 6 months and have done well about not gaining the weight back.
Well, 10 minutes and Biggest Loser will be on.
I need to finish up here so that I won't miss a single solitary second of it ;0)lol
I won't be able to blog after the show about tonight's Biggest Loser show as I have to get up extra early for work tomorrow. But, I will try to post tomorrow after I get home.

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