Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Biggest Loser welcomes back some old favorites :0)

Wow, tonight Biggest Loser had both Ali and Michelle ( from season 5 & 6) back on while Alison was on maternity leave. For those that don't know- this actually happened back in January.
It was nice seeing both Ali and Michelle back on the Biggest Loser ranch and to see how well they are both doing. Though it would have been nice to have them talk a bit about what is going on in their life and how much things have changed for them since they won Biggest Loser.
It was also nice to see Nicole, Estella and David back so that we could see how well they have been doing at home.
Estella lost an amzing 45 pounds at home and looked fantastic! :0)
David had lost 46 pounds and talked a good line but after the way that he threw his chance at being on the show when Dan had worked so hard to bring him back on, well- I just didn't believe it.
Maybe he HAD realized that he needed to be on the Biggest Loser ranch in order to learn how to lose weight and get better eating havits but it seemed too little too late after how he stabbed Dan in the back.
Anyway, the Nicole got up on the scale and I was FLOORED! She lost a whopping 87 POUNDS!!!
The challenge this week seemed like it would be very difficult. Like Mike, balance is not my strong suit :0)
I don't know how you all feel but I must be honest and say that when this season started there was something about Filipe and Sione that didn't sit right with me. But, after they had been on the Biggest Loser ranch for a while I did get to like them...
that is up until Filipe had his childish hissyfit.
It just seems like since then that the blue team has been having an attitude and getting cocky.
Are we the only ones that see this and feel this way?
So when Filipe got cocky (again) and wanted extra ropes removed I thought it funny that he was one of the next to fall in the pool.
Who could believe that weigh in??? WOW! Look at all the weight gained instead of lost. Mike did a GREAT job though didn't he? and Tara finally hit her 100 pound weight loss goal :0))

I was glad that Ron is ok and will be fine but I felt bad for him in that he was pumped full of saline solution and gained 3 pounds. I didn't feel that his weight should have even counted because of that and I think that Mike said it best when he defended his dad.
I felt very bad for Nicole to have her hopes dashed by going home right away but I think that she was right that her short time back on the Biggest Loser ranch was what she needed to really SEE how much she has changed.
Now, for a bit of bad news:
I don't know if any of you have heard? But Jillian Michaels is considering leaving the Biggest Loser show. She has been very unhappy with certain contestants of the Biggest Loser and their attitudes and I think too that switching trainers was hard not only on the contestants but for the trainers themselves back a few weeks ago. Part of what led up to Filipe going off on Jillian and then walking off before she could defend herself.
Jillian is in talks with NBC and we are hoping that she will decide to stay on the Biggest Loser. This could be her last season on Biggest Loser but we sincerely hope that it won't be.
We like the way that Jillian pushes her people and yet you know that she does it because she cares. She might seem overboard to some but she DOES get results!
Well, we'll be adding new polls to the right. Please vote them, leave some comments and let us know what you thought about Biggest Loser tonight and if you would like to see Jillian stay?
So sorry about not keeping up with My Biggest Loser Blog lately but since the death of my cousin our life has been chaos. Another relative had to have surgery and we have been helping him. His son was coming home one night recently and someone shot him in the face. He has been in the hospital unable to even talk.
It seems that when it rains it pours and it has been pouring here.
Hopefully things will start to look up soon

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey, Mike pulled it off!

Wow! Mike Did It!!! He saved the day. We are so proud of him!
That was such a great moment to see Mike lose enough weight to save everyone.
Biggest Loser was really good tonight. I thought that Tara did a good job of picking competitors. She had it to where you figured that it was pretty much a shoe in for the black team.....
Until they won the 24 hour luxury :0(
We could not believe the eating, drinking and smoking. Remember Mark in season 5 smoked while they were in Las Vegas and it threw his body off to where he did not do well at the weigh in.
The calories that they consumed was absolutely sickening!
So, when it all came down to the weigh in we were absolutely AMAZED that the blue team lost
I really thought that Aubrey would be the one going home and was surprised when Ron spoke up in her defense so quickly.
Then, just when you thought that you knew what the outcome was going to be Mandi went and threw it to save her sister.
Kudos to her for her thinking of her sister instead of herself. She is an amazing woman and I am proud of her!
I must say though that I will miss her. She reminded me so much of Brittney from season 5.
Anyway, how about the blow up and the two black team members going over to train with Bob?
I must say that if he was upset about Jillian not training him then he should have spoken up and not let it boil over like that. Then to scream at Jillian but not even give her a chance to defend herself or explain and he just walked out? I am a bit disappointed in him.
Anyway, next week should be interesting huh? Going home to see their families will be nice for them but how many will fall back to their bad habits? Especially since we just saw how the black team totally blew their diet when faced with temptation.
Who do you think will do ok? Who do you think will gain weight? :eave your comments and let us all know what you think will happen on Biggest Loser next week.

BTW- would you like to adopt a cat? Let me know as we still need to find homes for the rest of my cousin's cats. Her brother wants them out of the house asap or they will be put down. If you are in the thumb of MI area then please adopt one of these cats and give them a good home.Thank you

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My thoughts on the Biggest Loser episode tonight....

First of all I apologize for not having blogged about last weeks Biggest Loser episode at all. I find myself still struggling to deal with our loss and besides trying very hard to find homes for Judy's cats I am also trying to find a new source of income in this troubling economy.
I find myself very depressed and watching the Biggest Loser helps me to forget my troubles and to try to stay on track for keeping my weight off that I lost while trying to not gain any more weight. It takes my mind off of everything bad that has been going on and for a little while life feels normal again.
But, as soon as Biggest Loser is done I am right back in the 'trying to find a new source of income' mode and get caught up in that.
Tonight though I am trying to get back in the swing of things and actually blog about tonight's Biggest Loser show.
It seems that this season we have some really wonderful people on the Biggest Loser. I don't know if they would shine this much anyway or if coming on the heels of Biggest Loser's last season with all of the nastiness that we saw, they just shine that much more brightly?
I do know that I am enjoying watching the Biggest Loser show so much more than last season.
I liked the cooking challenge and thought it was funny that Mike and Ron were competing against each other with a dish that they probably have made at home together hundreds of times.
To find out that the calorie difference between the two burgers hinged on the ketchup and mustard? AMAZING! How many times do we put ketchup and mustard on our food and not realize? We looked at the calories on the bottle of ketchup that we have and it was only 20 calories per serving. Hmmmmm....how many servings did they have for that burger?
I laughed when Ron sprayed the water at everyone when they wanted some water. Good nayured playing around like that is so refreshing after last season's Biggest Loser where we saw so much backstabbing and mean mouthing.
I thought that having the contestants bag up the food to help people in need was a wonderful idea. Though I was surprised when Laura sat the challenge out since Sioone had hurt his ankle like that.
I can understand Jillian being disappointed in Laura as it does seem like she is the weakest link and no matter what happens she doesn't seem to push herself as much as we see the others do.
Even with all of the health problems that Ron has he still is out there trying
I was impressed with Mike and how he gave his year's worth of free groceries to Audrey and her children like that. That was an AMAZING gift and being a fellow Michiganian I am so proud of him! :0)
Now for the weigh in...
I think that several people really did a great job. Some did ok and at least pulled their weight- so to speak. I expected Ron's number to actually be smaller than what it was consideringhis health.
Considering Sioone's ankle I didn't think he would have a great week but I had thought that he would have a higher weight loss number than he did.
When it comes down to it, it all comes down to Mike. Poor guy. That is a LOT of pressure.
I cannot believe that they are making us wait a whole another week to find out the results. It is driving me crazy already. How on earth does Biggest Loser expect us to wait another WEEK to find out if everyone stays or if 2 people have to go home? UGH!!!
I have started searching for spoilers and if I find out anything I will post it on here right away so keep checking back just in case:0)
Hope you all are well? Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we need it to get through this ordeal.
Leave some commenst and let us all know what you thought of tonight's Biggest Loser show and what you think might happen on Biggest Loser next week. Do you think that Mike lost enough weight to save everyone? Do you think 2 people will go home? Vote the polls to the right and let us know.