Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh, what a show- Biggest Loser made me laugh and made me cry...

Tonight the Biggest Loser was the best show we have seen in a while. They all are good to me but there was something special tonight. No petty backstabbing and eye-rolling. Everyone was so supportive.
We laughed so hard to see Bob so upset. Not that we like Bob being upset but it just wasn't 'Bob'. And then when he said at the weigh-in that he was " 'possessed' by Jillian Michaels" this week was hilarious :0)LOL
Bib NEVER gets upset like that. He is always Mr. Calm, yoga and more gentle workouts. Jillian is the one that screams, gets irate and pushes her group. So to see the shoe on the other foot was a nice change of pace.
Joelle seems to have upset everyone and I think that a lot of people were hoping that she would go home.
I was sure that if it came down between her and Jerry that she would be the one to go home. BUT, all day today I have had a bad feeling that it might be Jerry or Daniel going home and my worst fears ( actually the worst fears of a LOT of people) were realized when it came down between the 2 people that needed to be on the Biggest Loser ranch the most.
Trying to decide between them was so painful. When Ron spoke up about that Dan needed to be there the worst as Jerry has been thin before but Dan never has. It had a ring of truth to it. The more I thought about it I felt that Jerry would be ok if he went home but that Dan really needs to stay.
When the contestants had to tell who they voted for there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I had tears rolling down my face. But how wonderful to see the update for Jerry and see he has lost 84 pounds. EIGHTY -FOUR POUNDS!!! WOW!
He looks so wonderful! That made me feel so much better about him going home from the Biggest Loser ranch and it just confirms that not only can ANYONE do this at home but for all of the 9 people that were sent home last week CAN DO THIS!
How nice to see the updates with the 9 that were sent home. Boy that Carla was REALLY working out! Every single time you saw her she was MOVING!
It is too bad that she didn't stay on the Biggest Loser ranch instead of Joelle. BUT, maybe seeing that she only came ahead of the 'oldest' and the 'largest' (her words) might be what Joelle needs to make a change and actually start working out.
And that temptation? WOW- Joelle was SO tempted, wasn't she? Everyone else stepped back and didn't have to even think twice about it but right down to the last second it was any one's guess if Joelle was going to accept the temptation or stay there on the Biggest Loser ranch.
And the challenge? It was amazing to see how well some of the contestants did. I felt so bad for Jerry and Daniel being at the last and then I nearly cried when Daniel came in last and got the 1 pound disadvantage.
My son said for me not to give up that Daniel being as big as he is that he could lose enough weight that the 1 pound might not even matter.
I tried to think that but I just couldn't shake the bad feeling that I had that it would be between Daniel and Jerry.
Boy, that Daniel is really something, isn't he? Usually Jillian is pushing people till they cry for mercy but she was wanting Dan to hit 6.2 and he said 6.4, No 7 Miles An HOUR! And he DID IT! What an accomplishment and how proud we are of him for not only pushing himself harder than Jillian but actually hitting his goal?
You see everyone trying so hard and then you see Joelle standing around while SAYING that she was working as hard as everyone else. I feel bad for Carla. Here she is at home working her butt off and yet because Joelle isn't putting the effort into it, Carla might not even be able to come back to the Biggest Loser ranch at all.
Through the whole Biggest Loser show tonight I laughed and I cried and when it was done I felt SO GOOD! What a refreshing change from Biggest Loser season 6-huh?
Even as bad as it was seeing Jerry go home, it was such a WONDERFUL surprise to see how well he has done at home.
AMAZING! Biggest Loser was such a breath of fresh air tonight and I must say that I absolutely LOVE the contestants on Biggest Loser this season. I am sure that they will go on to lose an amazing amount of weight. Well, that is all of them except Joelle. It remains to be seen which way she will go.
As for the home contestants? Carla seemed to be doing well but the rest of them didn't seem to be doing as well and Daniel's friend eating french fries and hot dogs? I don't see him doing too well from what we have seen so far.
Hopefully he will prove me wrong. Time will tell.
Leave your comments. What did YOU think about the Biggest Loser show tonight?


spheaddy said...

I love the show and your blog. I was very disappointed in Joelle. I always had the feeling that her partner should have stayed instead of her. Her partner was heavier and clearly needed to be there more and I detected a sense of selfishness on Joelle's part and I was right. Let's hope her attitude changes, otherwise, I hope she gets the boot this week.


Brenda said...

I think her friend purposely left her there thinking she wouldn't be able to lose without the help of being on the ranch and having the trainers to push her. I got the feeling that Joelle didn't want to be on the show quite as much as her friend (Carla?) did. Looks like that may be the case. However, as tempted as she was by the money, she didn't succumb to that temptation, so maybe there is hope for her. We don't know what her hangups might be, what she is afraid of... after all, it's not always what you're eating, but often what's eating you that leads to obesity.
I hope she gets through it, and perhaps the scare of being in the bottom three will shake her into a realization that she does want to be there. Who knows...