Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am so incredibly ANGRY!!!

I am so incredibly angry with Dan's friend David! I cannot begin to describe how upset I am with David. Dan has worked his a** off trying to bring him back onto the Biggest Loser ranch and this kid goes and not only throws it up in Dans face like it is NOTHING! But he also goes and ruins it for Dan at the same time!!!!
I have not been this angry over something on Biggest Loser since the whole Vicky/Heba fiasco.
When I think of how hard Dan has worked not only for himself but he was worried about being able to bring his friend back and then when he could have made an effort to swing the vote in their favor David goes and acts like they don't need to be there.
Then he talks big about how he's going to lose all of this weight at home. I actually yelled at the tv "In your DREAMS!"
I was so worried about how well Dan would do at home especially with this backstabbing friend of his.
But, oh didn't Dan look AMAZING!? He has lost over 100 pounds! I am so happy that Dan is doing as well as he is and I hope that it continues. He is putting David to shame. I wonder how their friendship is holding up to this?
If I were Dan I would be upset to work so hard for your friend for 4 weeks just to have this wonderful gift- this unbelievable opportunity just thrownback in your face?
I am SO mad at David!
If he didn't want to be there then why did he agree to do it in the first place? Couldn't he make an effort for his friend when he knows that Dan needed to be there on the Biggest Loser ranch?
Thank God Dan had taken to heart the information that he learned. Though his losing the 2 pound advantage for David was a waste.
Gee, can you tell that I am upset?
Ok, enough about that. I need to talk about something else as this has got my blood pressure up.
Now, Didn't I say that I felt that Joelle might surprise us? I have been having a feeling about her. I felt that she was going to turn this around and look at what she did. She nearly won the challenge and she lost 10 pounds! WOW! I also see that she is getting along with her group now.
I think that having Carla on the Biggest Loser ranch will be a hoot! She just has that kind of a personality that she just shines and makes you smile :0)
And weren't the high numbers that we were seeing this week AMAZING? And the girls were pulling numbers that not only rivaled the guys but for the most part outdid the guys.
Helen was so happy that at her age she was able to do so well and bring Shannon back.
Kristen was thrilled to see her mom and be able to get her mom back on the Biggest Loser ranch. She has worked so hard to bring this about and she did it :0)
And wasn't Blaine's son so cute? I meant the baby but the little boy was too. He was so sad to see his daddy leave that my heart went out to him.
Green team- Tara? I am pretty sure that I have her name right. I will have to check. She wanted to win the challenge so bad but I am glad that someone else got that chance since she has won the last 2 challenges.
BUT, boy was she upset over the whole David thing and I was glad that she let him have it. I was glad that she gave David something to chew on besides his fried chicken!
Yellow team- I think that the one that stayed on the ranch (sorry I can't think of her name right this minute. I will check and put it in later) she looks so much like Brittney. Remember Brittney from season 5?
I think that she was really worried that she wouldn't be able to stay above the yellow line and bring her partner (sister?) back. To see her sheer joy that she was able to do it was wonderful :0)
Okay, well that's all for right now. Please leave your comments and I will try to blog more tomorrow- more about the show and about what thoughts that you have.

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