Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are Any Biggest Loser fans surprised?

Ok, last week we saw another side of Joelle and I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. I thought that MAYBE she finally got it and that she would start really putting herself into this opportunity that she had.
Then this week we were back to all of the talking without saying anything, the excuses and a 0 pound weight loss.
I felt so bad for Carla. She wanted this so much and she worked her a** off not only at home but on the Biggest Loser ranch too and then the first week that she get back on the Biggest Loser ranch she gets sent home because of Joelle.
What a disappointment for her.
I wish that they had went to singles at the begining of the show this week. That way it would have been so easy to send Joelle and her Zero weight loss home but they could have given Carla the opportunity to stay on the Biggest Loser ranch.
Carla sure did look great though- didn't she? I am sure that she can do this but it is just the idea that Joelle ruined it for her.
And Joelle? I couldn't believe it when she came right out and said that they weren't friends. I have to say that when the weigh-in came out the way that it did that I told my son that if they got sent home I was sure that Carla and Joelle's friendship was over.
I feel bad for Carla. I personally know the pain of losing a friendship of over 30 years because my 'friend' didn't think that she should have to pay me back the $130 I loaned her when she was facing being out on the street when it was getting cold out. We live in Michigan and winters get extremely cold. I couldn't really afford it and my Mom always said not to loan money to a friend. BUT, I couldn't see letting my friend end up homeless. She promised to pay me back within 2 months. It has been years and she won't even contact me.
So, I know the pain that Carla is feeling. But, if that is the kind of friend that Joelle is then Carla is better off without her.

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Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Joelle is very selfish. I know Carla wanted to give her every opportunity to stay friends, but Joelle's pride got in the way.