Thursday, December 18, 2008

Biggest Loser Ed- I have changed my mind....

When I wrote on here Tuesday night after the Biggest Loser finale I did not know what Ed had said. If I had known then I certainly wouldn't have said what I did.

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about....

What Ed said about Phil:
10.) What is one thing that happened behind-the-scenes that no one would know from watching the show?
Ed: Phil is a jack-off kiss ass.

I think that a comment like this just showed that Ed is on the same level of immaturity as the other 'children' that were on the Biggest Loser this season.

I liked Ed, Heba and even Vicky and Brady when they first came on the show.

Ed and Heba seemed so friendly and I remember Vicky and Brady giving the extra phone call to Phil and Amy. I was hoping that they would choose Phil and Amy as I thought that with them having an autistic child it would be good not only for them but for their son.

Then, when Ed got sent home it seemed that Heba started to change. Maybe being there on the Biggest Loser ranch 'alone' was hard for her and she didn't handle it well. I don't know. But it was at this point that I started to notice differences and my opinion of Heba, Vicky and Brady started to change.

That is also when we seemed to notice more and more that Vicky was rolling her yes and making comments. The further into the Biggest Loser season that we got the worse Vicky and Heba's behaviour became- especially Vicky but Heba had her moments too.

When Ed came back on to the Biggest Loser ranch then it seemed that Heba calmed back down but the damage to our opinion of her had already been done.

Now, I didn't like how Ed had the opportunity to send Vicky home but kept up the alliance but I knew that he didn't know what all had gone on after he had left the Biggest Loser ranch so I let it slide.

I understand that Ed only knows what Heba and Vicky told him about what transpired after he had left the Biggest Loser ranch. So, I have tried to be open minded about certain behaviours and how Ed voted after he came back on the Biggest Loser ranch.

But, this comment that Ed made is just too much.

The way that I see it, I don't believe that Phil said what Brady and Vicky accused him of.

As you remember we saw Vicky and Brady go in to Heba's room at the Biggest Loser ranch and tell her that Phil said some bad things about her.

We never saw Phil actually say anything.

Knowing what game players Vicky and Brady were I would tend to believe that they took whatever Phil might have said (if he said anything to Brady at all) and blew it all out of proportion in order to turn Heba against Phil and get her even more solidly on their side.

From then on Heba gobbled up every negative tidbit that Vicky fed her.

So I can understand, up to a point, that Ed might be happy with Phil once Heba had told him her version of what all happened on the Biggest Loser ranch after he went home.

BUT, I think that Ed's comment was just going too far.

When Ed was interviewed and said that Phil was (and I quote) a jack-off kiss ass- what was the point to that?

So Ed, this is what I think-Considering that you had already left the biggest Loser ranch to go home and would only have to see Phil for a short time for the Biggest Loser finale I would think that you could have been an adult about the whole thing. This comment was just childish and lowered everyones opinion of you. Of Vicky, Brady, Heba and you- I always thought that you stayed a notch above that whole mess but looks like you slipped in the slop and got mud on your face too.

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