Sunday, November 23, 2008

Should you quit watching the Biggest Loser?

I soak up anything to do with Biggest Loser like a sponge.

In my travels through the world of the Biggest Loser I have noticed some people saying that they aren't going to watch Biggest Loser anymore.

On the opposite end of the scale I am seeing some people say that they are watching Biggest Loser even more this season just because of all of the drama and shenanigans.

I even came across 1 person that said that they love VickyOkay, I REALLY don't understand how anyone- other than her mother- could love Vicky with the way that she acts. And I got to wonder how even her mother could love her with how nasty she is. But, I guess there are all kinds out there and that is what keeps this world from being a boring place.

I completely understand being fed up with the behavior of Vicky and Heba. BUT, before you stop watching the show please think about this....

-The Biggest Loser still helps a LOT of people and we shouldn't let Vicky ruin that

-While there have been some truly childish acts by some of the contestants there have also been some very unselfish acts by others. While some people need to grow up-others have shown true class.

-Biggest Loser is saving lives. Even though the focus this season seems to be all of the drama of Vicky and Heba there have still been glimpes of the true nature of the Biggest Loser TV show.

We have seen contestants go from despair over their weight gain and hope for better health to showing support for their family member as well as fellow team members. Certain classy members have reached across the 'team' borders to show support and encouragement for other Biggest Loser contestants.

Now, if you are REALLY upset to the point that you want to quit watching why don't you try these measures first?

-Write to the Biggest Loser and
A. complain about the direction this season is taking. Ask for them to show more of the POSITIVE parts of the show like they used to

B. ask that rules be created to avoid this situation in the future. Contestants like Vicky and Heba should be warned and then if they continue with this behavior they should be sent home and bring back someone that was sent home in order to replace the booted off contestant

C. another idea might be to break up the prize so that there are 3 Biggest Loser house winners with first place getting $150.000, second place getting $75,000 and then the third place getting $25,000the home prize could be split up to allow first place to get $75,000 and $25,000 for the second place home Biggest Loser contestant.

By splitting up the prizes there would be more winners of smaller prizes and should help to get rid of all of this game play greediness we are seeing by certain Biggest Loser contestants this season.

This way we can see more people winning as well as reduce the possibility of a repeat of this nastiness.If enough people contact Biggest Loser about this we could help make it an even better TV show.

But, if enough people quit watching the Biggest Loser then Vicky wins BIG TIME.
1. She would then be known for the person that closed down the Biggest Loser.
2.She would be one of the LAST contestants of the biggest Loser so this too would make her famous. She's already going down for being the WORST Biggest Loser contestant for her behavior so let's not give her more power than she already 'thinks' she has.

-Tape the show and fast forward past the parts you don't like. This way you can still watch the Biggest Loser but you don't have to be subjected to the bad behavior and drama of Vicky and Heba

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