Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Point, Candy

Candy brought up something that my son and I thought right as soon as it happened.
When Brady and Vicky went in to tell Heba how Phil had been bad mouthing her the first thing out of my son's mouth- just as I was about to say the same thing- was Did Phil REALLY say that or are they just trying to turn Heba against Phil?
There has been no video showing that Phil said anything bad about Heba. Come ON! Even when Vicky got Phil's wife Amy upset with her nasty (Vicky's) remarks the worst Phil said was that he thought that Vicky should go and apologize to his wife for upsetting her.
This doesn't sound like someone that is going and saying sad things about Heba.
To us it seems more likely that Vicky and Brady were trying to turn Heba against Phil and she bought it Hook, Line and Sinker!
After the way that Brady and Vicky have behaved on the Biggest Loser tv show I have to say that I would believe something that Phil said LONG BEFORE I WOULD BELIEVE ONE WORD OUT OF VICKY OR BRADY'S MOUTH!
If they said it was a beautiful day I would look outside to see.
If we are right and they were just playing Heba she should be embarassed that she fell for it and went on to act the way that she did.
Up until that point we liked Heba but her behaviour and attitude has just gone downhill since then and all she seems to be at this point is a 'Vicky Wannabe'- UGH! I shudder at the thought! One Vicky is bad enough.
And Brady? Threatening Phil over what? Saying that Vicky should apologize? Well, I guess the truth HURTS. Asking Vicky to apologize is such a small thing after how badly she has behaved. What? Has 'queen icky Vicky' never had to apologize before?
Well, maybe it is about time

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