Monday, December 15, 2008

The Biggest Loser finale is tomorrow night!!!

Yes, the Biggest Loser finale is tomorrow night and I am getting very excited about it. I cannot wait to see who wins the Biggest Loser grand prize of $250,000
I expect it to be Michelle :0) She has shown consistently high weight loss numbers. I also know that she has been exercising since leaving the Biggest Loser ranch.
Now Vicky is another matter. Like many of you, I really don't want her to win. But I don't think that she has a good chance at doing so. Even with all of the extra exercise time that the Biggest Loser tv show portrayed her as putting in, Vicky still did not have big weight loss numbers as consistantly as Michelle did
Then you add to that the fact that Vicky broke her ankle and has been on crutches for a big portion of the time since she left the Biggest Loser ranch and I just don't see Vicky winning.
Maybe that's wishful thinking? I don't know but I am praying that the person that wins that much money actually deserves it and Michelle definitely deserves to win and be the Biggest Loser.
I know Vicky has been talking about not wanting to, but probably needing to, wear a boot for the Biggest Loser finale. So, I think that karma will be taking care of making sure that Vicky will not be the Biggest Loser.
As for Ed and Heba? I really liked them when they first came on but I have chnaged my mind after seeing how Heba acted while Ed was off the Biggest Lose ranch.
O also think that it was selfish of Heba to be asking us to vote for her instead of Ed. I thought that his request was unselfish up until Heba asked us to vote for her. Then it just seemed to take away from the sacrifice that I thought that Ed had been making.
Add to that the fact that if Heba loved Ed you would think that she would have been asking us to vote for him.
I am totally disallusioned and disgusted by both of them at this point.
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This blog is not just about the Biggest Loser tv show but also to help those people that want to lose weight so that they can achieve their weight loss goals

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