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Season 7 of the Biggest Loser...

WOW! We all are enjoying Michelle's fabulous win and there are people wondering how in the heck Heba won. And some of you may be wondering, like Natalya, if Heba won the Biggest Loser $100,000 prize by cheating- see comments from Tuesday nights blog entry to see her comment. I plan on blogging more about that soon but I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you what I have found out about season 7 of the Biggest Loser.

As you all saw from the preview we were given during the Biggest Loser finale it looks to be quite an interesting and amazing upcoming season.

I know that many of you were disappointed at the direction that the Biggest Loser took in season 6 but I think that you might want to give season 7 a try. After all it IS a whole new set of people and maybe the Biggest Loser powers-that-be have learned a little something about what the American public wants to see and won't let the Biggest Loser show go off in the nasty direction that Vicky and Heba took it for season 6.

I am especially excited to see that in season 7 of the Biggest Loser we will be seeing 3 couples from Michigan. Since I live in Michigan I am looking forward to the possibility of a fellow Michigander winning the Biggest Loser season 7.

Here they are as well as all of the other couples that we will be seeing on season 7 of the Buggest Loser tv show:

The first couple from Michigan consists of Carla Triplett who works as an assistant bank manager and is 36 years old. The second half of this team is her best friend Joelle Gwynn a non-profit founder. She is 41 and is from Southfield.

The second Michigan team is

a father and son team consisting of Ron Morelli a retired food distributor who is currently a City Councilman and is age 54. His son is Mike Morelli a student who is 18 years old and lives in South Lyon.

Okay people. We got about a foot of snow here this morning so I need to get back out and get some more shoveling done- as our tiny snow blower is notworking and probably couldn't handle this much snow even if it were working.

I'll try to post more about the other new contestants for Season 7 of the Biggest Loser when I come back in.

Later :0)

Sorry this has taken so long. It took all day to get the roof and just part of the driveway shoveled. Our snowblower is not working right now and probably would have been too small to handle this much snow anyway :0(

Still have lots more to get the driveway cleared. Normally a long driveway is nice but NOT when you have to shovel over a foot of snow by hand-UGH!!!

Ok, so I left off with the first 2 couples from Michigan that will be on the Biggest Loser season 7. Here are some more:

The 3rd, and final, Michigan couple will be a Mother and Daughter team. Helen Phillips is the mother, she is a retired retail manager and is 47 years old, from Sterling Heights. Her daughter, Shanon Thomas is a massage therapist, 29 years old and lives in Centerline.

The rest of the couples will consist of a set of Grandparents-Estella Hayes, a retired 63 year old nurse, and her husband, Gerald "Jerry" Hayes (a retired 63 year old engineer), from Wheaton,ll.

Then there are Best Friends- Daniel Wright (a 19 year old student), from Willow Spring, NC, and his best friend, David Lee (a 23 year old student), from Fuquay-Varina, NC.

Cousins- Sione Fa (a 28 year old owner of a , landscape company), from Maricopa, Ariz., and his cousin, Filipe Fa (a 26 year old lube technician),from Mesa, Ariz.

Blaine Cotter (a 27 year old college counselor),from Gilbert, Ariz., and his cousin Dane Patterson (a 27 year old real estate appraiser),from Mesa, Ariz.

There is an engaged Couple- Damien Gurganious (a 31 year old industrial designer), and his fiancee Nicole Brewer (a 37 year old wardrobe stylist),from Brooklyn, New York.

Former Models- Tara Costa (a 23 year old model/finance manager),from New York, New York, and her friend Laura Denoux (a 24 year old model/sales director),from Miami, Florida.

There is a Mother/Daughter team- Cathy Skell (a 48 year old title sales closing agent at real estate firm),from Shiocton, Wisc., and her daughter, Kristin Steede (a 28 year old business owner),from Greenville, Wisc.

Last but not least we have a team consisting of sisters- Amanda Kramer (a 30 year old Cosmetologist),from Boise, Idaho, and her sister, Aubrey Cheney (a 28 year old information and education specialist),from Gooding, Idaho.

We also found out that all of the Michigan contestants will train with Bob.

On the Biggest Loser finale they announced that this will be the biggest season ever on "The Biggest Loser" as the 11 couples weigh in at a combined 3.5 tons. That is an amazing amount of weight to be lost. This looks to be a great season on the Biggest Loser season 7 and we hope that even those of you that were disheartened by last season's nastiness will tune in and give these people a chance to win over your hearts.

Biggest Loser season 7 will have a record-setting cast, which will include the show's two oldest contestants ever, the youngest male contestant ever, the heaviest female contestant ever, and the heaviest contestant that the Biggest Loser has ever had on their tv show in the history of the Biggest Loser.

There will be one contestant on Season 7 that is 54-years-old and he weighs 430 pounds. This man has had his stomach stapled, had his jaws wired shut, and... he still has not won his battle to lose weight.

Can Biggest Loser help him? Will he lose the weight? Will he quit? or could he be the winner this season?

We will all have to watch and see as this season promises to be a good one on Biggest Loser. No matter what your age, be you male or female, there will be someone who you will identify with. Someone will find a way into your heart and you will remember how much you love the Biggest Loser and all of the good that the Biggest Loser does for so many people and all of the nastiness that we saw in season 6 will be nothing more than a memory.

Biggest Loser season 7 starts January 6th and we will be right in front of our tv getting to know, and love, this seasons contestants. We hope that you will too and that you will share your thoughts about the show and the contestants right here and vote whatever new polls that we come up with.

Don't forget to vote the polls we have going now as January 1st some of them will be done and they will move to the bottom of the page with the other closed polls. We plan to continue to poll you to see who is watching the Biggest Loser- is it skinny people? People that are a little overweight? Or people that are a lot overweight (Please get our FREE report above so that you can move to the skinny part of our poll :0)lol).

When our poll first started it seemed that there were more skinny people watching but now we are seeing that it is actually more overweight people but it is a good mix of people of all sizes.

That is because the Biggest Loser tv show is about hope and inspiration as much or more than about weight loss. When you see people weighing 3-400 pounds that can lose 100 pounds or more when nothing else has ever worked for them then you know that if they can do this that YOU can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to also! :0))

Keep checking back on My - 'Biggest Loser' - Blog for more on information on the Biggest Loser tv show. We still have more to talk about as far as whether or not Heba might have cheated and some updates on past contestants that you might be wondering about.

I need to go shovel some more but will try to be back here later with comments about the signs that Heba might have cheated as well as 1 sign that I don't believe has been brought up yet but could be a clue as to if Heba might have cheated to lose the weight in order to win the Biggest Loser $100,000 prize.

I am NOT saying that she DID. I try to tell everyone's side or view of what happens on the show. I DO include my thoughts or feelings but I sincerely want to have a blog here that will not be biased to any extreme.

If you read through all of my posts you will see that even though I did not like the way that Vicky acted I still asked that if anyone knows her and knows that she is nice to let me know. I want to try to have both sides of every story, to be as honest as I can be, try to be fair and yet also include my opinion. I want this to be a place that Biggest Loser fans can come and read, leave comments and be active members of our community. I want this to be a place that we can share our thoughts- nicely- and fill in those moments when we are a little bit Biggest Loser deprived and need a Biggest Loser fix to get us through :0)LOL

Stay tuned...... :0))

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