Thursday, December 4, 2008

Help me out here.....I have a question about Biggest Loser...

I have a question that I would really like answered. Recently I read somewhere that skinny people don't watch Biggest Loser that only people that are overweight watch it.

I disagree with that. My son is skinny but he enjoys watching Biggest Loser with me. I have recently lost a lot of weight but I still love watching the Biggest Loser. Even when I am skinny I will still love to watch Biggest Loser....won't I?

I'm sure that I will :0)

Anyway, this has me wondering if this could be true. So, I have started a poll that will go until the end of the year. Please tell all of your Biggest Loser watching friends so that they can come and vote my poll. I would like to get a really good indication of whether or not it is true that skinny people don't watch Biggest Loser.

Can't wait to see how this poll turns out :0)


Don't eat too many cookies or drink too much eggnog. And didn't you know that fruitcake is a perfect food? Sure, it has fruit, nuts, grains and by the way most people talk about it, it doesn't sound like something most people would binge on.

Viola..... the perfect food :0)LOL
Till next time

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