Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is the Biggest Loser tv show biased?

My son and I have been talking about how some people are saying that the Biggest Loser tv show is biased. That they are showing bad things to make Vicky and Heba look bad and for drama.

We have come to the conclusion that even IF Biggest Loser IS being biased for ratings, or whatever, that they would not have the ammunition to do so if Vicky and Heba were not actually saying and doing these things. Biggest Loser cannot produce video of these hateful acts and these words coming out of their mouths if they never said them.

So, even if Biggest Loser were being biased the fact remains that Vicky and Heba have acted like this at some point during the week and they have said these things. As far as we are concerned, biase on Biggest Loser's part does not negate the fact that Vicky and Heba need to learn some basic human decency and to grow up.

Yes, money brings out the worst in a lot of people and here we have been seeing some prime examples of that fact. Should Biggest Loser have tried to capitalized on the behaviour of Vicky and Heba? I could see showing a little of it on the show but maybe the worst parts should be put on their site as bonus video for those who would choose to view it?

This way watching the Biggest Loser tv show would give you the idea that all is not well with Vicky and Heba but the controversy would not be pushed down the throats of people that are just watching to get inspiration & hope and that do not want to see all of this drama.

Personally the drama has not bothered me. Let me rephrase that, the fact that the Biggest Loser has aired all of this drama has not bothered me as much as the fact that these 2 women are actually acting like this.

I would rather see the truth of how the contestants are so that I know that I am cheering on the people that deserve to have us cheering them on and that they are the ones that really deserve to win the money.

On the other hand I can see that there are a lot of people that are very upset about Biggest Loser showing all of this drama on tv. Many people watch this family show with their children and don't like their kids seeing this kind of behaviour.

As for myself? I think that children will see this behaviour throughout their life and what better way to show them how not to act than to watch Biggest Loser together and point out how awful Vicky and Heba are acting and let your children see how these women are embarassing themselves on national television.

I like to take advantage of times like these to point out life lessons and this has been a perfect example- even though I didn't need to point out anything, as my son piped right up about how awful they were behaving even before I had a chance to say anything :0)

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