Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OMG! Michelle WON the Biggest Loser- Y E S!!!

Congratulations Michelle! We knew you could do this and we are SO Proud of YOU!
When Ed came on and had lost so much weight I was a little concerned. Not that I would have minded Ed winning so much as that I just REALLY wanted Michelle to win :0))
Oh, I am so overwhelmed with so much I want to say that I can't think straight :0)lol
When Vicky got up there on the Biggest Loser scale I just KNEW in my heart that she didn't get it. She lost to Ed by 1 pound
You know that that had to hurt.
Then Michelle got up there on that Biggest Loser scale for the last time and I turned to my son and I said-which I had been telling him all along but I KNEW with a certainty in that moment- "Michelle has got this. She's won"
I told my son that he had better get ready and cover his ears :0)
Michelle got weighed and I screamed and screamed with joy for her. I am so happy that she won the Biggest Loser. She is so deserving of this
She looked so good and so happy. I was really glad to see that her and Renee are still close.
Michelle is very lucky. She has a mother and father that love her very much, she's lost the weight and won the Biggest Loser $250,000
Who wouldn't want to be in her shoes right now? :0)
Michelle worked really hard and all of her hard work paid off.
I think that Ed did really well too. I have to admit that my son and I felt a bit sorry for him when they were showing all of the food being passed in front of his nose and him having to cook food and still lose weight? Oh, the torture! :0)
But, considering everything he did pretty good and lost quite a bit. He actually lost more weight than I would have expected.
As for Vicky? She lost quite a bit of weight but I think that her coming so close and then losing being the Biggest Loser when she wanted it so much was karma coming up and biting her in the butt.
Speaking of karma... did you notice that the only 2 women that slipped and almost fell were Vicky and Heba?
I must say that when we saw Heba we were so glad that we had voted for Ed rather than Heba because I have to wonder if Heba might have won the Biggest Loser. I haven't checked the numbers yet but I will let you know when I do.
From being the biggest woman on the Biggest Loser ranch Heba had lost an awful lot of weight. She looked really good and seemed to be nicer like she was when she first came on the Biggest Loser tv show.
I thought that the weigh in for the Biggest Loser $100,000 prize was even more dramatic than the weigh in for the Biggest Loser $250,000 prize.
We saw some absolutely AMAZING weight loss results for everyone on the Biggest Loser finale tonight and I have a lot more that I want to say about this but I am really tired so that's it for tonight. I will be blogging more about this probably tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

You wanted to know what Ed said about Phil. Look on the iVillage thing for his "behind the scenes" comment at the end of the mini-interview. He said, "Phil is a jack-off kiss ass."

How sad, huh?
(Michelles rock!)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so, Google ivillage biggest loser. Click on the first link there (ivillage Lose Big). page down until you can see Ed! Under his Orange-shirted self, you see some stats, then some questions starting w/ which teams have the advantage. The LAST question, just before the comment link, is the behind the scenes question we're talking about.

Anonymous said...


It's right on the same page as the comments! Just look ABOVE THE COMMENTS!

Chelle said...

Thanks for letting me know but I still can't find it. Can you post a link?
Thank you! :0)
Yes it IS sad. I am even more glad than ever that Michelle won this if Ed said something like that. I bet it's because Heba told her side (what she BELIEVED) Phil had said because of the lies that Brady and Vicky were telling her. Ed then got mad and had to get back at Phil for hurting his wife (Ed's I mean). But really, it was all done, they won $100,000 why not be a big person and just let that crap go instead of dragging it out even more?
Just to get the last word?
Ok Ed, you got the last word. Hope it was worth it because my opinion of you just sank to the level of my opinion of Vicky, Brady and your wife Heba.
I liked you all at the begining of the Biggest Loser but I don't like what you became.
I do not believe that Phil said those things as they were never aired and if they HAD beem said I am sure that Biggest Loser would have shown that as part of the drama that was aired this season.
And it continues rigt to the end, huh?
Glad Michelle won but not so happy that Heba did after her part in this drama.

Chelle said...

Thanks! I found it. I thought that you meant a video interview- duh! :0)lol

Well, I said I'm tired and when I looked at the wuestions I somehow missed that part so now I KNOW that I am tired and I am off to bed.

I cannot believe that Ed was such a jerk as to say that. It was totally uncalled for:9(

I really appreciate you letting me know and I will definitely be blogging about this

Brenda said...

Do you ever wonder if NBC might have had the weigh-ins manipulated? What if Vicky had actually won by a pound, but because of the huge outcry (not to mention the possible backlash against the sponsers when we all boycotted them) they "changed the score" so that Michelle won by that pound? Wouldn't that be ironic? Icky Vicky shot herself in the foot.
Nah, I rather believe that Michelle DID win with no manipulation. She looked FANTASTIC! Gives me hope. *(sigh)*

Natalya said...

Found my way here all by myself, whee! Thanks for the invitation, Michelle. You have a lovely blog & I'm honored to post here. Let's see...before I launch into all the signs I saw in Heba from the moment she walked out onstage, I want to pause to attend to something Brenda raised above: of course there's a manipulation factor on the scales, and we sweet viewers just put our faith in the producers and technicians as the big so-called "scale" screen throws crazy numbers all over the place with a "beep-beep-beep" to build suspense. That's part of the fun of it. And speaking of fun, this season was less and less so as the drama wore on -- so much so that my husband and I, once inspired by BL (Season 5) to transform ourselves back into the healthy people we were before having a baby, have now sworn off watching Season 7. Too bad, because we've lost over 120 pounds combined (I am bordering on too light and he keeps melting off pounds as his weight loss has enabled him to return to enjoying running).
That said, on to the signs, noting that I am not saying for sure she did any of the following sign-causing things that previous contestants have confessed to: The more-than-usually-strained smile, seemingly sticky teeth, dull skin tone as compared to last week on the ranch looked like dehydration signs; the apparent change of body frame type, particularly visible in the saddle-bag hips and thighs, (even Ali still carried the same overall frame type when she won last year as when she began) was similar to what I've seen in liposuction patients; Dark circles under the eyes in spite of makeup are often results of anorectic starvation or bulimic purging (which can also be done through over-exercising, not just vomiting). Why didn't they show us more of Heba's at-home routine, I wonder? Moving right along, Ryan Benson (winner of season 1) confesses on his myspace page to a horrendous "cleanse" in which he consumed only cayenne-spiked lemon water for the two weeks before the finale...such dangerous fads can lead one to dizziness, clumsiness, etc. It seems odd that V & H were the only girls sliding on the floor, when we already know that V's unsustainable, miserable lifestyle at home was like a kind of self-inflicted purging torture. I almost feel as if NBC should offer to cover some quality psychotherapy for them both.
Everyone else just lacked these signs and looked so much healthier and happier -- especially Stacey, Phil, Shellay, and both of the Amys. I also just hope what I'm seeing is misplaced or coincidence, and that Heba hasn't done unhealthy things, because she wants to get pregnant, bless her heart!
That's it for now. I welcome conversation but confess to being hit-and-miss with my online time, running around after a toddler & all!
I wish you all the best with this great space, Michelle, and a much happier Season 7! Maybe I'll live vicariously through reading your blog in lieu of tuning in to NBC ;> NAC