Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vicky - villan or victim?

In seeing all of the horrible comments about Vicky and a few comments sticking up for her I decided to give Vicky the benefit of the doubt and check out her myspace page and blogs.

You can check my statements out for yourself at her myspace page. Her username is biggestloservicky

Vicky says on her myspace blog about how it was all editing and she can't stand to watch how the Biggest Loser portrayed her.

She says that she never said all of those things and that she hugged everyone when they left. Vicky says that Biggest Loser took everything out of context. That none of how she was portrayed is true.

Then she goes on to slam Biggest Loser saying about cockroaches and finding 2 inches of maggots in the sink.I don't believe a word of it. She can not claim that she's nice with one breath and then spew the vile crap that she is in the next breath.

Biggest Loser has shown video of the kitchen at the ranch. There has never been a time when it has looked anything but clean.

Vicky says that she was washing dishes and found 2 inches of maggots in the bottom of the sink.

First of all, I would think that it would take quite a while to have that many maggots build up.

Secondly,I would think that if there were any maggots- especially that many- that you would see them floating in the water before getting down to the bottom of the sink- wouldn't you?

Thirdly, I would think that for there to be that many maggots you would have to have a horrible odor and a serious fly problem. I have not seen any flies and I watch every episode.

I mean, I am no maggot expert- and don't want to be, but I would think that logic would say that the statements I make above should be true.

I find it highly telling that Vicky is the only one that is saying these things.

Sorry Vicky I just don't believe it.

Biggest Loser cannot put words in your mouth.
They cannot make you roll your eyes
and Biggest Loser cannot make you have the body language that you yourself portray.

And if you were a truly nice person, like you are trying to convince us you are, you wouldn't be spouting lies about 2 inches of maggots in the sink!

I just do not believe that to be true.

I'd be careful of things like that because Biggest Loser could go after you for slander and libel.

I think that you have a hard enough hill to climb to overcome the way America feels about you after what they have seen and heard. I don't think your reputation could handle the extra burden of being sued by the Biggest Loser.

Vicky, I really did try to give you the benefit of the doubt. You might have been able to convince me if you hadn't had the blog posts about Biggest Loser having maggots and roaches.

Even then, if what you said had seemed reasonable, but TWO INCHES of maggots seems more a way of getting back at the Biggest Loser for showing you as you are. As the old saying goes 'the truth hurts'.

Maybe you want to remember yourself as not saying those things and hugging the other contestants as they left because it is easier than facing the truth. I know that as human beings we tend to forget the bad and remember things as being much better than they actually were.

I hope that you will take this as the constructive criticism that it is meant to be and make some changes. It's great to show your kids how to be healthy and have good eating habits. But, you also need to show them about being a good sport, human decency and kindness.


db in TN said...

That stuff about vicki talking about maggots in the TBL kitchen was gross. I don't believe it or her either.

Can't wait to see next weeks show and the finale. We shall see what happens.

Like your blog and the polls.

Padgett Crew said...

We should be friends You said to a tee what I have been saying to friends..Thanks