Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Any surprises on the biggest Loser tonight? Not really.

I could not believe the way that they blue team ganged up on the black team tonight. The way that they picked off Michelle and then Renee was just awful. It made me think about how the blue team last season ganged up on Kelly and Ali. We all saw how that turned out.

What goes around comes around and I am sure that this blue team will see the same end result as what the blue team did last season.

What ever happened to good sportsmanship and fair play?

I have seen the black team tell members of the blue team "Good job" when someone lost a large amount of weight. But tonight, when Michelle and Renee did such a great job was there anyone on the blue team big enough to tell them "Good job"? NO!

I've been pretty sure all week that Amy would probably be going home tonight. Not that I am happy about it but I could see the way the winds blowing and once Amy voted to keep Vicky on it was just a matter of time before Vicky made sure that Amy went home.

I too have been a trusting person and I have learnt the hard way that many people just cannot be trusted no matter who they are. Even family or friends of many years can turn on you with no apparent reason. When money is involved there is an even greater risk as money can do funny things to people. It is sad because we should put family and friends first. We should homor our word and be able to trust others to do the same.

Alas, that is not the world we live in today. It is sad but it is true.

I was a bit concerned about Michelle & Renee but My God they did AWESOME!!!

I was so happy when Renee got her 8 pound loss and was safe. Then came Michelle's turn and I was hoping and praying that she would have at least an 8 pound loss too.

I told my son that he had better cover his ears when they showed Michelle's weight loss and sure enough I was jumping around, screaming, laughing.

10 lbs.... TEN POUNDS!!!! We are so proud of you Michelle and Renee. You have worked hard and you have done such an awesome job and all the while you have done nothing but shown class.

OMG! This was an EXCELLENT show. I would have much prefered to see Vicky going home but to see Michelle and Renee safe and getting to stay on the ranch was wonderful.
I feel bad for Amy but we all saw it coming. There is no way that Vicky would vote to keep Amy there after she sent Brady home.

But, did you see that Vicky actually did consider sending Heba home? All the time that they have been on the ranch together, on the same team and when push came to shove she actually thought about sending Heba home?

Vicky is only out for Vicky and anyone that gets in her way had better watch out.
Ok so, Renee and Michelle are there for at least another week. I am hoping that next week Vicky will fall below the yellow line again, and that this time, the mother/daughter team and the husband/wife team will send Vicky packing!

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