Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a H U G E Mistake!

As I tried to go to sleep last night I was running scenarios through my mind of how things might have went if Amy had just voted Vicky off instead of Coleen.
Think about this:
With Vicky gone we would then have a mother/daughter team, a husband/ wife team and 2 singles (Coleen and Amy). This would put things pretty evenly matched.
Then you take into consideration that last night on the Biggest Loser we had Amy and Heba below the yellow line.
Now, if Amy had voted off Vicky then I believe that she would have had Michelle, Renee & Coleen all voting to keep her on the show. Of course Ed would have voted to keep his wife Heba on but the votes would have been 3 for Heba to go home and only 1 for Amy to go home.
Thus, Heba would have had to leave the Biggest Loser ranch and Amy would have stayed.
Taking it a step further: I believe, seeing how Ed seems to be having so much trouble, that it is a good possibility that Ed might have been below the yellow line next week- especially with Heba not there to keep after him.
No matter who would have fallen below the yellow line with Ed I am sure that if he did fall below the yellow line that he would have been the one to go home as I feel that all four of the others would have voted for him to go home.
This would have left us with Michelle, Renee, Coleen and Amy as the final four and I personally would not have minded to see any one of those four win the money.
Instead, because Amy sent Coleen home, she ended up gong home. Now here we are facing the possibility that Vicky could actually win the money.
I shudder at the thought.
It is funny (not funny HaHa, but funny ironic) that one mistake, like not sending Vicky home when Amy had the chance, could have cost Amy the $250,000. There is no guarantee that she would have been the winner but now she is not even in the running for the Biggest Loser house prize simply because she made 1 wrong decision.

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