Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ed's love for his wife may be his undoing....

Thinking about last night's Biggest Loser show I have been mulling over this scenario:

What if Ed hadn't thrown the weigh in for his wife?

Then it would have been Heba and Vicky below the yellow line. Considering how everyone feels about Vicky I have no doubts that it would have been Heba as the 3rd finalist. Vicky would have gotten her walking papers- so to speak- at the finale.

Ohhh, the glory of it!

This would have given Ed and Heba 2 chances at the $250,000 instead of just one. Not a good move you two. You just threw away a second chance like it was nothing.

But, this could work out even better when you think it through.

Imagine this: Vicky is so smug because she knows that she is one of the finalists. She is so sure, in her mind, that she has this won. I can see her smirk now....

Now imagine her amazement when she doesn't win after being so close to the brass ring.

She will be so mad! I could see her having a temper tantrum, like a 2 year old, right there on national tv.

What goes around comes around and I would think that for her to be at the finale and then lose would be even more painful for her than to not even be one of the final 3. So close and yet so far :0)

With Vicky's broken ankle she won't be able to exercise as much. Even though she is no longer on crutches she still has to wear a boot. We have less than a week till the finale. Do you really think that she has been able to work out for hours a day with a broken ankle and while on crutches?

I wouldn't think so.

Here are the remaining four contestant's current percentages of weight loss:
Michelle 33.06%
Vicky 30.89%
Heba 28.57%
Ed 24.78%
Looking at the weight loss percentages, Michelle's percentage is much higher than Vicky with Heba coming in 3rd and Ed coming in last at less than 25 percent to Michelle's over 33 percent weight loss.

If Ed is the 3rd finalist do you really think he can beat Michelle's consistently high numbers? I don't believe so. I think that Michelle has this. Now it could be wishful thinking but I really feel good about Michelle winning the Biggest Loser $250,000.

Now, did you notice how Michelle hugged Vicky when she got off of the scale but absolutely no blue team members said anything encouraging when Michelle got weighed?

Jillian was the only person there to congratulate Michelle for the great job she did.

I also didn't like the whole jumping on the bed scene by the blue team. I know that they have been behaving like 2 year olds but do they really have to jump on the beds like 2 year olds at their age and size?

Usually I cry and get all sad when the members go home before the finale. It is like saying goodbye to good friends. But last night I only felt sadness about not seeing Michelle every week. I will not miss the drama of the blue team and I most certainly will not miss Vicky's bad attitude, rolling eyes and foul mouth.

Figuring that good wins out over evil and what goes around comes around- I have to wonder if fate (God, or whatever) is conspiring to keep Vicky from winning the money after her atrocious behaviour.
What do you think? Let me know.

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Brenda said...

I have no doubt that Vicky probably planted the seed for Ed to think he was doing something helpful to Heba in throwing his weigh-in. Vicky would certainly not think twice about hoping she could convince Ed to throw himself under the yellow line, which would have the result of making sure Vicky had a chance to stay above it. I can just see her convincing Ed (how hard would that be?) that he was doing it for Heba. Such a player, that Vicky. Icky!