Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a heartbreaking week...

Like so many of you, my son & I have been hoping that Michelle & Renee would be able to go to the finale together. So tonight was very difficult. When we saw Renee fall below the yellow line we were pretty sure that Renee would be the one that would get sent home.
Even though we were fairly certain we did have some hope. Knowing what a 'player' Vicky is we wondered if she would realize that Ed was the bigger threat and would send him home and surprise everyone.
When Vicky said that she would show her vote and that then she wanted to say something my son & I were certain that she must be going to sent Ed home.
After all, what reason would she need to say something about the reason for her vote if she were sending Renee home?
So, when Vicky showed her vote to send Renee home our heart dropped to our feet. I was crying right along with Michelle & Renee. I'm sure that I wasn't the only one either.
Right from the start of this season Michelle & Renee have been there to lose weight, get healthy and rebuild their relationship. I have never seen either of them be anything but good sports throughout all of the drama that this season has had.
Tonight it seemed that Vicky was- dare I say it? Nicer? She seemed more emotional too. Maybe it was game play or maybe not.
Remember last season, Mark went off on his brother Jay. Due to that and other reasons I did not like Mark after that.
Then came the turning point. Mark became more emotional and actually started to be nice :0)
I know a lot of people got really tired of all of his crying- we did too- but it was good to see him change and become a better person.
I know that most of you really want Vicky to go home and I must say that I still agree. This late in the game it just seems that even if it is real remorse over her behaviour it is probably too little too late. That's if her actions tonight were on the up and up and her tears were real and heart felt.
Personally, with Renee gone my son & I have only 1 person that we are really voting for. We want Michelle to win.
I liked Heba and Ed when they first came on but with the way that Heba has acted I just don't feel that Heba deserves to win as much as what Michelle does. If Ed wins then Heba still benefits and even though her behaviour hasn't been as bad as Vicky's it has still been pretty bad.
On the other hand, looking at the lesser of two evils I must say that if it comes down to it I would rather Heba get the money over Vicky any day.
Now, the big twist that we found out tonight we know that America gets to vote who will be the 3rd person in the finals. If Biggest Loser does this right they should have that America votes who goes home out of all four of the contestants. That way we don't have to worry about Vicky falling below the yellow line in order to send her home.
The reason I say this is because from everything I have seen and heard I know that probably about 99% of America wants Vicky to go home. So, I am sure that given the chance that America will be voting to send Vicky home.
Whatever happens, I know that we will be voting to be sure that Michelle stays on the Biggest Loser ranch and, if possible, that Vicky will be going home.
In 2 weeks we will find out who the Biggest Loser is. That moment is bittersweet. On one hand I cannot wait to find out. On the other hand that means not getting to see our favorites on the show any more and having to wait for the new season to start.
Ahhh, the emotional rollercoaster ride of the Biggest Loser addict :0)

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