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Which Biggest Loser home contestants will win?

The poll results for the question asking which Biggest Loser home contestant do you think will win the results are all over the board. But, the majority of votes have been between these three Biggest Loser contestants that have been sent home to finish their weight loss journey:
Coleen 30%
Renee 25%
Amy C 27%

As you can see it is a very close call between these three. But, even though the rest of the Biggest Loser home contestants do not have the votes on our poll does not mean that they are out of the running.

We know that Coleen's dad Jerry, when he left the Biggest Loser ranch, went on to lose an amazing amount of weight.

When Coleen and Jerry decided for him to be the one to leave the Biggest Loser ranch we were very concerned. Jerry had a lot of health problems while he was at the Biggest Loser ranch with all of the doctors and everyone there to help him lose weight. Considering how precarious his health was while under doctors care we were worried about how well he would do trying to lose the weight at home without all of the supervision that he had at Biggest Loser.

But, when they gave his update we were pleasantly surprised to see that not only had he lost a lot of weight but he had also been able to get rid of some of the health problems that he had been suffering with at the Biggest Loser ranch.

Tom- Lt's dad & Adam- Stacey's husband
I see that no one has voted has voted for either one of these contestants. But no votes in the poll does not mean that they can be discounted. They may surprise us all when we see them on the Biggest Loser finale on Tuesday night.

When Biggest Loser voted off contestants came back for the chance to be able to come back on the Biggest Loser ranch Stacey had lost a lot of weight. She looked great and she surprised us all with her determination to win the challenge even though she had already said that she didn't know if she even wanted to come back on the Biggest Loser ranch at all with how things had changed.

I got to say that if Stacy can put her heart and soul into winning a challenge when she is not even certain that she wants to win the prize then how determined will she be when she actually does want to win the prize and we all have to know that she will want to win the Biggest Loser $100,000 home contest.

Shellay had lost a lot of weight when she came back for the challenge. Since then she has seemed to be in hiding. I say this because- unlike her daughter Amy- we haven't seen her on tv shows, nor have there been any more recent photos of her that might give away how she is doing on her weight loss journey. Is this strategy? or just coincidence?

Phillip and his wife Amy-
Amy has only 3% of the poll votes but I can tell you that I know that Amy P has lost an amazing amount of weight. You would hardly recognize her from her pictures and that was from a few weeks ago so how much more has she lost? Hmmm...

Phillip has 9% of the votes and seems to be pretty determined. I could see him winning the Biggest Loser home contest just to spite Vicky, Brady, Heba & Ed.

Now it is time to debate about those top three Biggest Loser home contestants :0)


Renee is right smack dab in the middle at 25%. She was on the Biggest Loser ranch the longest out of these three people. Being on the Biggest Loser ranch the longest she had Jillian pushing her as well as the time to learn the most about proper nutrition and exercise. This could possibly give her an edge. It is hard to say for sure as she too has kept out of the limelight. I have not heard anything nor have I seen any recent pictures that might give us a clue.

Amy C-
Amy Cremen was on the Biggest Loser ranch longer than Coleen but less time than Renee. Yet her poll results are higher than Renee's and less than Coleen's. I have seen Amy on the Today show and have seen recent pictures of her. She was down to a size 6 last I knew.

Amy Cremen herself has said that she feels that the Biggest Loser home contest will be between her and Phillip's wife Amy P.

Coleen was on the Biggest Loser ranch for the shortest time of these three but she seemed to lose pretty consistently if not always huge numbers. From her pictures I know that Coleen has lost a lot of weight.

Why do we vote the Biggest Loser contestants that we do? Looking at the poll votes I think that it looks like we all seem to vote more for the contestants that were on the biggest Loser ranch the longest.

Why is this? Is it because we see how well they are doing so we have more confidence in their weight loss abilities

Or, is it just because we get to know them the most and so we get attached to them and just HOPE that they will win?

I don't know why exactly we tend to vote more for those Biggest Loser contestants that were on there the longest but I tend to think that it is more about getting attached to certain Biggest Loser contestants.

Personally, I like pretty much all of the Biggest Loser home contestants. I am friends with most of them and would find it very difficult to choose between them. The only one that I can think of that I would really rather not see win the Biggest Loser home contest would be Brady as he was part of that whole Vicky/Heba/Brady drama.

Just as I would rather not see Vicky or Heba win but mostly Vicky. I just can't get past everything that we have seen and heard both on the show and her awful story about the maggots in the sink. I asked that anyone that Knows Vicky and says that she is nice to comment and convince me. No one has.

I really like Coleen, Jerry, Renee, Amy Cremen, Stacey, Lt, Amy P and Phillip.
Amy Cremen is the Biggest Loser contestant that was making a dream of mine come true.
Amy had asked me to make her a shawl that she was to use when she went to the Biggest Loser finale. I was so excited. But, due to circumstances beyond my control she will not be wearing the shawl at to the finale after all.

The first problem came in that the colors that Amy wanted, though they weren't anything elaborate, were very hard to find.

Our local Walmart had just gotten rid of most of their yarn and crafts. I spent 5 hours on one day alone calling pretty much every store in the thumb of Michigan trying to find the yarn that I needed for Amy's shawl but to no avail.

I spent hours every day for 5 days searching internet sites and calling their stores to confirm availability of the yarn.

No such luck.

Finally 6 desperate days of searching later we were able to go to Port Huron with friends, which is a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive from our place under normal driving conditions.

This was not a normal day. I had something uptown the night before that made me sick. I was sicker than a dog all night the night before.

Knowing that I had to have this yarn so that I could fulfill my dream I pushed myself and went anyway.

We were supposed to get snow that day but it was only supposed to be a few inches and was not supposed to happen until that evening.


While we were in Port Huron that day it started snowing and the roads became very slick. It was on the way home that trouble struck. We were in an accident.I was the only one to get hurt- thank God! :0) Not that I am happy that I was hurt but it could have been much worse and I am thankful that it wasn't

I hurt my back, got whiplash and hit my head on the window. I have been in pain all week and yet I have pushed myself to get the shawl done.

It is BEAUTIFUL! :0)

But, I am very disappointed that because of all of these things and that (for some reason) Amy was not getting my emails and so I was unable to get the shawl to her in time as she left for LA on Friday.

It is very hard to go from the highest of highs of seeing a dream come true to having my hopes dashed. Yes, Amy still wants the shawl so that is good. But, I had built this up in my mind that Amy would wear the shawl to the Biggest Loser finale and someone would see it and that my other dream of having my creations in a boutique would come true.

I suppose that this dream could still happen but right now I feel that this was my one shot and that fate conspired to keep me from it.

Some might say that it wasn't meant to be then. But, when you come so close to having your dream fulfilled just to have the rug yanked out from under your feet it is hard to stand back and just say "Oh well, it wasn't meant to be"

Anyway, that's all for now. I will update later with some pictures of the shawl but I feel that it is only right to wait until Amy has seen the shawl before everyone else sees it.

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