Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vicky is Actually a Nice Person....

Ok, I'm not saying that she is. But, SOMEONE has voted that she is in our poll to the right.

So, I am wondering if that person visits again- could you please leave a comment? Let us know if you actually do know Vicky and for how long. Tell us why you think that Vicky is actually a nice person.

I have watched the Biggest Loser from the beginning and there has never been a contestant that I did not like as much as I do not like Vicky this season. Or rather, I don't like her behaviour.

I have tried to remain as impartial as possible and to give her the benefit of the doubt. Her behaviour has created a lot of anger in a lot of people and I must say that I have been one of them. Though I won't go to the extreme that many other Biggest Loser fans have by sending Vicky hate mail and harassing her over the phone.

I don't wish her dead- though, from what I am seeing and hearing out there, there are people who do feel that way.

I am mainly upset that she has treated the other contestants the way that she has and I am concerned about the values that she may be teaching her children.

Now I understand that Biggest Loser is a tv show and it is a game and the possibility does exist that Biggest Loser could be biased.

BUT, as I have said before, I don't believe that Biggest Loser made Vicky say those things or act that way.

Sure, Biggest Loser may have taken advantage and concentrated more on Vicky's bad behaviour in order to boost ratings. But the fact remains that even if all of the awful things that we have seen and heard were condensed down from 1 weeks worth of bad behaviour it still seems pretty bad.

I think what bothered me the most was when Vicky said that the prize wasn't worth the effort of the challenge when the prize was the opportunity to see videos from home.... videos of her own children.

As a mother I cannot fathom being away from my son for 2 months and then when given the opportunity to see him and hear his voice say "No, it's not worth it"

I can understand wanting to win the Biggest Loser and win the money but I do not believe that I would make un-sportsman-like comments when others are getting weighed and all of the other things that we have seen Vicky do this season.

I am trying to remain open minded, so please- if you actually know Vicky and she is nice then leave a comment and explain. Try to convince me :0)

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