Monday, November 24, 2008

Surprising Results?

I have just been looking at the results so far for the Biggest Loser polls- listed to the right if you haven't voted yet, please do.

While most of the results are a reflection of how I feel I was a bit surprised at some of the results.

Considering how high feelings have been running about Amy voting Coleen off of the Biggest Loser I was a bit surprised that no one has said that they hate her.

Disappointement in Amy seems to be the strong feeling of choice by many Biggest Loser fans. I agree that I too am quite disappointed in Amy not only for voting Coleen off but for keeping Vicky on the show when she has been so miserable to everyone.

Someone mentioned that they think that maybe Vicky and Amy have a game play going? I too wondered why, when they were supposed to be at odds with each other, they were sitting side by side.

I mean, come on! If someone has been calling you a bit** and threatening 'revenge' would you want to sit by them if you didn't have to? It's not like they had assigned seats and HAD to sit next to each other.

Then you think about Vicky and how she was so mad that she was cussing Amy out and here Amy sent Vicky's husband Brady home. So under those circumstances, being Vicky (not a pleasant thought but just consider it for a moment :0)lol) would you REALLY want to sit next to the 'lying, back-stabbing, bit** ' that sent your husband home?

And you think about Vicky saying that her and Brady were going to win both the Biggest Loser house price and the Biggest Loser home prize. A bit greedy if you ask me, but if this was Vicky's plan then didn't Amy just help to bring it a step closer to possibly becoming a reality?

BUT, on the other hand, I can see WHY Amy would see Brady as a threat and would send him home.

Hmmm...sending Brady home:
Smart move....or game play?
Sending Coleen home:
Stupid move....or game play?

I guess we will just have to keep watching the Biggest Loser if we want to find out.

Personally I was so HAPPY when Amy sent Brady home. I was jumping around and cheering.

Then when Michelle passed on the $5,000 in order to give Vicky the 1 pound penalty I was screaming with joy- true story. My son was a bit upset with me for letting loose with a huge scream only about a foot away from his ear. I bet he sits farther away from me this week! :0)lol

Hey, I'm a Biggest Loser fanatic-I can't help myself. I get caught up in the excitement of the moment just like so many other Biggest Loser fans out there.

And then when Amy sent Coleen home I was so very disappointed and sad.

Voting to get rid of Vicky seemed the OBVIOUS choice. So, why didn't Amy vote to get rid of 'Vile Vicky'?

Like many Biggest Loser fans I have to admit that I REALLY want Vicky to go home. But, even though we love to hate her, we have to admit that this season of Biggest Loser seems to be shaping up to be pretty exciting even if we don't always agree with the results or the direction that the show has taken.

For those that REALLY arem't happy with the direction that the Biggest Loser has taken this season keep reading below for what I think could ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Holding my breath in anticipation. Ok, I'm not literally holding my breath. If I were I would pass out and probably hit my head and miss tomorrow nights episode of Biggest Loser. Can't have that, can we? :0)

I'm hoping that Michelle or Renee wins the Biggest Loser. I don't want Vicky to win. Nor would I be happy to see Heba get the prize money after her awful behaviour.

As for Amy? She's from my home state. She DID vote Brady off. But she also voted Coleen off. Right now I'm not sure if I want Amy to win or not.

I know that Michelle and Renee have shown class the entire time that they have been on the Biggest Loser tv show. I would much prefer to see either Michelle or Renee win the Biggest Loser in house prize.
Good usually wins out over evil- let's hope that that holds true for Biggest Loser and the world! :0)

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