Friday, May 28, 2010

Biggest Loser Friends....

We are asking for your help. We have explained how our My Biggest Loser Blog was hacked and a spoof bank site was hidden on it, then it was suspended due to that and now we are having a programming error which we are trying to get fixed.
After all of this (our front page is not even showing though all of our blogs are still up and running) we are only showing traffic stats on statpress for when we (ourselves) are visiting My Biggest Loser Blog.
It wasn't even showing which countries we were getting visitors from but I updated statpress and now that is showing- though with no dates listed I don't know if these are from before or now.
I cannot believe that we would go from hundreds of visitors a day down to absolutely nothing when we have been getting the word out that My Biggest Loser Blog is still here despite the lack of a front page on Oaks Blogs right now.
We hope that you will help us by going over and leaving a quick (nice) comment just to let us know that you were there and able to see the site.
If, for any reason, you can't see the site or leave a comment then PLEASE leave one here and let us know. We are trying so hard to get this straightened out.
This whole ordeal has been so trying for us. We have had one problem after another ever since we tried to have a script installed to make our blogs better for you all. I wish that we could turn back time and decide not to have the script installed but since that is not possible we pray that you all will give us a little feedback to help us and to please have patience with us during this.
When all is fixed we will be back better than ever. Josh and I are both working very hard at improving Oaks Blogs
We hope to hear from you soon.
Have a great weekend :0)
Here are some of our blog links. I just checked and they all are working:
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Natural Flu Remedies
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Natural Remedies- Bacterial Infection
Ear Infection Remedies
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Skin Tag Remedies
Natural Bronchitis Remedies
Natural Cholesterol Remedies

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