Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Biggest Loser Finale TONIGHT!

Hi All,
Just wanted to let you know that even though we are having problems with our front page right now we still have My Biggest Lose Blog working. I just posted some new content to try to catch up AND I posted about the finale tonight. Oh, I also talk about 'Losing It With Jillian Michaels'- Jillians new show
Please come over and see what we have had to say about the recent Biggest Loser episodes and about 'Losing It With Jillian Michaels'
If you haven't been over lately because you tried while our site was suspended we explain what happened too. What a mess that has been. If you have a website please be so careful who you trust to do work on your site. My best recommendation is to learn to do as much of it yourself as you can so that you can avoid the Hell that we have been going through.
I definitely am going to try to learn how to install scripts and do as much as I can myself.
Hope you all are well? How are you doing on losing weight? I need some new pants as mine all want to fall off of me. I have big ol' safety pins holding them up. I don't mean one on a pair- I have a pair that I have FOUR SAFETY PINS- Yes 4! :0)
My friend Cherie said the other day that she thinks that I have lost at least 100 pounds. She used to work with models and such so I would figure that her estimate should be fairly accurate- besides, it is what I was sort of figuring myself.
I wish that I had gotten weighed before starting this journey but now I will never know. I sure the heck don't want to gain the weight back just to find out ;0)

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